Tesla Steering Wheel Upgrade


Are you looking for a Tesla PLAID steering wheel for your Model 3 or Model Y?

Tesery have most popular Tesla Yoke steering wheel are modified from the OEM core steering wheel and are designed to give you custom style, everyday comfort and high performance grip that far exceeds any OEM steering wheel.

Whether want to CHANGE your original steering wheel to a Tesla aftermarket steering wheel

or ADDING carbon fiber elements to match your style

or ACHIEVE some of your thoughs

Now COME to Tesery , ALL your wants can be come true

Just TELL us what you need, and leave the rest to us


* You will get TOP products!!!

HIGH quality material

Carbon Fiber , Nappa , Alcantara

* 8-step handmade craftsmanship 

* Many styles to CHOOSE ,
Perfectly match your style



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  • 30 Days Refund Policy
  • Fast Response Custome Service

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Yoke Steering Wheels

  • OEM Steering Wheel Core Structure , Foam Design,
  • Non-destructive Installation
  • Premium Nappa Leather, Delicate Hand Touch
  • Ergonomic Design , Enjoy Driving

$ 539

Style 9

Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

Buy our New Tesla Steering Wheel now for your Tesla Model 3 and Model Y ! We can customize your Tesla Yoke Steering Wheel with carbon fiber to meet your taste. Tesery Tesla Carbon Fibe Steering Wheel is handcrafted by our skilled workers. Mature craftsmanship and excellent materials, focusing on Driving experience.


Style 10

$ 519

$ 489

Style 8

Tesla Roadster Steering Wheel

Do you think the original steering wheel of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y lacks some technology? Now Tesery bring its new-gen Roadster with a butterfly steering wheel, Tesla steering wheel upgrade an open-top wheel which it matches the futuristic interior better for the Tesla. Production design will be better, especially in details that include Alantara, carbon fiber, and other elements. 

$ 569

Style 33

$ 579

Style 5

$ 529

Style 2

Maximize Your Enjoyment with Every Drive

To achieve the most enjoyable driving experience possible. Our custom carbon fiber steering wheels far surpass the standard stock performance steering wheel in delivering the experience you desire. 

  • Ergonomic design to cope with long driving hours
  • Custom steering wheels enhance the overall luxury of the car's interior
  • Made of high quality Nappa leather, wearable and comfortable
Airplane Wheel

Sporty Feeling

New steering wheel has an "alien" design, more like a gamepad or a racing steering wheel, which looks very sci-fi. Strong acceleration coupled with a sporty steering wheel style gives you the illusion of driving a race car.