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The Tesla Model Y With Roof Rack Looks Great! Why Not Try It?

by Tesery Tesla on Mar 23, 2022

The following installation video of Tesla Model Y roof rack was posted by Tesery on Youtube and has attracted a lot of attention from existing and potential Model Y owners.                                                    

With the fiery delivery of Tesla Model Y, the most eye-catching new electric car in 2020 has gradually lifted the veil of mystery. The characteristics of Tesla Model Y: 1. The front face, the car logo is placed on the front of the hood, and the headlight style is more unique, with the chrome decoration of the bumper, which is more technological; 2. It adopts a slip-back design, combined with the double waistline and large-size wheels make the whole car look sporty. Now that Tesla has officially put such a cool Model Y on Tesla's online store, why not pair it with a roof rack to make it look more stunning? Let's take a look at what a model Y equipped with a roof rack looks like.

Model Y roof rack

Tesla Model Y roof rack perfectly matches the roof

As far as we know, this is the owner’s first Tesla Model Y. He has bought it for half a year, and recently he installed a Tesery Model Y roof rack for it. The roof rack on the top not only matches the color, but also blends well with the Tesla Model Y design.

Tesla Model Y roof rack

Tesla Model Y has 66 cubic feet of storage capacity, which sounds pretty big, but for car owners who love long-distance travel, camping, or boating, or other sports adventures, this capacity is completely insufficient. For example, a car owner who likes mountain biking wants to install a bicycle rack on the roof; a car owner who loves skiing wants to carry snowboards through a ski rack; a car owner who wants to go kayaking in the sea on the weekends recalls using a kayak rack to carry a huge kayak. The props required for these outdoor sports take up more space and are not suitable for storing in the front and rear trunks. In addition, bicycle racks, ski racks, and kayak racks need to be installed on the basis of the roof rack. Roof rack is an important configuration for placing items, it can increase storage space. And it can meet the above load requirements through the extended configuration of the roof rack.

Tesla Model Y roof rack

The charm of Tesla Model Y roof rack

Last but not least, there are more photos of Tesla Model Y roof racks, so that we can observe the roof racks up close-after all. It has won the hearts of many car owners, don’t you want to take a closer look?!

Tesla Model Y roof rack

That's right, these two magical crossbars can make your Model Y different. You can imagine that you install a Tesla Model Y roof rack on the roof, and then install a bicycle rack, or a snowboard rack, or a kayak rack. Driving on the road must be very attractive and eye-catching. It not only helps you solve the storage problem, but also makes your life more personalized. Why don't you try such a tempting proposal? If you want to know more detailed information about the roof rack of Tesery, it is recommended to check the official website of Tesery.





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