Tesla Accessories Model Y Protectors to Enhance Happiness

Tesla Accessories Model Y Protectors to Enhance Happiness

by Tesery Tesla on Sep 11, 2021

 We can not only enhance our happiness by owning a Tesla Model Y, but also by adding excellent Tesla accessories. 2021 New Year's Day, Tesla China's official website updated the price of the Model Y, which is 100,000 lower than the previously announced pricing. Once the news came out, it immediately caused consumers to book frantically. Some owners may have delivered their cars, but made a difficult choice in accessories shopping. In order to help you choose proper Tesla accessories Model Y needs, I checked all the information, and also consulted with a friend who had test-driven the Model Y, and made a lot of notes. So today's article is to recommend some accessories that can protect your car or items in car, to enhance the happiness of Tesla Model Y owners.

Why choosing good accessories can enhance the happiness of Tesla Model Y owners?

Choosing right Tesla accessories can greatly improve the happiness index of the car users. There are two general reasons. One is personality. Every Tesla owner has their own car habits, even if they change to a new car, they still want to make modifications to adapt to their habits. Another one is function. There are always some shortcomings in the actual use of the vehicle, with the right accessories can cleverly solve these problems. Take a look below!

Tesla Model Y car cover accessories

Tesla accessories

We know that people are like this, when a new purchase arrives, they are always particularly fond of it and are particularly distressed when the exterior is slightly scratched to a little. Tesla owners are the same, so many car owners buy the car the first thought is the protection of the body, so they will choose to buy car coat. Without further ado, let's go straight to the picture!

This car cover is definitely the must-have Tesla accessories Model Y needs. Its car cover uses upgraded cotton fabric as inside test, which shows not only a fine weave but also a strong texture. These features make it able to limit organization of the sun for a long time. Dust-proof and anti-scratch material with soft texture carefully cares for the car paint. The surface with high density is professional in preventing summer sun, house dust, industrial pollutants, and the storm. When the owner does not use the car for a long time, just drape it on. With this “loyal guardian”, your Tesla is no longer afraid of the wind, sun and rain!

Tesla screen protector accessories

In fact, I found that when new Tesla owners first bought accessories, they mostly preferred protection or protective accessories. For example, car coat mentioned above, sunroof shade for sun protection, or screen protector. Indeed, the car that accompanies you every day, of course, should be loved and cared for. This is an era of film. You need to paste screen protector phones, i Pads, and Switch. However, car exterior and the center console screen also has to be film. The most attractive thing about this film is that it is fingerprint resistant!

Creator choose ranking tempered glass with 9H hardness to create this screen protector, to protect your screen from scratch, friction, explosion and debris. It is also able to defend your screen from oil or other dirty things to keep your screen clean. The ultra-thin design will not affect the sense of touch, instead, it makes touch more smooth and better.

Panoramic sunroof sunshade

Unlike above two accessories, sunroof sunshade is a protector for people. The panoramic roof sunshade indeed is really cool and technological. You can comfortably look up and enjoy the stars and the moon on a summer night without getting out of the car. But in the summer daytime, it takes courage to face the sun directly, so we highly recommend owners to buy sunroof sunshade. Especially the female owners who love beauty, if you do not want to be tanned and cry for that, hurry up and arrange it on!

With multiple layers of high-quality polyester fiber, this sunroof sunshade  holds the strong capacity to prevent sun exposure and resist ultraviolet rays. It also has a very advanced and upgraded function - when users not use it to block the sun in summer, the air conditioner will consume more power and affect the continuous mileage of electric vehicles. That’s why I highly recommend this sunshade to you. These excellent performance allow it to enhance the happiness of Tesla Model Y owners to a large extent.

Waterproof 3D floor liners Model Y accessories

Using floor mats is conducive to the cleanup of the car's hygiene. If there are foot mats, usually when you wash the car, you just need to take out the floor mats to clean up and rinse it. As we can see, it is very convenient and easy to take care of. For some car owners who care about details and aesthetics, it is very important. Most of the original car floor are cloth or velvet, it is very difficult to clean when dirt. Even clean the interior can not solve it, and it really affect the mood and beauty. So we do not have to hesitate at all, the floor mat is a must buy.

Odorless rubber(TPR+XPE) is the main material of this Tesla floor mat. It combines five main functions of water absorption, dust absorption, decontamination, sound insulation, and protection of the host carpet in one. It is a very environmentally friendly car interior, not only to protect the cleanliness of the car, but also to play a beautiful and comfortable role of embellishment. This floor mat is very practical, which can effectively waterproof, dustproof, and non-slip. In addition, the foot mats play a good role in helping the owner to drive, feet and car floor between the cushioning effect of the foot mats, can reduce the body shaking during the journey. As you can see, it not only protects the floor but also protects the safety of the driver.

Central storage box for Model Y

This central storage box will be an outstanding organizer and a protector of your items in car. Model Y armrest box lids a space underneath. It will be very messy if you directly put things without planning well. You can buy a special storage box, divided into good areas, so that everything is well organized, and convenient to find when you need them.

We carefully choose environmentally friendly ABS plastic without unpleasant odors as its material to ensure a durable and steady feature. Textured rubber tray liner prevents items from sliding and shaking in the tray. Besides, it can slide smoothly back and forth, so users can easily hide to prevent privacy items. Use this excellent storage box to help making full use of your storage space and keeping your small items neat and orderly.

Camera cover for Tesla Model Y

The last but not least, camera cover plays an important role in protecting your privacy when driving. I believe you all know that there is news that Tesla’s camera will shoot when driving, so many people want to close. But at the moment Tesla does not provide the closure portal. Then what is the way to close it? Easy. Just take a camera cover to cover it. There are many camera covers on the market, but many Tesla owners are particularly attracted to this Tesery ultra-thin camera cover. Let’s see it together.

This camera cover is thin to the naked eye. It has only 0.03 inch, which allows users to slide and clasp type smoothly to protect privacy.

Tesla card door handle cover wrap kit accessories

Many car owners often accidentally scratch the door handle paint with nails, when open the door daily, or scratched by other cars. And over time, the door handle looks scarred. Not only the paint is damaged, the overall aesthetics of the body is also greatly reduced. It is time to learn from their lessons and start protecting your door handles early. Then pasting this fine car door handel is a good choice. As for how effective it is, you will know once you try it.

This Tesla Model Y door handle cover wrap kit can effectively block the sun's radiation heat and hurt by external forces. The stylish bar design is not only very close to the Tesla Model Y door handle, but also brings a different visual feeling to the car. It has strong paste function, but can tear off without leaving marks. It is firm and not easy to fall off, also does not damage the car paint, instead, it will effectively protect your car from being scratched.

Model Y front fog light cover

Front fog light cover is a must-have accessory, if you want to add a touch of flair and protection to your car and improve your visibility. The material is durable and resistant to scratches and it has a sleek design that won’t distract from your car.

This Tesla Model Y front fog light cover is made of high quality ABS plastic, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. According to the original car design, it is perfect for Tesla Model Y. Streamlined design, very close to the original car curve, not only can protect the trim, but also make the car look dynamic.

After buying a car, it is high time to choose some “protectors” to guard your car and items in the car. These simple but powerful Tesla accessories Model Y protectors are able to make the cold car really become owners’ own mobile home. I just hope that when you are shopping for accessories for your Tesla Model Y, this article can make some small contribution. See you next time!


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