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Aftermarket Instrument Panel Fix Tesla Model 3's Main Missing Points

by JULIET YU on Jan 05, 2022

Fix Main Missing Points

The minimalism of Tesla model 3 eliminates the dashboard in front of the driver. For a car that focuses on the future, it is very fashionable to focus all technology on the big screen, but in fact, driving on the road may affect part of it. Drivers’ safety habits, such as aiming at the central control while driving, are prone to speeding, etc., but aftermarket companies are fixing Tesla Model 3's main missing points.After all, this dashboard is not absent on Model S and X.

8.8'' Instrument Panel Center Console Dashboard Touch Screen for Tesla Model 3/Model Y

Aftermarket Instrument Panel 

1.Driving habits

According to real driving habits, Tesla owners need to understand the driving situation of the car through the dashboard display. Although Tesla transplants the functions of the dashboard to the smart central control screen, this kind of side-viewing during the car driving Behavior and risk factors are also unpredictable. I believe that some Model 3 owners will encounter such problems. On the highway, no dashboard can easily lead to speeding. So if you are used to the dashboard, here is a dashboard with a satisfactory OEM appearance and equipped with Apple CarPlay function-Tesery.

2.Tesla opposed

Tesla itself does not need to understand the after market dashboard. Tesla updates may cause the dashboard to stop working. The manufacturer does its best to restore the connection through a software update, but can only guess whether the dashboard will still work the next time you ride. This is very strange: the car you buy is your property. You should be able to use it to do whatever you want. This is not the case with Tesla: Tesla always reserves the right to make adjustments to your car to make the components you install unusable. Tesery saw this and thought it would be a continuing problem, so this aftermarket instrument cluster provided supports Tesla's OTA function upgrade and will not cause the dashboard to stop working.


8.8'' Instrument Panel Center Console Dashboard Touch Screen for Tesla Model 3/Model Y

Impressive features

The Tesery display not only shows the speed and "gear" selection (driving, reversing, or parking) but also a variety of other information, from tire pressure to autopilot alerts. The graphics are designed to imitate Tesla's visual style, and appropriate high-resolution assets help complete the effect. This instrument panel upgrades the original car’s functions while retaining the original car’s protocol, which can be controlled by the steering wheel buttons and the touch screen. Carplay function is realized by hardware professional Carplay chip, which has the advantages of fast connection speed and high stability. The following describes the functions and operating instructions of this instrument panel.

1.Product Features


  • Support wireless Carplay function;
  • Support wireless Android auto function;
  • Support split-screen display, real-time monitoring of safety information such as vehicle speed and indicator lights on the Carplay interface;
  • Built-in Bluetooth, use the original car microphone to retain the original car's sound quality;
  • Support two control methods, steering wheel button control, and touch screen control;
  • Support screen flip function, can adjust the screen position in real-time;
  • Support display mode adjustment: night mode, day mode, and automatic mode.

The instrument panel has two built-in Bluetooth systems, one is used to pair with the Carplay system to realize the Carplay function; the other is used to connect with the original car's Bluetooth and act on the audio output.

2.Bluetooth function connection

1. Enter the phone interface of the original car screen and click ‘+’ (Picture①)
2. Click "Add New Device" to search for Bluetooth devices (Figure ②)
3. Search for Bluetooth’ on the Tesla dashboard
FSC-BT966-XXXX’, click on the Bluetooth, and then automatically connect (Picture ③)
4. After the connection is successful, the sound of the Carplay system can be output through the original car horn.

