Why do we need Tesla Center Console Cup holder with Model 3 and Model Y?

Why do we need Tesla Center Console Cup holder with Model 3 and Model Y?

by LILucky on Nov 24, 2022

I believe everyone knows that Tesla's own water cup slot is much wider than other brands of cars, and it cannot securely place ordinary water cups, mobile phones or other items, so it will generate noise during driving. Are you annoyed by the noise of shaking bottles, cell phones, etc. while driving? Are you constantly worried about bumps on the road, causing the liquid from the water glass to spill and stain the interior of your car? The Tesery center console cup holder can help you solve these problems! It helps you hold drinks and other debris well against slipping and falling so that liquids don't spill and stain your car. So how does it do it?

TESERY Tesla center console cup holders are essential Tesla interior accessories

1. First, this center console cup holder is custom-made for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. So it can be placed securely in the original car's water cup slot without shaking. And its colors and style all match the original car. Its installation is very simple, just insert this central control cup holder into the cup slot of the original car, which can be achieved with one hand.

2. Here comes the point. Unlike other cup holders, the design of the TESERY cup holder is very unique. Not only does it stabilize the water glass from slipping and shaking so that liquids don't spill and stain your car; it also holds accessories like cards, cell phones, money, cigarettes, and more. You can see that this cup holder has a partition design, and the groove in the middle can store coins. It can be seen that this cup holder is also very convenient for placing and accessing items. In addition, the bottom surface has numerous raised anti-slip dots, which are non-slip and shock absorbing to keep the contents of the cup holder in place, preventing them from sliding or tipping out of the cup holder during driving.

3. In addition, this central control cup holder is made of soft silicone, which is resistant to high and low temperatures, durable, non-toxic and tasteless. We use soft materials to reduce impact, which will fully protect objects placed inside. Since it is made of soft silicone, when the bottle hits the silicone cap, there is no noise, providing a good driving feeling.

4. Finally, the water resistance aspect of the cup holder. This cup holder is washable and waterproof. If the cup holder gets dirty, you can wash it with water and detergent, let it air dry for a while, and it will look like new. This center console cup holder is an essential Tesla interior accessory that will make your car even better.

Key Benefits of TESERY Tesla center console cup holder

1)Exactly designed for Tesla Model 3 / Model Y, professional opening mold for the Tesla. It was definitely made for a larger cup to secure your drinks in your Tesla Model 3 / Model Y to prevent them from spilling out.

2)Simply Tesla cup holder insert and set your cup or bottle in cup keeper. It can hold the commonly large water bottle to stay upright, Also included the coin collection on the bottom, Convenient to put and take.

3)Made of soft silicone, Sturdy and durable. We use soft materials to reduce impact, which will completely protect objects placed inside. It is an essential car interior decoration accessory, making your car more perfect.

4)Tesla cup holder can not only stabilize the water cup, and prevent slipping and shaking, but also place cards, mobile phones, money, cigarettes, and other accessories.

5)The universal cup holder console is very wide and can't accommodate the typical water cups and mobile phones. It also has small problems such as cup holder noise during driving.

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