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The interactive experience you didn't know you had-Tesla center touch screen

by JULIET YU on Dec 21, 2021

The appearance of Tesla owner has given us a concrete imagination of (a flat-screen + four wheels) the car of the future.

Tesla's big screen is not only very cool but also integrates a multitude of functions. Through its disruptive technological innovation, all physical buttons are eliminated and all functions are integrated into this 15" flat panel. The Tesla screen is undoubtedly the biggest, best, and most powerful screen of all models with a good user experience. This move by Tesla seems to make people feel like when Steve Jobs released the Apple iPhone 4 in 2010, which opened a new era of touch screen phones.

In today's world, the car machine is not just limited to a large screen, nor is it limited to simply playing audio or watching videos within the storage medium offline, but rather embraces the Internet, focusing on multiple aspects such as online audio and video services, AI voice interaction, scene connectivity, and entertainment systems, etc. Whether or not the car machine is good to use becomes a very complex aspect.

Best accessories of Tesla model 3 &model Y

We know that Tesla as an emerging car brand, especially only produces electric cars, there are not too many traditional constraints in the design of the car. So in the center control, use a large screen to replace many traditional physical buttons. On the one hand, it saves the cost of design and simplifies the process of production and assembly. Secondly, it also highlights the difference between electric cars and traditional fuel cars and enhances the sense of technology of the whole car.

We will encounter a more obvious problem in our daily use, is that if you go to look at the big screen during the driving process, there will be reflections, can not see, sometimes want to open a function will occasionally point to the wrong or to complete the operation of the side body, so the operation is not only very inconvenient, and the driving safety will constitute a great threat, very affect our driving safety.

But with this rotating swiveling mount kit, you no longer have to worry about such problems. This product is small but very practical. Many Tesla Model 3 and Model Y owners believe that the swivel feature will add a better interactive experience for the driver and and the passengers.

1.Screen Swiveling Mount kit for Tesla Model 3 & Model Y

Best accessories of Tesla model 3 &model Y

For the driver, the screen can be rotated for a better view and to eliminate glare, not blocking the view and making driving safer.

Enjoy a comfortable viewing angle of -30° to +30° tilt when the screen is installed, and the screen rotates to your preferred angle, making it very comfortable to watch movies and play games in the car during breaks.

Not only the main driver can also use it, but the passenger can also use it, you can share the screen with your passengers, it can be rotated to view and interact with the screen more easily.


Best accessories of Tesla model 3 &model Y


This new OEM style swivel bracket kit is molded using the original 3D scan data to fit the display closely and has a strong, stable, and firm attachment. There is no unsightly fabric wrap and Velcro behind the screen, it has a decorative frame with ABS baking paint and a stronger mechanical sense, it looks like it is integrated with the car, very design, this is the most practical of best Tesla accessories.

You can watch the Youtube to know more information.

2.Screen Protector Anti Glare Anti Fingerprint

We will inevitably leave a bunch of fingerprints after using the screen and stick to some dust. Sometimes rings, keys, or bracelets will also accidentally scratch the screen. If the screen is accidentally knocked, the cost of repairing and replacing the screen is also very high. But now it's time to stop worrying about these problems!

Let's start with this anti-glare matte screen protector for Tesla Model 3 &Model Y owners who want a clear, bubble-free, and anti-glare screen protector. The screen protector is easy to install and is a cost-effective option.

15" Center Tempered Glass Touch Screen Protector for Tesla Model 3 Model Y

Tailored for the central touchscreen of the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, the original patented 100% anti-foam screen protector installs in seconds. In case of an inadvertent crash, you don't have to worry, it's safer than a glass screen protector. And it is very easy to keep clean, the screen above the sticky fingerprints or dust, gently wipe it and it disappears.

When you are not using the center screen, you also need to protect it well. During the hot summer months, for example, the Tesla display can get very hot and can cause it to malfunction, create small bubbles within the screen, burn out electronics, and/or phantom touch. Direct sunlight on the screen can damage electronics and cause them to degrade over time, just like leaving your phone or laptop in the car in hot weather.

