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Tesla Model 3/Y Carbon Fiber Spoiler - The perfect choice for Tesla tuning enthusiasts

by LILucky on Nov 28, 2022

Many Tesla owners who pursue individuality think that the rear of the original Tesla car is too monotonous, low-grade, and lacking in features. Therefore, many Tesla owners choose to modify their car after picking up the car. In order to meet the modification needs of Tesla owners, TESERY provides a series of Tesla accessories in different styles, styles and colors for car owners to choose. Today we are going to talk about the Tesla spoiler. The function of the spoiler installed on the car is mainly to generate downforce during the fast driving of the car, so that the car can generate a greater grip, which can effectively reduce the air resistance generated by the car at high speed, and finally achieve the purpose of saving fuel.

TESERY carbon fiber rear spoiler, what are the highlights worth buying?

1.TESERY Carbon Fiber Spoiler is specially designed for Tesla Model 3/Y
And this TESERY V-style rear diffuser spoiler will be the best choice for Tesla modification fanatics! It is specially built for the Tesla Model Y, and the installation position has been continuously improved through a large number of loading tests, so it matches the original Model Y very well in both size and style.

2.It is made of selected imported 3K 100% pure carbon fiber material.
Compared with traditional materials, carbon fiber materials have relative advantages in strength, stiffness, and impact resistance. And every piece of TESERY spoiler has undergone a multi-layer strict quality inspection process to ensure that it can be packaged and shipped out of the warehouse. In terms of craftsmanship, this V-style rear diffuser spoiler is carefully crafted by craftsmen combined with years of production experience. The lines are full, the three-dimensional sense is strong, and there are no broken lines; the surface is attached with high-gloss UV essential oil, and the craftsmanship is very sophisticated! The above outstanding features determine that this real carbon fiber V-style rear diffuser spoiler is very suitable for decorating cars, making your Tesla cooler and more stylish!

3.Tesla Model 3/Y Carbon Fiber Spoiler is easy to install
1)Clean the place where you need to paste and then wipe the water with towel or tissues. It can’t accept to have the oil ,water, wax ect.
2)Determine the installation location and then make comparison of the product and installation location, if the product doesn’t fit to your vehicle, please don’t install.
3)When tear off the double-sided adhesive, please do not touch the double sided paste with your hand.
4)In order to achieve better effect, we suggest to heating the double sided adhesive by hair dryer or lighting. (It can't over 40 degrees).
5)Alignment position and then paste, the paste depends on paste conditions and correct way to install.
6)Please pressing 20-30 seconds or more when paste and stay dry in 48 hours for the best firming result.

In addition to the modification of the appearance, what is the important role of this carbon fiber V-style rear diffuser spoiler?

1.Tesla Model 3/Y Carbon Fiber Spoiler creates more grip
First of all, compared to the traditional rear wing, it can make the car generate more grip, which can effectively reduce the air resistance generated by the car at high speed and save fuel; secondly, it can offset part of the lift, control the car to float up, and reduce the effect of wind resistance so that the car can be tight drive close to the road to improve driving stability.

2.Features of TESERY Tesla Model 3/Y Carbon Fiber Spoiler
Enhanced high-performance sporty look; reduces drag and improves high-speed stability; original curved shape for a good fit; provides the most exciting look and maximum downforce at higher speeds; available in matte or glossy carbon fiber

If you like our Tesla Carbon Fiber Spoiler-Model 3/Y , please add it to your cart, buy it now and we will ship it to any city in the world for free. If you have any questions about our Tesla Carbon Fiber Spoiler- Model 3/Y, you can contact our online customer service, or send us an email