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Model Y Roof Rack Has Brought a Cozy Trip for 99% of Tesla Owners

by Tesery Tesla on Sep 17, 2021

With more and more delivering of Tesla Model Y, many car owners have received their cars, and the popularity of Model Y roof rack has also risen. Because Model Y roof has brought a cozy journey for 99% of Tesla Owners. Many people buy cars not only to meet their daily mobility needs, but also to travel by car during holidays. So when it comes to self-driving tours, everyone will find a distress, that is, too much luggage with you when you go out. Especially when a family goes out for a self-driving trip, if the trunk of the car is too small, there is no place to put the luggage at all. At this time, many car owners choose to install a Model Y rook rack. However, many people are still unfamiliar with what the roof rack is and what it does. There are still many questions are waiting to answer. Let's take a look at the answers to related questions!

What is a roof rack?

The car roof rack is a support frame or component that needs to install on the top of the car body to safely and conveniently fix the luggage. People generally use it on two-box station wagons, SUVs, and MPVs. Roof racks are most commonly used for self-driving travel. They are used with roof boxes and roof frames to carry travel luggage to increase the space in the car. Strong roof rack is also able to carry sports equipment such as snowboards, bicycles, and skateboards

About Model y roof rack installation. When installing the luggage rack, the amount of tasks that the car owner has to complete is different according to the specific situation. Some cars have a roof rack installed when they leave the factory. Of course, this kind of roof rack knowledge is very simple style, consumers can also choose their favorite and replace it. There is also a situation where the roof rack is not assembled when leaving the factory.The roof of the car generally reserves installation positions and screws. For those vehicles that do not reserve a space for the luggage rack, it is best not to install it by themselves. Otherwise not only the firmness of the roof rack cannot be guaranteed, but the roof structure may be damaged.

What's the general function of Model Y roof rack

In addition to its decorative and aesthetic functions, the roof rack can hold things that can’t fit in the luggage compartment, such as bulky luggage, bicycles, folding beds, etc.. As long as the owner fixes the goods in place, especially on the goods. If you add a luggage rope net, it can carry more things than you expect. We can see that the Tesla Model Y roof rack is very useful in daily life, which is why the popularity of the Tesla Model Y roof rack has been rising.

How to choose the roof rack for your Model Y?

You can consider from these aspects, the first thing to consider is the safety. After all, there will be potential dangers in daily use with the adding of a roof rack. So when you choose a Model Y roof rack, you must pay attention to safety, and the most important thing is not to affect the daily driving of Model Y. Secondly, everyone should be optimistic about the maximum load-bearing capacity of the rood rack. When choosing a Tesla Model Y roof rack, you should choose according to your actual needs. If Model Y owners need to place more items in normal times, then choose a roof rack with a larger load-bearing capacity. Next, I will introduce you a roof rack for Model Y with its material, storage, matching, load bearing, and craftsmanship. It is said that many Tesla owners are using it and have received rave reviews.

Tesery Tesla Model Y roof rack

Tesery provides a Tesla Model Y roof rack custom-designed with higher quality and service life. They are proud to offer customers premium material with aluminum roof rack at reduced weight with durability. Let's take a look at its characteristics.

In terms of material. This roof rack for Tesla Model Y chooses strong aluminium as material, which allows it withstand greater stresses than the best all-steel roof rack at 1/3rd less the weight. So you don't need to worry about your safety while using.

In terms of storage. This Model Y roof rack greatly increases the storage space, so that passengers feel very comfortable. With the Tesla Model Y roof rack, it is equivalent to increasing the storage space of the car. If you put everything in the trunk or in the car, the space inside the car is much smaller. With a roof rack, it’s not the same. You can fix packed items such as surfboards, kayaks, canoe, sporting goods, ladders, luggage, etc. on the roof. Because you can use it to greatly saves the space in the car and is more convenient and practical. Secondly, the Model Y roof rack on the roof can also hold bicycles. Normal trunks can’t hold bicycles, but if the bicycles are fixed on the roof, there is no problem at all. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to drive and ride a bicycle at the destination?

In terms of matching. The length of crossbars has been custom-cut specifically for model Y. So it perfectly fits all Tesla Model Y vehicles. Use upgrade screws for non-destructive installation. Easy to install and remove, our roof rack comes with a custom connection system for seasonal installation. Includes additional replacement stickers to protect your roof and replace them during new installations.

In terms of load bearing. Its sturdy aluminum body design can reduce weight without sacrificing strength! This Tesla Model Y roof rack is rated to carry 100 kg/220 lbs. Therefore, you no longer need to worry about the problem that the luggage is too heavy and the roof rack cannot withstand it. With it, you can bring whatever you want!

In terms of craftsmanship. The Tesla Model Y rack is carefully crafted with advanced technology, with a smooth surface and uniform color penetration. The color and style cleverly match the original car. The sleek appearance and simple style just modify the original bare roof. The domineering appearance makes the sporty style of Model Y more prominent. The smooth shaft is elegant and quiet. In addition, Model Y also has a camping mode that it is proud of, and this kind of outing is too pleasant.

99% of Tesla owners have joined the ranks of purchases

Nowadays, as more and more Model Y love self-driving travel and tourism, Model Y rook rack have gradually become a hot topic. This is the general trend. Therefore, the author believes that the popularity of roof racks will only increase in the future. Whether you like to take an adventure with friends or just need a way to transport goods, the Tesery Model Y cross bars is the perfect accessory. 99% of Tesla owners have already benefited from this roof rack and are enjoying their pleasant journey. What are you waiting for?

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