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Enjoy Peace On A Road Trip

The TESERY Tesla roof rack has been newly designed to achieve maximum aerodynamic efficiency, minimum wind noise and low impact on fuel consumption and driving range. From then on, easily say goodbye to wind noise and enjoy a quiet and comfortable driving environment.

Explore The "Tesla Lifestyle" On The Roof

If you want to go on a journey, maybe you can find some inspiration here. The Tesla roof rack is not only a tool for carrying luggage, but also a carrier of a unique "Tesla lifestyle".

What Tesla Roof Rack Can
Do in Daily Life?

Carry all You Want for Your Trip

If you want to embark on a journey and want to carry everything with you, the Tesla roof rack is your best choice. With it, you don't have to worry about wasting time packing or packing equipment into the car. Say goodbye to the crowded space and enjoy a pleasant journey.

Expand Unlimited Outdoor Activities

The Tesla roof rack provides additional flexibility while increasing storage space. It can help you carry the equipment needed for outdoor activities; And after completing outdoor activities, you can store the equipment on the roof rack to dry your skis or surfboards on the way home, so that you don't have to worry about bringing dirty equipment into the car and polluting the car interior.

Demonstrate Personality And Fashion

The same roof rack on Tesla official website. The OEM style has more off-road flavor, instantly improves the appearance of the car body, and increases the three-dimensional sense and sporty style of the car body. The workmanship and style of the Tesla roof rack are perfectly matched with the original car style, without any conflict.

8 Reasons

To Choose Tesery Tesla Roof Rack









Lockable Design

Equipped with anti-theft lock

Both ends of the upgraded Tesla roof rack for Model 3/Y are equipped with locks, which are effective against theft and safer to use. The lockable design can ensure the safety of your property and bring you an excellent user experience.

Anti-theft lock

Safe & upgraded

Never lost

Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy

Made of aviation grade aluminum alloy, the Tesla roof rack is lighter and has greater strength and hardness than the steel roof roof rack, which is more in line with the requirements of Tesla owners for the roof rack.

Super Bearing Capacity

Don't worry about the weight of luggage when you go out. The Tesla roof rack for Model Y/Model 3 can carry 100kg/220lbs, which can meet your various travel needs.

Advanced Paint Baking Process

The surface of Tesla roof rack treated by paint baking process is frosted, wear-resistant and dirt resistant. It can maintain the color for a long time without special maintenance. Fine surface treatment instantly improves the quality of your car.

Multi Functional T-Slot Design

T-slot is set on the Tesla roof rack to support the installation of large outdoor sports equipment, such as bicycle racks, ten, canoe racks, ski racks, etc. It is suitable for a variety of scenes, bringing users a richer and more interesting outdoor experience.

Enjoy Quiet Driving Environment

The Tesla roof rack adopts aerodynamic design to minimize wind noise and low impact on fuel consumption and driving mileage. And the higher standard rubber strip is used to seal the gap at the cross bar, which also greatly reduces the wind noise when driving at high speed. Compared with other products, it can provide a quieter environment.

No Worries About Installation

Install through the original vehicle hole. High quality screws are used for fixing and installation without drilling, thus realizing non-destructive installation. Users can directly install the roof rack according to the product installation instructions or installation videos. The package includes all parts required for installation.

Custom Design

The Tesla roof rack is strictly customized according to the original size 1:1 of Model 3 and Model Y, and can be easily installed on the roof of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. All details can be perfectly matched and integrated with the body.

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Extension of Outdoor, Sports and Personality

TESERY's comprehensive and fully functional Tesla roof rack solution makes it possible for cars to expand space to meet the needs of outdoor activities. It fully demonstrates the personality of sports and fashion, and is a new sports leisure life advocated by the extension of automobile culture.

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What Our Customers Say


I'd love to show it off to my friends, I got a great roof rack that's very easy to install and look right on my Model 3.

Carrie. L

We bought this roof rack to travel by our bike rack. Even with the heavy bike weight, this roof rack seems to hold up.

Eisa A.

I've liked this rack since the first product and now I’m a loyal customer. Sure not let me down!


The roof rack looks like it was built specifically for Tesla, it's sturdy and easy to wear. I'm very lucky.

Kevin W

I am very pleased with the excellent performance and fit of this roof rack. All parts fit perfectly, no parts are missing. 

Adam V.

It was nice to follow my shipment through the “Shop” app. It arrived and I installed it. All good!!


Quick delivery, very high quality product.

Vincent F.

Good shipment. Well packed. Easy to install. We just did 5000 km across Scandinavia with a roof top.