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An Article to Give You A Thorough Understanding of Tesla Roof Racks!

by Nina Abby on May 06, 2022

With the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more Tesla owners are falling in love with outdoor travel, and the Tesla roof rack has become an indispensable "assistant" for them to travel outdoors. For a family self-driving tour, it is common for the trunk to be full.

The longer the journey, the more things you bring, and the trunk may even be unable to fit. Then the birth of the Tesla roof rack successfully took some pressure off the trunk.The roof rack refers to the roof mounting rack. The roof rack is two cross bars fixed on the roof of the car, and is the basic device for all mounting solutions on the roof of the car.

The roof rack is also called the roof base rack, which is two cross bars fixed on the roof of the car. Many people call it a roof rail or a roof rack, which is the basis of all roof mounting solutions. The performance of the roof base rack is very important to the entire roof mounting scheme.

Therefore, we think it is necessary to make a systematic understanding and summary of the roof rack products. The bloggers will introduce the types of roof racks, their main uses, and the development history of roof racks.

 Tesla Roof Racks

 Types of Roof Racks

Including many types: roof racks, bicycle racks, ski racks, boat racks, etc., and even rear bicycle racks, in-vehicle fishing gear racks, etc. are also collectively referred to as: roof racks.

So far, in the world, Japan and Europe are at the forefront of roof rack development. At present, the two major brands with good reputation and sales in China are INNO and Thule, of which INNO is a professional roof rack brand under the Carmate Group. In addition, the newly emerging TESERY has also come from behind and is developing at an alarming rate. The Tesla roof rack of the TESERY brand adheres to the characteristics of high quality and high safety performance of the Japanese auto industry, and is well-known in the industry for its safety and convenience.

TESERY products cover almost all automobile consumption markets. TESERY's comprehensive and functional roof rack solution provides the possibility for the car to expand the space to meet the requirements of outdoor activities, fully showing the personality of sports and fashion, and it is a new sports and leisure life advocated by the extension of automobile culture. Way. More and more "new Tesla owners" are happy to buy Tesla accessories in the TESERY online store.

 Tesla Roof Racks

Since the birth of the roof rack in the 1950s and 1960s, with the development of the automobile industry and the life of automobiles brought about by economic development, the roof rack has also developed into an indispensable tool for a new car life.

At present, there are many kinds of roof racks to meet various needs. The automobile industry has promoted the development of the roof rack, and the roof rack has also promoted the progress of the automobile industry. For example, the popularity of Tesla has promoted the increase in sales of Tesla roof racks, and Tesla roof racks have also promoted the development of Tesla to a certain extent.

The Main Purpose of the Tesla Roof Rack

In addition to its decorative and aesthetic functions, the Tesla roof rack can hold things that cannot be placed in the luggage compartment, such as bulky luggage, bicycles, folding beds, etc., as long as the owner fixes the goods in place, especially Add luggage nets to your cargo and it can carry more than you might expect. Of course, it cannot exceed the design load of the luggage rack - 30-50 kg.

The roof rack is most commonly used for self-driving travel. It can be used with the roof box and roof frame to carry travel luggage, increase the interior space, and can also carry other sports equipment such as skis, bicycles, sailboats, etc. In addition, the unique shape of the Tesla roof rack can also modify the bare roof and add some movement to the roof.

 Tesla Roof Racks

The History of the Roof Rack

The birth of the roof rack industry stems from the development of the western industrialization process. After the Second World War, cars gradually entered the families of western developed countries, so the demand for roof racks also originated in western developed countries at the earliest. However, looking at the decades of development history of the roof rack industry, we find that the development of this industry is very slow, and the market demand came about in the 1950s. More than half a century later, until today, the roof rack has developed to the first Three generations of products.

In the early days, due to the low market demand, there was no large-scale production. The first generation of roof racks in the true sense was born in the 1970s. The first generation of roof racks was made of iron and had a rectangular cross-section, so it was also called a square rod. After 40 years of development, the first-generation roof rack has not been completely withdrawn from the market. In order to prevent rust, the surface is generally wrapped with plastic. The alloy square rod, strictly speaking, is still the first-generation roof rack, which has been updated in material.