8.8'' Instrument Panel Center Console Dashboard Touch Screen for Tesla Model 3/Model Y

3.Wireless Carplay function

1. Turn on Wifi on the mobile phone
2. Turn on Bluetooth on the mobile phone and search for the built-in Bluetooth "CAR-KIT_XXX" in the Tesla dashboard (②)
3. Pair Bluetooth (③)
4. After successful Bluetooth pairing, select ‘Allow’ and ‘Use car play (④⑤)
5. After the Carplay connection is successful, the card terminal will automatically enter the car play car system interface

8.8'' Instrument Panel Center Console Dashboard Touch Screen for Tesla Model 3/Model Y

4.If wireless Carplay fails to connect

1. Delete the Wifi and Bluetooth connection records of the device on the mobile phone, and re-pair the connection
2. Check whether Carplay is turned on on the mobile phone (Settings—General—Carplay)
Connection step 3. Confirm whether the Siri permissions on the mobile phone are all turned on (Settings-Siri and Search)
5. Restore the phone network settings and reconnect (Settings—General—Restore—Restore Network Settings)


8.8'' Instrument Panel Center Console Dashboard Touch Screen for Tesla Model 3/Model Y

1.Navigation sound: adjust the navigation volume

2.Day mode

  Dark mode

8.8'' Instrument Panel Center Console Dashboard Touch Screen for Tesla Model 3/Model Y

3.Backlight: screen brightness adjustment

4.Carplay automatic link: set to ‘YES’, turn on wififi and bluetooth, Carplay and Android auto can be connected automatically next time when starting the car

2.Mode: set the display mode

5.Dashboard display data description

8.8'' Instrument Panel Center Console Dashboard Touch Screen for Tesla Model 3/Model Y

Split-screen display mode: When connected to Carplay or Android auto, the dashboard data can also be displayed simultaneously

8.8'' Instrument Panel Center Console Dashboard Touch Screen for Tesla Model 3/Model Y

6.Control Method

You can use the steering wheel to control or tap the screen to open any function. Touching the screen does not affect the operation of the original car screen.

8.8'' Instrument Panel Center Console Dashboard Touch Screen for Tesla Model 3/Model Y

7.Best Viewing View

According to user feedback in the after-sales market, the first-generation 10.2-inch instrument panel is larger, and it is installed behind the steering wheel to block the line of sight. Although the Hansshow dashboard is also equipped with a CarPlay function, and both dashboards use the existing steering wheel controls as the interface, Tesery’s 8.8-inch CarPlay dashboard is more suitable for the car’s design and can see the complete screen content. , And can freely flip the screen to adjust to the best viewing position for the driver. And the price is completely lower than the market price, the selling price does not exceed $450.

8.8'' Instrument Panel Center Console Dashboard Touch Screen for Tesla Model 3/Model Y

8.8'' VS 10.25''

Non-destructive installation

1.It is necessary to install

Tesla Model 3 canceled the instrument panel that should have appeared behind the steering wheel. This is more of a design that favors "autonomous driving". Musk said on Twitter: Considering that cars are becoming more and more intelligent, things like dashboards are no longer necessary. After all, you don’t need to drive anymore. What do you still look at on the dashboard? From point A to point B, when the car’s "riding" attribute is greater than "driving", and when the car no longer needs human control, the instrument panel will usher in its curtain call moment. But after all, we are still a long way from the full popularity of self-driving cars, so it is still necessary to install a dashboard for Model 3. In addition, if you want to use the autopilot function on the Model 3, you have to pay extra, that is, not every Model 3 can enjoy the convenience of autopilot.


2.Do not affect the original Tesla car


Some Tesla owners will ask about warranty and system upgrades, whether the installation of this instrument panel will destroy Tesla's original circuit. The answer is no. The installation of this instrument panel is just a switch in the OBD interface to get power to the screen and read Tesla's driving information, so in principle, it will not affect the warranty, and for the equipment, The AC vents of the covered drives also have no effect. A comprehensive comparison of similar dashboards shows that this dashboard can be used with confidence for Tesla owners who need it!

It has to be said that Model 3 brings minimalism to the fullest, leaving only the central touch screen and steering wheel. Not only does the central touch screen have a sense of technology, but the design of the steering wheel is also like the design in the spaceship, so about Yoke steering wheel What is the feeling of use?

If you want to know more about Yoke steering wheel, the following article will answer it for you.

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