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Best Model Y Car Covers Customized for Your Tesla 2023

by TeslaTesery on Oct 07, 2021

As more and more car owners around the world choose Tesla, the voice of the best Model Y car covers is also getting louder. Tesla relies on its "technology, future" appearance, "intelligent and passionate" control, and "minimalist" interior style to win the hearts of many car owners. With the progress of the times and the continuous improvement of living standards, people are increasingly eager to enjoy life. People love their Tesla and would like to take good care of it. Model Y car cover is one of the most important tools to care for their cars. Now, let's learn more information about Model Y car covers.



  1. Is it necessary to buy a car cover?
  2. The role of Model Y car cover
  3. Best Model Y car covers customized for Tesla
  4. What should we pay attention to when using the Model Y car cover?
  5. Conclusion


Is it necessary to buy a car cover?

Before using the car cover, do you have this trouble: your car is parked under a tree, and there are often sticky dirt such as bird droppings and leaves on the top. It is particularly difficult for you to clean, especially when the front windshield is full of leaves and branches. It hurts the wiper very much. I feel distressed when I see my beloved car was “hurt”. You have to wipe it for a long time before you use it. Moreover, if you expose your new car to the sun for a long time, the paint of the car will age faster. The color of the white car will become darker and grayer more obviously. Buy “clothes” to protect it, so you don’t need to worry about your car being exposed to the wind and sun anymore

 best Model Y car covers


2. The role of Model Y car cover

Dustproof. The air quality in the city is now poor. And if you expose your car to the outside, there will be a thick layer of dust without washing it for a day; it affects the appearance very much. An simple car cover is capable to prevent the surface from dust.

Rainproof. On rainy days, the car cover can filter most of the rainwater for your Tesla.

Sun protection. The sun is relatively strong in summer. Especially after a exposure under the sun for several hours, you will find that the temperature inside the car is extremely high and it is difficult to enter. After using the car cover, generally speaking, it can block most of the heat.

Anti-scratch. Scratching and rubbing are very easy to happen. Sometimes a naughty child scratching your car with a hard object; or someone else rubs against your car parked on the side of the road.

Anti-bird and insect poop. For riders who live in an environment where the surrounding birds are in groups, they may have a deep understanding of this. Once the bird feces are dripped on the car body, it only takes one day to expose to the sun. And the bird feces will quickly dry out and dissolve into the car paint with a yellow color. You won''t be able to remove It by car washing or cleaning agents, which will become a permanent trace. However, a car cover can easily solve this problem.

Anti-sap. Sometimes we park our cars under the trees for shade. However, when we look again after a night, we will find that the body is full of sap, sticky and disgusting. Even the car glass is full of tree sap, there is really no other way except to wash the car. Especially in autumn, in addition to being covered with sap, there are also fallen leaves, which are firmly attached to the body. With a car cover, they will never have chance to touch your car body.

Anti-frost and snow. In winter, due to the low humidity, riders will find that the front and rear gears of the car are full of frost when they get up in the morning. Generally, we wipe it with a towel or moisten the frost with a damp cloth and then break it and wipe it off. Some riders used a large bed sheet to clip it to the front gear the night before, and then took it off when driving in the morning.In fact, you don’t have to be so troublesome at all, a car cover can solve your worries.

Protect the car paint. A good car cover can effectively isolate the outside damage and protect the car paint from scratching.


3. Best Model Y car covers customized for Your Tesla

Now that we know the solution, we should take precautions and don't wait until the car body is soiled and difficult to clean, or the car body is scratched, leaving scars that cannot be erased before regretting it. Next, I recommend best Model Y car covers to everyone:


Model Y  Car Cover

With this strong protector, your Tesla is no longer afraid of the wind, sun, and rain! Firstly, Tesery customizes this outstanding car cover is customize to fit your Tesla Model Y perfectly, to give you maximum protection from rain, hail, snow, and strong winds. Secondly, This car cover has three layers. The outer layer is waterproof woven polyester, the middle layer is waterproof and breathable thermoplastic polyurethane, and the inner layer is soft flannel. Together, they protect the finish of Model Y from scratches and harmful ultraviolet rays. Thirdly, a convenient charging port opening allows connection to a socket, and a ventilation net helps air flow during charging. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the body heating while charging.

The cover’s material is strong enough to provide maximum protection your car from rain, hail, snow, and strong winds.


UV Protection Outdoor Full Car Cover

This customized car cover perfectly fit your Tesla, so it will hug your car tightly with its soft body. The manufacturer uses ultra-light fiber cloth to make this car cover, which can recover on its own when pulled 15% to 20%. It will protect your Tesla from outside harm without hurting the paint in all weather.

Also, it has a variety of functions, can prevent UV, wind, dust, and scratch; in case of severe weather such as hail, rainstorm, etc., covering the car cover can effectively prevent the car from being attacked by weak alkali, gravel, acid rain, etc., and protect the gloss of the original car paint. Furthermore, the high-grade black and soft materials collide together, making it a very unique and individual decoration.


All-Weather Outdoor Waterproof Car Cover

This is a universal outdoor protective cover, which can effectively protect your Tesla Model Y from harmful ultraviolet rays, dirt, dust, bird droppings, etc. Its soft cotton lining can protect your car from scratches, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Besides, in hot weather, the ventilation net will keep the air circulating and adjust the battery appropriately to prevent the battery from overheating. It holds a good cooling effect.

There is a built-in zipper type charging port, you can charge your car without removing the full cover of the car. It is both protective an convenient. And I think it is very intimate, because the included reflective strip helps to illuminate your car in a dark environment. It can play an outline and warning role at night. The adjustable shoulder strap and buckle at the bottom prevent windy weather from blowing off your entire car cover.


4. What should we pay attention to when using the Model Y car cover?

(1) If there is dust or gravel on the car, clean it first before covering the car cover. Because dust and gravel are easy to stick to the lint, it is easy to damage the paint of the car when swinging on a windy day. This is the same as the principle of car washing, and we should first wash off the sand and then scrub with a brush.

(2) Read the installation manual carefully before installation. Improper installation will damage the paint.

(3) Make sure there are not any sharp bracket on the top of the car. Because it is easy to pierce the car cover, and the waterproof effect will not be effective in rainy days.


5. Conclusion

Under the scorching sun, using these Tesery car cover, the car seems to be armored. The soft material inside will prevent the car body from scratching, so that safety is greatly guaranteed. Moreover, it is convenient to fold and does not take up a lot of space to carry. Tesery car cover effectively isolates harmful ultraviolet rays, dust, gum and bird droppings, saving a lot of car washing costs. The design is very user-friendly, it is more convenient and quick to put on or take off.

best tesla model y car cover

Driving in the summer is like entering a steamer, even the steering wheel is very hot. With this car cover, you are no longer afraid of exposure to the sun and can effectively prevent the car interior from aging. Even if the car is parked under a tree, you won’t be afraid of the leaves falling on the car! And when you park the car on the side of the road, don’t be careful about being rubbed by someone. Put on the Tesery best Model Y car covers to protect the car, and at the same time reduce the number of car washes. It is also good for the car paint!


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