Why Are Tesla Owners Buying Tesla Accessories Like Crazy?

Why Are Tesla Owners Buying Tesla Accessories Like Crazy?

by Tesery Tesla on Mar 26, 2022

There are already countless savvy Tesla owners eyeing some useful Tesla accessories. On January 2, 2022, the global electric vehicle giant Tesla announced its own report card, with global sales of 936,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 88%. The strong growth data and the dazzling performance of global sales of 300,000 units in the fourth quarter directly pushed up the stock price of the day by 11%. Looking closely at Tesla's buyers, the Chinese market is the absolute main force. According to China's auto sales data released by the China Passenger Car Association, as of October 2021, Tesla Model 3 and Model Y models have sold more than 330,000 units in China, more than one-third of the global market.

Calls for Tesla accessories have greatly grown

Tesla has made all the marketing gimmicks in the macro, but when people really spend 200,000 to become Tesla owners, they will find that they have a lot to do. The phrase "the interior is like a rough house" has been described by netizens very well. 

Simple lines, rough quality, and lack of functional space are obviously a mismatch with the needs of stylish Tesla owners, just as few people use iPhones without phone cases and phone films. When Tesla owners come across Amazon or Shopify links for Youtube car review owners, they often find themselves unable to stop buying.

Tesla owners' demand for accessories intensifies

Different from the automatic driving optional package that costs tens of thousands of dollars to upgrade, whether it is a Tesla central control storage box that costs more than twenty dollars, or a Tesla roof rack, Tesla seat cover, Tesla floor mats, these things can boost your well-being almost in minutes. A Tesla accessories online store on Amazon or Shopify sells more than 200 SKUs of Tesla accessories alone, and the monthly sales of single products reach 3,000+, which also verifies the car owners' preference for modification and purchase of accessories. 

Various of Tesla accessories have become a rigid demand for some car owners to a certain extent, especially after the sales volume of vehicles, this demand has gradually been fully developed, and related categories have been continuously expanded.

After the blessing of various accessories, Tesla's comfort is increasing day by day

What happened next is easy to understand. When we ushered in a new round of large-scale rain and snow, and the temperature plummeted, you will find that in the past, the voices of Tesla were endless, but this time almost no one complained. After the blessing of various accessories, the comfort of Tesla is increasing day by day, so is the so-called cruising range really important? Whether it is the popular 800v fast charging or the rapidly developing power exchange, it seems to reduce people's anxiety to some extent.

Another example: when the driver sits in the seat, the surface of the seat deforms. Long-term deformation can make leather seats lose their toughness. In addition, when the sun shines into the car in the afternoon, the high temperature accelerates the aging of the leather, cracks the leather seats, and even damages and grays the inferior seats. After installing the seat cover, the leather seat can be protected from sunlight and prolong the service life. Also, don't worry about oil stains on the seats. In the case of a knitted fabric seat, adding a seat cover can give the car owner a more comfortable riding experience, while reducing the wear of the knitted fabric and prolonging the service life of the car seat.

 Tesla Accessories
 Tesla Accessories

Can you imagine a possibility that among new energy vehicle owners who are no longer anxious about mileage, strategies that can solve comfort and functionality are the future. 

Because Tesla's information is relatively transparent, and the advantages and disadvantages are clearly visible, Tesla's accessories store must be more detailed and professional, and find the most difficult "itch points" in addition to the pain points and cool points of product marketing.

Regarding itching business, a Zhihu blogger in China, King Kong Advertisement, explained it very clearly. The "itch point" is within the scope of user needs, and it is something that users/consumers need, but it is not just needed. For example, for a lighter used when smoking, the windproof lighter is easier to use than the ordinary one, but in fact, the frequency and scene of using the windproof light are not so many.

The windbreak here is itchy. Itching can't solve the user's rigid needs, but it can make users more convenient, fast and comfortable to use. There is an upgrade in experience but the actual effect is not necessarily great. It's like if there is an itch on the body, it's very comfortable to scratch it, and it's okay to endure it if you don't scratch it. Few people keep scratching all the time.

What's Tesla's itch? 

Take Tesla's carpet as an example. The carpet that Tesla comes with is made of felt, which is not only wear-resistant but also very easy to get dirty, and it is especially inconvenient to clean after it gets dirty. At this time, the carpet needs those custom Tesla floor mats to resist abrasion and scratches. So, what exactly are those mats that they are rushing to buy? 99% of Tesla owners have given the best solution, choose one of the following two types of floor mats.

