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Notice! Check Out a List of the Most Requested Tesla Accessories!

by Tesery Tesla on Mar 21, 2022

We know that despite the recent Tesla news, it has not stopped its hot sales. With the increasing number of Model Y and Model 3 owners, the demand for Tesla accessories is also increasing. But for the first time, many Tesla owners don’t know what practical Tesla accessories are available. Therefore, the blogger will share most requested some Tesla accessories from three aspects: interior protection, sun protection and storage. Most of the accessories are common to Model Y and Model 3, and I will update the article to share with you new and practical accessories!

Interior Protection

As the most just-needed Tesla accessories, Tesla floor mats must be bought. The original car mat is made of velvet, which is very easy to get dirty and difficult to take care of, so car owners must buy a high-quality, easy-to-care 3D Tesla mat. These Tesla floor mats can be fully surrounded by 360 degrees, even the hidden corners are not spared. More importantly, they are very easy to take care of, they can be washed directly with water if they are very dirty, and only a little dirt can be wiped off with a damp cloth. They don't stick to the door and brakes, so you don't have to worry about safety issues. This material basically has no odor, so there is no need to worry about formaldehyde. Waterproof, non-slip, 3D full surround - basically it can meet your needs.

Tesla Accessories

I believe that many car owners are car lovers, and naturally they can't bear to see their car suffer a little bit of damage. Fabric seat covers are cheap and practical, but they are often not resistant to dirt, while leather seats are relatively dirt-resistant and comfortable, but they will wear out over time and are easily scratched by sharp objects. These problems can be solved easily by installing some Tesla seat covers.

Seat covers are used for two reasons: the first is to protect the original car seats, and the second is to make them look good. Cooling in summer and keeping warm in winter, these good-quality Tesla seat covers have a certain moisture absorption effect, even if you sit for a long time, you will not feel uncomfortable. These leather Tesla seat cover also prevents stains and sharp knives from damaging the original car seat, and it is easy to remove cleaning fluids. Put on a seat cover that can be removed and washed if it is dirty. If it is dirty, it is only a seat cover, which will not damage the original car and the perfect all-inclusive package.

Most Tesla owners who like to take their pets out must have the following troubles: 1. The pet's saliva or urine sticks to the seat, the product smells bad, and it is difficult to clean; 2. The pet's hair flies everywhere or falls into the seat In the gap, it is also inconvenient to clean; pets sometimes use their sharp claws to scratch flowers or scratch the surface of the seat. It is thought to be wise for Tesla owners to install a dog seat cover customized for Tesla to better protect the seat.

This is a versatile Tesla dog seat cover that brings comfort to pets while out and about. This Model Y seat cover not only protects the rear seats of your car, but also protects the doors from scratches. Multi-zipper design makes it easy for pets to get on and off. Also easily converts from a dog cart hammock to a dog bench seat cover or trunk liner. This versatile pet car seat cover is 101% waterproof, non-slip, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and easy to clean. This dog seat covers have four levels of protection to keep your dog from sliding off every time you brake. A visible internal mesh ensures adequate ventilation and easy communication between owner and pet at all times to reduce fatigue while riding.

 Tesla Accessories

Sun Protection

When many Tesla owners bought a car with a sunroof, I felt that the car was relatively cool, and the sunroof has always been a proud configuration of the car, but in the hot summer, the temperature inside the car increased instantly, and the large sunroof also contributed to the absorption of heat. played a big role. The view from the all-glass skylight is very good, but it is a nightmare in summer, especially in the southern summer where the sun is very strong. So I bought a sunroof sunshade net, which can be stored into a small one when not in use.

If you're looking to install a Model Y sunroof hood for your Tesla Model Y, you'll love this Tesla sunroof sunshade. This Tesla Model Y shade is made of high-quality materials and will last for years. It protects against sun exposure and resists UV rays. If it is not used to block the sun in summer, the air conditioner will consume more electricity and affect the cruising range of electric vehicles. These curtains are easy to install and remove, and can be installed inside the glass roof using the included clips. A storage pocket is also included so these sunroof shades can be folded and stored when not in use. When we drive and ride, we are not only exposed to the sun and hot, but also strong light can affect our driving safety. This Model Y roof light shade is great for harsh sunlight inside your car.

 Tesla Accessories

The car cover used to be an essential item in many owners’ list. In fact, in addition to preventing bird droppings, scratches, and dust, there are many uses. Nowadays, parking in many cities is difficult. First, there are many situations where parking spaces cannot be found. The second is that the parking fee is too expensive, so you know, they have bought this Tesla car for many years and it has not broken, and the price is not expensive.

 Tesla Accessories


It is well known that the storage box of the Model Y central control is very deep. It is a large empty box with no small intervals. It is very troublesome to find the messy things after throwing them in. However, adding a storage compartment can organize the clutter in an orderly manner. , it is much easier to find something. This central control storage box that can be pulled out is recommended, so that the box can be turned into two layers, with commonly used items on the upper layer and less commonly used items on the lower layer.

 Tesla Accessories

Under-seat storage box - make extra space in the Model Y at any time. This space is only available in Model Y. It can be used to put drinks, and no amount of things can be neat and orderly. The Model Y's front seats are empty and connected to the rear, which is a safety hazard. For example, if the beverage in the rear row falls, it may roll to the front row and get stuck under the brake. The space under the driver's seat can be fully utilized and turned into a storage box, which can not only store things, but also solve the hidden safety hazards. There is a lot of space below, and I can put a lot of things. I prefer to put slippers. Sometimes I can put them on when I rest in the car. When not wearing them, I put them in the storage box. The box can be pushed in and stowed away.

 Tesla Accessories

It can protect the privacy in the car, and can also increase the safety of the vehicle when braking at high speed, preventing the luggage in the trunk from crashing into the passenger compartment. Of course, there are also some depots that save costs and require additional options. In fact, the blinds not only have the above functions, but are really a practical good thing. Many 2-box cars and jeeps are not equipped with shelves in the original factory, not only the space is not fully utilized, but the effect is not beautiful. The biggest problem is that the things placed behind will be seen, which greatly increases the risk of smashing windows and stealing valuables. It can't be put in the car, which is very inconvenient. With this product, the problem is completely solved. The workmanship and materials of the blinds are very good, and they are absolutely suitable for your car.

Tesla Model Y cargo cover

It is very easy to install, just fix this product (very suitable) in the car, it can be installed in general 4S shops and roadside repair shops, and then you can make full use of the large trunk space of your 2 compartment . The Tesla cargo cover is made of leather material and installed in the trunk to cover the luggage in the trunk, which not only saves space, is convenient and practical, but also plays a beautiful and decorative role. It not only covers, protects, and insulates valuables in the luggage compartment, but also makes your car more beautiful and beautiful, which is why the international automobile industry pursues popularity.

These are the most popular Tesla accessories in recent years. Hopefully, it will provide some inspiration for car owners planning to buy Tesla accessories.


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