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How about the Tesla center control shell with Model 3 and Model Y?

by LILucky on Nov 25, 2022

Many Tesla owners who pursue think that the original Tesla center control armrest is too boring, low grade and without features. Therefore, many Tesla owners choose to modify their cars after picking up. In order to meet the modification needs of Tesla owners, TESERY offers this carbon fiber armrest box, which enhances the whole car's interior with a sporty and luxurious feel. It not only enhances your driving experience.  but also and more importantly, it plays a protective role. When the car has been used for a period of time, the overall feeling that many places are easy to leave fingerprints, and the location of the center armrest box is very easy to scratch. In order to prevent fingerprint collector and daily bump, plus aesthetics, this carbon fiber center armrest box is a very good choice!

Several highlights of TESERY center control shell worth buying

1.Perfect match with the original car, more sporty and luxurious
This spoiler is scanned from the original 3D data and molded from the original car, with the same curvature to match your Tesla Model Y perfectly and fit better with the original car. When you install it, it does not interfere with the armrest box opening and closing, and simply makes the appearance stylish and beautiful more sporty and luxurious. This carbon fiber center armrest is not only wear-resistant and environmentally friendly, odorless and scratch-resistant, but also very easy to clean and take care of. Daily you only need to use a towel to gently wipe, no special maintenance can protect your Tesla.

2.Made of carbon fiber, it could make your Tesla prettier and more stylish
It is made of real carbon fiber, dry cloth heat pressing process, light quality, tough and durable. The design of this center armrest spirit cover is derived from the excellent selection of materials for supercar and aviation. Carbon fiber is mainly used to improve the sportiness and structural strength, equivalent to 5 times the strength of steel, so it is not easy to deformation, durable, called "armored guards". And the finished product is coated with a UV-resistant transparent gel coat, making it look smooth and ensuring years of beauty without yellowing. The craftsmanship is very fine! And each product of TESERY has gone through multiple layers of strict outgoing quality inspection process to ensure that it is qualified before it is packaged for shipment. These outstanding features determine that this real carbon fiber center armrest is perfect for decorating the car and can make your Tesla more beautiful and fashionable!

3.Non-destructive installation, allowing you to have a comfortable driving experience
This center armrest box is replaceable, non-destructive installation. The back side is made of special double-sided adhesive for cars, which is highly adhesive and can be directly pasted and torn off without leaving traces.
Overall, this center armrest box plays a role in both beauty and protection, not only to enhance the interior of the car, but also to protect the center from scratches. Tesery is always eager and striving for a comfortable driving experience, and we hope to dedicate this product to every Tesla owner who is looking for a quality life.

6 characteristics of TESERY center control shell

1)Only for Tesla Model 3 2017+/ Model Y 2020+.
Made of high-quality real carbon fiber materials, impact resistant, not easily deformed, high temperature resistant, and long service life.
Effectively protect the original car parts, prevent damage to the original car parts, and will not rust, corrode or peel off.
Tesla's car interior modification trim is beautiful, smooth, strong, not easy to break, super durable, and effectively protects the original car. Break the original standards, and innovative design to make your car have a personality, with a more advanced visual experience.
Just use self-adhesive tape to install, installation is simple and accurate. No drilling or cutting is required, and it is strong and not easy to fall off.
After the rigorous testing before delivery, there is no quality problem. If you have any questions about the product, please reply to us by e-mail, we will solve all your problems as soon as possible.

If you like our Tesla center control shell -Model 3/Y, please add it to your cart, buy it now and we will ship it to any city in the world for free. If you have any questions about our Tesla center control shell -Model 3/Y, you can contact our online customer service, or send us an email