About Tesery story

The birth of Tesery originated from the founder's journey of Tesla modification.

Founder Introduction

"Tesery" was founded by an avid Tesla fan. He is a Tesla owner, an Internet entrepreneur, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle player, and a racer with a racing license.

In the process of modifying his Model Y, he came into contact with a large number of modified accessories, and learned and accumulated countless modification experience, thus becoming a professional Tesla "accessories expert".

Why do it?

The market is dazzling with decorative accessories and tuning accessories, but there are too few companies that really focus on this field. Therefore, in the initial stage of modifying the Tesla Y, although he bought many different accessories from the market, the effect after installation was not satisfactory. At the same time, he also found that many Tesla enthusiasts and friends around him also had the same troubles.

Faced with these, the founder of Tesery came up with an idea from an entrepreneurial perspective: to establish an "eBay focusing on Tesla accessories". As an avid Tesla fan and owner, he knew what he wanted; as an excellent product manager and veteran car tuner, he knew what Tesla owners needed. For a long time, he keeps searching, inspecting and understanding the relevant factories and brands that produce Tesla accessories.

What have we done?

67 days

130+ Tesla parts factories and brands are visited

2-3 factories and brands are interviewed per day

36 factories and brand cooperation

Custom production of high quality accessories for Tesla

Strictly select the source

Tesery provides a high quality parts shopping platform for every Tesla owner to ensure consumer rights and product quality.

By centralizing all Tesla high quality accessories together, it allows all owners to quickly find the various accessories they need in one place, thus avoiding the high shipping costs, time costs and different quality of buying different accessories from different places. We help every Tesla owner improve their car experience, create a simple, intuitive and guaranteed shopping experience for users, and open up a comfortable and personalized green "Tesla lifestyle".

Only 1 out of 20 manufacturers

One in a hundred quality

Save 40% time

Save 50% on costs, shipping

Create A Unique "Tesla Lifestyle"

-Whether it is when you just picked up the car and purchased the must-have accessories kit;
-or when you turn on Tesla "camp mode" outdoors with your family;
-or when you are pursuing a different driving experience and upgrading your car;
-Tesery provides you with continuous inspiration and related products to realize what you want!

Join Hands with Tesla Owners to Realize The Dream of "Creating a Better Life"

-Attentively listen to users’ voices and keep innovating
-Strictly select the source
-Provide cooler products to Tesla owners all over the world!


Focusing on creating the ultimate, to be the most professional supplier of Tesla accessories in the world.

Enhancing value with quality, to be the most trusted Tesla accessory platform in the world

Tesla Premium Accessories Store

Committed to providing you with high-quality Tesla accessories and exceptional customer service