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Check Out How Many Tesla Accessories You Can Buy for 129$!

by Tesery Tesla on Oct 21, 2021

Product list (click for details):

  1. 15" Center Tempered Glass Touch Screen Protector
  2. Flocked Armrest Hidden Cubby Drawer Storage Box
  3. Armrest Hidden Storage Box
  4. Center Console Cup holder
  5. Non-Slip Accelerator Brake Pedal Cover
  6. Screen Protection Cover Accessories
  7. Tesery Ultra-Thin Camera Cover Slide
  8. Car Slide Rails Anti-Kick Plugs Accessories
  9. Aromatherapy Cotton Swab
  10. 3-in-1 Streamer Charging Cable USB
  11. Silicone Key Card Case
  12. Fixed Clip Safety Cell Phone Holder Stand


Basic Must-Have Tesla Accessories Package for Model 3 & Model Y 


Why are basic must-have Tesla accessories needed? Today, more and more car owners around the world choose Tesla. Tesla relies on its "technology, future" appearance, "intelligent and passionate" control, and "minimalist" interior style to win the hearts of many car owners. With the progress of the times and the continuous improvement of living standards, people are increasingly eager to enjoy life. However no one is perfect, no car is finished. Most of Tesla owner have troubles in car using.

Have you ever encountered these troubles?

For example, when driving during the day, the central control screen is easy to reflect light, which affects driving safety; limited storage space makes the items arranged in a disorderly manner and easily scratched when the vehicle bumps; and it is inconvenient to watch mobile phone navigation while driving and easy to cause accidents. Therefore, most Tesla owners hope to improve these situations and the driving experience by adding some basic Tesla accessories to their car, and even try to make this "close partner" a second warm home. Fortunately, Tesery immediately provides a perfect solution for them! Let's look down to check out how is this package great value.

Value 129$ must-have Tesla accessories package!

In order to meet the basic need of Tesla owners and give back to new and old Tesla customers, Tesery delightfully launch this value basic must-have accessories package. This package includes 12 practical and delicate must-have accessories, which perfectly fit Tesla Model Y and Model 3.

What can a Tesla owner buy for $129? A steering wheel cover? A car air bed? Or maybe a car cover? Now, for 99$, you can buy a whole set of basic must-have Tesla accessories on Tesery!!! The total price of a single purchase of the 12 accessories is 236.29, but the package price is only 129$. This is unprecedented! Tesery have save 107.29$ for you!

Basic Must-Have Tesla Accessories Package for Model 3 & Model Y 2021 and 2022-Tesery

And The quality of the product is 100% guaranteed! Because Tesery has devoted countless time and resources to the production of each product. Tesery carried out 2000 products tests to ensure the quality; created 100 molds of each product for the best; adjusted and increased the fitness from 90% to 100%. These products have multiple functions to meet the different needs of Tesla owners.

Why Tesery lunch this basic must-have Tesla accessories package?

"Tesery"-a branded mall dedicated to serving Tesla owners, aiming to provide Tesla owners with a more comfortable and personalized car experience. With its stylish and innovative design concept combined with the latest research and development technology, Tesery has created a series of high-quality Tesla accessories.

Tesery communicated with 100 Tesla owners and found that 99% of Tesla owners would like to purchase these practical accessories to enhance their car experience. Therefore, in order to meet the basic Tesla needs of the owners, and save money and time in selecting accessories, Tesery specially launched such a value-added basic must-have accessories package, so that customers can buy the most needed ones at the most affordable price.

Why are they “must-have” Tesla accessories?

99% of Tesla owners treat these 12 accessories as necessary accessories after buying Tesla, so why are they “must-have” accessories? The author will show you the necessity of these accessories from 3 aspects.

 1. Exciting highlights

  • Costumed Design

Tesery built these must-have accessories according to the original vehicle data, which makes them perfectly fit Tesla Model Y and Model 3. The size and style also cleverly match your Tesla. And they will not effect the use of original car after installation.

Center Console Cup holder
  • Premium Material

Tesery carefully select the environmentally friendly materials to make the basic Tesla accessories, which are healthy to use. And they have no peculiar smell during use. Besides, special and durable structure make them scratch-resistant and wear-resistant. Therefore, they hold a long service life, and there is no doubt that owners can use them for many years.

Tesla accessories-Flocked Armrest Hidden Cubby Drawer Storage Box
  • Meticulous Craftsmanship

The price of this package is favorable, but the craftsmanship is really excellent. Clever craftsmen use the most advanced technology to repeatedly polish the accessories, without missing any detail. Therefore their surface texture is unique and graceful. People often say that a car can reflect a person’s taste, Tesery accessories are just to help.

must-have Tesla accessories
  • Easy Installation and Removing

These basic must accessories have been modified and upgraded, which are more compatible with Tesla and convenient to install and remove, without damaging the original car. The installation and disassembly of each accessory is very simple, require no additional screws and other tools.