3.Center Console Screen Protector Dust Cover

This Tesla screen protector is designed for all Tesla Model 3 and Model Y owners. When installed, fingerprints and dust won't enter the screen and it blocks out UV rays. It's easier than setting up a full sunshade every time. Who has the time to do this? That's why we've created a simple and minimal solution to keep the heart of your car as safe as possible.

It rejects dirt and is protected from direct sunlight, dust, scratches, collisions, and other damage. Because it blocks direct UV rays and avoids photo-aging, it helps maintain its normal lifespan. This heat shield also prevents the center console display from getting hot in the sun, making this a tailor-made awning.


Center Console Screen Protector Dust Cover for Tesla Model 3 Model Y


Why does this protective cover from Tesery have this feature? Because it is made of microfiber leather on the outer layer, which is resilient, strong, and feels good to the touch. The inner layer is made of neoprene. Neoprene, a synthetic rubber produced by alpha-polymerization of chloroprene as the main raw material, is widely used in weather-resistant products, adhesive shoe soles, coatings, and rocket fuel, so it is anti-aging, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and durable.

4.Central Screen Frame Protector Screen Sunshade

So how do we block the sun when using the center screen? Here is another sunshade, which can fit 100% of the original Tesla Model 3 and Model Y screen, reducing sunlight reflection and improving the visibility of the screen, allowing you to see the screen more clearly outdoors, and not feel the glare in the sun, taking better care of your eyes.


Central Screen Frame Protector Screen Sunshade for Tesla Model 3 & Model Y


This sunshade is made of high-quality ABS plastic, with anti-scratch, anti-fading and durable. No edge fit, and it is very easy to install it, just put the shade into the center display, and it can be installed in seconds without any tools.

5.Real Carbon Fiber Display Cover

If you want to protect the center display well and at the same time enhance the interior of your Tesla car, then you can't go wrong with this real carbon fiber display cover. To make the car look more luxurious, it must all be carbon fiber. As we all know, carbon fiber has always been highly respected in the tuning world, because its texture does make the car changer want to stop.

Carbon fiber is a new fiber material with a carbon content of 95 % or more of high strength and high modulus fibers, which is lighter than aluminum, but its strength is higher than steel and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and high modulus. It is also very wide application, from the appearance of the tailgate cover mirrors to the interior of the steering wheel trim, etc., even the current central control cover can be used carbon fiber.

This monitor cover is made of real carbon fiber, so it is very tough and can protect your monitor. Its original design makes your Tesla even more personal; the subtle stripe texture looks very clear and natural. The sporty style is also accentuated to a great extent. If you like carbon fiber, you'll love this. This carbon fiber protector is like a good-looking coat for your center screen, and there are three styles to choose from here: forged text, matte, and glossy.


REAL Carbon Fiber Display Cover for Tesla Model 3 Model Y


I have to say, Musk's designs always make a difference, and Rogozin has said, "Musk has achieved a lot of ideas and thoughts that we wanted to achieve but couldn't.'' The Tesla center screen was recently updated with software that allows occupants to be able to play games on the center screen while the vehicle is in motion. Previously, these video games could only be played when the vehicle was stopped, and The Verge confirmed on the Model 3 that when the vehicle is in motion, users can play Sky Force Reloaded, Solitaire, and Battle for Dodopia on the center screen, and when running the games, a message pops up on the app screen indicating that the driver cannot play the games, but the driver can tap on them at all "I'm a passenger" to play the game.

6.Wireless Gamepad for Tesla Model 3 Model Y Model X Model S 

The gamepad is one of the best wireless gamepads I have ever encountered. It comes with a variety of features, including 2 connection modes, a large 600 mAh battery, and multiple vibration modes. This product is highly recommended for anyone looking for a quality wireless gamepad for the Tesla Model 3/Model Y/Model X/Model S that truly delivers an interactive experience. This gamepad can be used for single or dual players and comes with a USB splitter that only takes up the stock USB for two people to connect. The gamepad is suitable for multi-platform use and can be connected to a computer/TV/PC.