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Tesla Model 3 Yoke Heated Steering Wheel Install Review

by JULIET YU on Dec 26, 2021

The owner of a Tesla model 3 installed a yoke heated steering wheel out of curiosity a yoke heated steering wheel. He reviewed new Tesla steering wheel was better than expected, and while there were some issues, he had a lot of interesting positives.

tesla plaid steering wheel

Ever since deliveries to customers began in June, the Tesla Model S Plaid is arguably the most talked-about car on the Internet. However, it's not the car's insane acceleration or impressive technology that has caught most people's attention - it's the yoke steering wheel. Critics and owners alike have showered the Plaid with praise, but the yoke wheel is often cited as one of its few flaws.

By installing a yoke heated steering wheel in his Model 3, one Tesla owner decided to see how he found the yoke steering wheel experience.

The steering wheel was designed and built by Tesery, the one of best aftermarket Tesla steering wheel supplier from China, and it looks like a quality kit. The overall design appears to be a nearly exact copy of the original design, but the choice of materials looks even better. The grips are covered in Alcantara material for a comfortable feel that enhances the interior. The steering wheel uses Model 3 or Model Y wheels for a perfect fit.

Modified Alcantara YOKE Racing Steering Wheel Suitable for Tesla Model 3 \Model Y

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Experience after installation

1.Easy Installation

Installing the yoke wheel into his Model 3 was a relatively simple task. All it took was a couple of Allen wrenches and pliers to first disconnect the battery and remove the driver's airbag, then reconnect the two once the new wheel was locked in place. He immediately noticed that the yoke wheel felt much lower than the normal steering wheel in the same position, and raised it considerably before driving.

The Youtube video is the installation of the Tesery steering wheel

2.When turning around corners

Holding the yoke felt strange when turning around a corner because he had to grab one side, couldn't turn it by hand like a regular wheel, and tended to cross his arms more. It was also impossible to grip well at first if the hands were too small, as the yoke seemed thicker than a normal steering wheel, and apparently, yoke steering wheels are designed for larger hands. However, he found visibility to be very good and could see where the top of the wheel usually is. When Autopilot was enabled, he placed his left hand in a new position in the lower-left corner of the yoke, which he found more comfortable than the regular wheel.

3.On the straights

On the straightaway, the yoke feels great, just as you would in the cockpit of a fighter jet, enhancing the sense of technology. He has plenty of control in the straight position. He noted that hooking both thumbs on each bottom corner of the wheel at the same time is a super comfortable position for long-distance highway driving.

4.On curvy roads

On curvy roads, the yoke steering wheel seemed very interesting to maneuver. He found the handling to feel completely different and more involved. However, after a while, the inability to grab the top of the wheel in constant turns can feel quite strenuous.

5.Missed signals

He also said that he would often accidentally honk the horn because of the position of the button. He also had to look down every time to see which turn signal it was. If you don't stop and look down at the steering wheel, it's hard to figure out which button to press.

6.Heater Function

When the steering wheel is heated, three of the nine positions become very warm. When the steering wheel has a heating function, even in the cold winter hand holding the steering wheel will not feel very cold, so enhancing the comfort of driving.

Best center control upgrade

Overall yoke heated steering wheel is installed in the car and it provides good visibility but it takes some time to get used to it. model 3 owners also installed a dashboard in front of the steering wheel. This is a cool upgrade that blends modern tech with classic black elements, matches the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 perfectly, and completely changes the look of the interior.

Instrument Panel Dashboard Display for Tesla Model 3/Model Y

Dashboard upgrade

Pushing Boundaries

Tesla likes to push boundaries: no matter how fast or far its cars can go, or how much controversial nonsense its CEO can release, this culture of innovation permeates every nook and cranny of the Californian electric carmaker's DNA, especially in the design of its cars' language.

Elon musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted about the round steering wheel being boring, the FSD in panoramic mode, looks much better with a yoke steering wheel. The yoke looks cool and it's not impossible to get used to it. "It's like Apple removed the headphone jack from the iPhone before Bluetooth was invented," Fisher said.

Custom Tesla steering wheel

Although the yoke steering wheel is controversial, Tesla fans seem to like this design.Tesery users can design the steering wheel they want according to their personal preferences or the overall interior of the car. The original intention of Tesery is to allow all Tesla owners to enjoy a comfortable driving experience and a personalized car while having the pleasure of 100 kilometers acceleration. If you want to customize the steering wheel you want, you can click here.

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