2. Powerful functions

According to the characteristics of these accessories, they are divided into three types of functions


Its reinforced glass is twice as much strength as non-tempered alternatives and holds effective resistance against scratches. With 9H hardness, this glass screen protector will not affect the touch function of the GPS navigator after attaching, and at the same time provide a better smooth touch. In addition, it can resist scratches, oil and fingerprints, and has strong impact resistance.

The pedal cover is cut from stainless steel, with a gap in the middle, in which the rubber can expose. It contributes to driving safety and increases the coefficient of friction. Also, Its cool shape design and colors make your Tesla interior look more individual.

It is thought to be a strong screen protector that can provide shade protection for your screen from direct sunlight, dust, bumps, splashes and scratches, as these may damage the display or electronic equipment. Its special materials can heat your display to protect it from direct sunlight and ultraviolet rays to prevent screen degradation and screen overheating.

Tesery ultra-thin camera cover slide cover can perfectly protect your privacy. The lid is very easy to slide, and is durable and not easy to fall off. The Tesery camera cover slider is also designed to be ultra-thin and leave no residue when torn off.

This key card protector helps prevent the card from sliding on the smooth center console and avoid scratching your center console. It can better protect your card and avoid damaging. It also has anti-fouling ability, it can be cleaned with one wipe; the surface is sprayed with high-quality rubber oil to remove fingerprints, and it can be washed with water.

The slide rail of the original car has safety problems, but after installing these Tesla slide rail anti-kick plugs accessories, you no longer have to worry about accidentally scratching. It will not cause damage and can effectively protect your safety, because it uses safe and durable ABS material and steady structure.


(2) Storage space utilization

This central control storage box can smoothly slide back and forth to hide and prevent privacy leakage. Simply push and pull to easily enter the upper and lower storage compartments. So you can make better use of your storage space. With separate design, you can arrange items more neatly. It can also hold magnifying glasses, pens and pencils, as well as coins and key cards.

This Tesery center console armrest hidden storage box is suitable for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. The partition design can organize and store your items well. You can hide it when not in use to hide your secrets and protect privacy. Embedded installation does not affect the use of the original functions of the car.

Customized for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, it can be used for cups or other small objects. The Tesery center console cup holder plug-in can help you fix drinks and other sundries well so that liquids will not spill and stain your car. In addition, users can fix the bottle to prevent sliding and falling.


(3)Practicality & Decoration

  • Aromatherapy Cotton Swab

The aromatherapy cotton swab perfectly matches various types of perfumes, liquids and other water solvents. The humidifier has uniform distribution of cotton core holes, high water absorption, large water storage capacity, and stable volatility. Its surface craftsmanship is exquisite, the texture is clear and unique, and it can well embellish your Tesla.

  • 3-in-1 Streamer Charging Cable USB

The 3-in-1 design makes it easy and fast to charge three mobile phones at the same time. One line can meet the charging needs of 99% of the equipment in daily life, so it is very practical. This is a streamer charging cable, which looks cool. And at night, it will become your atmosphere light!

Different from the general mobile phone holder, the Tesery mobile phone holder is designed with a 360° rotating spherical interface, and users can adjust various angles according to their needs. You can put it outside the air conditioning outlet on the left side of the driver's seat, and this bracket can be perfectly stuck here. Put the phone in this position not to block the line of sight, and it is convenient for you to watch the navigation while driving. Moreover, its elegant shape and unique design also make it an embellishment for your Tesla.

3. 99% recommendation rate

We have done a lot of market research and found that these 12 Tesla accessories are basic accessories that 99% of car owners will buy during the use process after picking up the car. And 99% of users of these accessories will choose to recommend them to friends who have Tesla around them. In addition, we have also collected and studied a large number of blog posts about Tesla's basic must-have accessories and recommended videos from Internet celebrities, which verified the basicity, essentiality and 99% high recommendation rate of the 12 Tesla accessories.

Take the value 129$ basic must-have Tesla accessories package home now!

We can see that Tesery has proposed this best solution for Tesla owners on the basis of continuous summary. Tesery is committed to providing every Tesla owner with a high-quality accessories shopping platform with guaranteed consumer rights and product quality. It gathers all Tesla high-quality accessories in one place, allowing all owners to quickly find the various accessories they need. Tesery considers every Tesla owner, hoping to save them the time and energy of choosing Tesla accessories and platforms in this way, and provide them with a more comfortable shopping experience.

Not much to say. Action rather than desire! 99% of Tesla owners have joined the ranks of buying, and the number is still increasing. The inventory is almost out. The number of packages is limited, so act now!

Click here to purchase: 

Basic Must-Have Tesla Accessories Package for Model 3 & Model Y

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