  • The first are 3D Tesla floor mats made of a new hybrid material (thermoplastic rubber TPR + lightweight XPE foam).

Raised sidewalls provide seamless protection against the penetration of dust, mud, liquids and snow, and keep your Tesla floors clean year-round. The lightweight XPE foam in the middle layer absorbs vibration, reduces road noise and increases passenger comfort. There are also high-quality rice grain anti-slip claws on the bottom to firmly grasp the Tesla floor, preventing the mat from sliding and ensuring safety. I believe that no one will refuse such a floor mat!

 Tesla Accessories
 Tesla Accessories
  • The second are all-weather Tesla floor mats made of environmentally friendly TPE material.

TPE material is non-toxic and odorless, tough and durable, and easy to clean. This material has better abrasion resistance, heat resistance and flexibility in hot and cold weather than conventional PVC. Raised sides provide all-around protection for Tesla carpets. This design maximizes the protection of Tesla Model Y/3 floors from spills, stains, dirt, mud, snow, and more.

Tesla floor mats
Tesla accessories

Tesla's itch is precisely the lack of functionality under its simple design and the lack of experience brought by rough interior materials. "It is undeniable that the Tesla Model 3 is a very advanced model, but design and practicality are often on the opposite side of each other. Since the Model 3 has entered thousands of households, there have been an endless stream of modified accessories on the market. These accessories include It can really solve the lack of experience." A Tesla owner said. He admitted that some accessories are really easy to use, while some are just "IQ taxes".

What are the qualities of Tesla accessories that Tesla is happy to buy?

Looking at the data, we found that the Tesla accessories that Tesla owners are willing to pay for often have the following characteristics: strong practicability, environmentally friendly materials, excellent design, and outstanding quality, but the price is not an important choice. Taking the data of goods brought by multiple Amazon and Shopify online stores as an example, the monthly sales of single products that meet the above conditions are 5,000+, which is really popular, and it also shows that car owners have strong demand for this.

The one that impressed me the most was Tesla roof rack. Tesla roof racks have become more and more popular now, and I believe that most Teslas will have something called a luggage rack on the roof. The essence of the roof rack is to carry items. Can we really use it in peacetime? Why do Tesla owners consider buying a Tesla roof rack? One is the problem of limited space. The space inside the car is very limited, and every inch must be used to the fullest. There are many glove boxes for storing items in the car, and some of our small items can be placed next to the seating position in the car, such as the glove box in the passenger seat.

There are also various sundries for small items, but the largest item in the car is stored in the luggage trunk. The trunk space of the car is narrow and crowded, and the space for placing items is very limited. The place where the car can put the goods is usually the trunk, and the trunk can only hold two general-sized suitcases. If necessary, I would like to install it. Other things are not enough, which is also a worry for many car owners who travel far away. The second is the availability of the roof. Above the roof is a very precious piece of virgin land. The area of the roof is equal to the area of our passenger compartment, so the space that can be used is very large. When riders go out to play, the roof rack can carry a lot of things, such as oversized luggage, bicycles, tents, swimming rings, rubber boats and so on.

tesla roof rack accessories

The main function of the car roof rack is to load bulky items. Since our trunk space is very limited, we can only ask for space above the roof of the car. If we want to travel far, we need to bring some relatively large luggage items, and the space in the trunk is limited. You can only put some relatively small ordinary suitcases. If you have to bring other large travel items, it is obviously not enough. The huge roof space satisfies the carrying of bulk items, but unfortunately it is open air. The Tesla roof rack can expand the space and make good use of the roof space. in addition. Car roof racks can not only carry cargo, but also play an aesthetic role. The roof rack can be used as a decorative strip to add a touch of sportiness to the bare roof.

tesla roof rack
 Tesla Accessories

The reason why Tesla owners frantically buy Tesla accessories has long been clear.

To a certain extent, Tesla owners need a more comfortable, refined, and even extreme experience, and Tesla’s rough workmanship and minimalist interior give this demand room to play.

According to media reports, the search volume for "camping" increased by 428% compared with the same period last year. When GLAMPING exquisite camping and wild luxury prevailed in the middle class and people were eager to catch up with the trend, Tesla owners discovered a new way to play.

At this point, the reason why Tesla owners frantically buy Tesla accessories has long been clear. On the other hand, Tesla accessories malls including Tesery actually have an absolute advantage in solving Tesla-like itch points. The main reason is that they value the driver's driving experience, comfort and functionality. The ultimate mission of technology is to serve people, and looking at this small business branch from the perspective of service, maybe we can find more answers.


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