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Welcome to our Tesery Community page, a heartfelt tribute to the exceptional individuals who stand as pillars of our brand. More than collaborators, they are our cherished friends—professionals of diverse fields, enthusiasts from all walks of life, and staunch advocates of the Tesla experience. This page is a testament to our commitment to more than just crafting innovative products. It's about forging genuine connections, embracing shared passions, and uniting under the banner of Tesla enthusiasm. Each friend embodies the core values we hold dear—quality, innovation, and a heart of gold. From testing our products rigorously to lending their unparalleled expertise, these individuals amplify the authenticity of the Tesery journey. With each collaboration, we coalesce as a community that celebrates life at Tesla and contributes to the evolution of the Tesla ownership experience. Our Tesery friends are not just partners; they are the living embodiment of the spirit that drives us forward. This page is a tribute to their enduring camaraderie and the extraordinary tapestry of connections that fuels our brand's promise.


At Tesery, we thrive on collaboration. Our partners, who are also our cherished friends, represent a rich tapestry of professionals, enthusiasts, and Tesla advocates. Beyond creating innovative products, it's about forging meaningful connections. Each Tesery friend, through rigorous testing and expertise, infuses authenticity into the Tesla journey. 


Our collaborators are the torchbearers of this fervor. United by an unwavering love for Tesla, they ignite the spark of innovation. In our Tesery family, enthusiasm isn't just a word; it's a way of life. It drives us to create products that resonate with Tesla owners worldwide, setting us apart in the pursuit of excellence.


At Tesery, we don't just build products; we build a community. Our collaborators, our friends, are the heart and soul of this community. Bound by our love for Tesla and commitment to quality, we are united. Together, we embrace shared passions, make genuine connections, and contribute to the evolution of the Tesla owner experience. Welcome to our Tesla family, where you're not just a consumer; you're one of us.

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Ali Sofuoğlu

🇹🇷 100th Medal of #TeamTürkiye at Olympics
🥉 Olympic Games Tokyo2020
🥋 World Champion
🥇 10× Europe Champion.


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