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Best Tesla Model Y Screen Protectors 2022, Panic Buying!

by Tesery Tesla on Sep 30, 2021

Did you heard that the 2021 best Model Y screen protectors are on line? Hurry up to take a look, the stock is almost out! Should Tesla Model Y owners film their central screen? I personally think that the interior control of a car is like a human face, which is more eye-catching. Your central screen is particularly beautiful, bright and new when you first buy it. But it didn’t take long to be scratched by various keys, nails, and anything with sharp corners. There will be various scratches that affected the appearance. This situation is more unacceptable than scratches on the paint. Because the central screen is also the place that is most contacted every day. Looking at it at a glance, if it is very flowery, the overall interior will drop a grade in an instant.


Model Y Screen Protector is Necessary

The interior of the vehicle is not like the exterior. You can choose to touch up the paint if it is dirty, but it is difficult to repair the interior parts are scratched. If you want to restore it, the price is very expensive. Just like the central control screen, accident scratch will affect the appearance. Besides, it will still affect the daily operation, and the price of changing the screen is not cheap. So I personally think it is necessary to film a protector on it. The price is not expensive for a pack of cigarettes. It just happens that Tesery has a discount. You can check it out. Now, I would like to recommend 3 of the best Model Y screen protectors from Tesery to you.


2021 Best Model Y Screen Protectors to Protect Your Screen

Adhere to the principle that customer is God, Tesery put user experience first. Aiming to become a one-stop shop Tesery hopes that it can satisfy all kind of demand of customers. Excellent material and unique design mix it up, Tesery is committed to providing Tesla owners with delicate accessories. This time, Tesery carried out the best Model Y screen protectors in 2021. Let’s get more information of these accessories:


Number 1: Matte Screen Protector Anti Glare Anti Fingerprint

 Matte Screen Protector

Main features:

  1. Easy to install without any bubbles
  2. Anti glare and anti fingerprint
  3. Prevents the collision of hard objects


This matte screen protector is made of high-quality 0.33mm thick premium tempered glass with rounded edges. The customized design makes it perfectly fit Tesla Model 3 and Model Y screen without any flaws. Besides, the 9H hardness of the tempered glass is capable to effectively prevent the collision of hard objects.

The most surprised is that its surface has an oleo-phobic coating to prevent oil stains left by fingerprints and add extra smoothness to the navigation screen. This kind of oil not only does not affect the use, but also reduces smudges and fingerprints. It makes the screen use more smoothly. Moreover, this screen protector has excellent anti-glare performance and effectively protects your eyes.

Model Y Screen Protector

With automatic adsorption function, this screen protector is easy to install. And there are no bubbles during installation. It is very stable once it is attached and not easy to fall off. Many Tesla Model Y chose this screen protector.


Numder 2: 15" Center Tempered Glass Touch Screen Protector

Center Tempered Glass Touch Screen Protector

Main features:

  1. It is compatible with Tesla Model 3 and Model Y
  2. Keep your screen brand-new
  3. Premium quality tempered glass


    This tempered glass touch screen protector chooses premium quality tempered glass as material. With 9H Hardness, this protector maintains the touch capabilities of your GPS navigator while ensuring better smooth touching feeling and scratch resistant.

    Because 9H hardness can ensure the performance of scratch resistant, and effectively resist the collision of hard objects and friction. In a word, the excellent material combines with advanced technology, The full screen of fingerprints on the central control screen of a delicate smart car is unbearable for most car owners. And Tesla's voice recognition is so poor, in most cases you need to complete the operation through touch. It is inevitable to leave fingerprints. Tesery successfully creates this shock-resistant, anti-oil and anti-fingerprints protector. With it, you don’t have to worry about fingerprints and dust on the screen from now on.

    Model Y Screen Protector


    Number 3: Anti-glare Matte Screen Protector

    Anti-glare Matte Screen Protector

    Main features:

    1. Perfectly fit Tesla Model 3 and Model Y's central touchscreen
    2. 100% bubble-proof installation
    3. Strong anti-glare performance


    Designed with a multi-layer construction, this matte screen protector provides incredible clarity while reducing glare to ensure smooth navigation. Unlike the common screen protector, Tesery screen protector is washable and reusable, making your screen is easy to keep clean.

    Anti-glare Matte Screen Protector

    Furthermore, this is a Tesery original 100% anti-bubble screen protector that can be applied in just a few seconds and is specially designed for your health. In the unfortunate event of a collision, this Tesery matte screen protector will not break and is safer than common glass screen protectors.

    I think maybe most of the Tesla owners would like the modern black frame, since the color and style match the original screen so cleverly!


    Sprint for The Best Screen Protectors

    The best Model Y screen protectors from Tesery mentioned above are all excellent protectors to prevent the central screen from external damage. They have extremely high transparency and will not change the appearance of the original screen after being installed. Moreover, their surface is smooth, easy to stain, and better to take care of. Also, it can keep the gloss for a long time. The material is light and thin, environmentally friendly, no peculiar smell, and no deterioration or discoloration due to high temperature. The user can remove the protective film at any time, and there are no glue remains on the screen after removal, which better protects the screen surface. In Tesery, these best screen protectors are almost gone, please cherish the chance!