The second-generation roof rack was born in the 1990s. With the large-scale application of aluminum alloys in the industrial field, customers were dissatisfied with the wind resistance and noise of the first-generation roof rack and the market demand for luxury roof racks. In order to reduce wind resistance and wind noise in the process of technical research, and emphasize the compatibility with the first-generation products, many world-renowned roof rack brands have chosen the oval cross-section without exception. The material of the rod was also changed to aluminum alloy. In order to meet the needs of carrying fixed equipment, the designer designed a T-shaped groove on the top of the aluminum alloy circular crossbar, and the other equipment was fixed by sliding the T-bolt into the groove.

After nearly 20 years of development, this round rod roof rack is still widely used today; but the shortcomings of the second-generation roof rack have become increasingly prominent:


  • 1.The modern automobile industry has developed for another 20 years. The application of new noise reduction technology has made a complete improvement in the noise of the vehicle itself compared with 20 years ago. The noise of the vehicle itself has been reduced year by year, and the market has done quiet sound insulation. The noise of the vehicle with noise reduction is also smaller, and the wind resistance and wind noise of the roof rack is becoming more and more prominent, so that the complaint rate of customers is increasing year by year, just as everyone was dissatisfied with the wind resistance and wind noise of the first-generation roof rack 20 years ago;
  • 2. More and more customers are not only concerned about how to carry the vehicle, but how to carry it fashionably. The second-generation roof rack is limited to the design ideas of the first-generation product, and the crossbars often extend to both sides. The outside of the car is very inconsistent with the whole vehicle. Many car manufacturers pay attention to the needs of consumers, so they have successively launched the original style roof racks.
  • 3. The supporting feet are often high, which not only increases the difficulty of picking and placing items and fixed equipment, but also increases the center of gravity of the vehicle, which also affects the stability of high-speed driving. The reason for the height of the frame feet is related to the design of the car sunroof. The old sunroofs are designed to be externally drawn. After the sunroof is opened, it will rise higher outside the car. In order to avoid affecting the opening of the sunroof, the height of the frame feet is increased. However, more than 99% of the current car sunroofs are inward-drawing design, and they are only about three or four centimeters higher than the roof during the opening process. Therefore, the old-fashioned frame feet are high after installation, which is not very harmonious with the body;
  • 4. The second-generation roof rack must consider the compatibility with the first-generation roof rack, so there will be many constraints in the design process, and the final products are also similar to the oval shape, only the square rod of the first generation. Slightly wider and curved, and installed on today's body, it is slightly stingy and thin.
tesla roof rack

In fact, looking at the development history of roof racks, we will find that the problem of wind resistance and noise is the bottleneck restricting the development of the roof rack industry, followed by the height and aesthetics of the rack feet. In terms of safety issues, the products of big brands have already been guaranteed. Customers prefer a roof rack that is safe, has low wind resistance, low wind noise, a low-profile design and a more beautiful roof rack. The market demand is so clear that many roof rack brands are also making improvements, such as: in order to reduce wind resistance Wind noise, the crossbar is designed into a flatter shape, and the standard plastic strip is used to seal the gap at the bottom of the crossbar; the standard sealing strip is directly at the bottom of the crossbar to reduce wind noise during high-speed driving; Reducing the height makes the roof rack fixed on the longitudinal rail of the original car only 4cm higher, and at the same time, the crossbar is also sealed and noise-reduced...

The third-generation roof rack: It is also the roof rack with the smallest wind resistance and wind noise in the world so far. Its wind resistance is 40-70% lower than other brands, and the wind noise is reduced by more than 50%. It is safe and easy to disassemble and assemble. Strong versatility, and fully compatible with the second-generation roof rack, and adopts a number of core technologies in the field of roof racks, including original styles with no protrusion on both sides, and traditional through-type styles. Adopting a low-profile design, it has been widely sought after by the European and American markets once it came out, and many unprecedented designs made the second-generation roof rack products difficult to match, so it was recognized as a new generation in the industry. The Tesla roof rack provided by TESERY is a typical representative.
The roof rack is the basis of all roof mounting solutions, so it is also called the basic rack. Its function is very important, so riders must not try to save budget on the roof rack!


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