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Why is the Tesla yoke steering wheel so popular with Model 3 and Model Y?

by LILucky on Jan 09, 2023

As we all know, the Tesla Model S Plaid is arguably the most talked about car on the Internet. However, it's not the car's insane acceleration or impressive technology that has caught most people's attention - it's the yoke steering wheel. Critics and owners alike have heaped praise on the yoke steering wheel. Compared to the traditional round steering wheel, the yoke steering wheel chopped off the top half of the steering wheel, which would be visually more open and more visible.

What are the highlights of the TESERY Tesla Yoke Steering Wheel?

1)The aftermarket has done a lot of design on the appearance of the basic rocker steering wheel. Tesery's steering wheel is rocker in appearance, but there are some special designs in the details. First of all, let’s take a look at the material. The two yoke steering wheels are made of Alcantara, with an elegant and stylish appearance and a comfortable feel. This customized carbon fiber steering wheel can not only improve the grade of your car, but also enhance the driving experience. The difference between the two is that the two sides of the steering wheel adopt a concave design, and carbon fiber elements are added to both sides of the handle, making the appearance more fashionable. Tesery's steering wheel has a special design. On the top of the handle, we use an embedded stitching design. You can see that the stitching interface is hidden inside, unlike other aftermarket steering wheels where the stitching interface is exposed. This will not only affect the appearance, but also the sutures are easy to break.

2)We spoke to a Tesla owner who decided to install a yoke heated steering wheel in his Model 3, and said that when Autopilot is engaged, he places his left hand in a new position in the lower left corner, which he feels is better. Comfortable than regular wheels. He found the visibility to be excellent, with a clear view of where the tops of the wheels would normally be. On the straights, the yoke felt great and enhanced technique. He has plenty of control in the straight line.

3)After market research, we found that many Tesla owners are concerned about the safety and applicability of this steering wheel. So Tesery designed this aftermarket steering wheel with that in mind. This steering wheel uses the original steering wheel skeleton, and the original OEM steering wheel Tesery just made some attempts on the appearance. This attempt has been liked by most users and has not affected safety issues. In addition, we can see that this bottom design increases the legroom of the driver, and the height of the seat will not touch the thighs. There is a special design at the handle, which is ergonomically designed, so that you will not feel tired when driving for a long time, and the grip is more comfortable. This steering wheel can retain the heating device, and the handlebars become very warm. When the steering wheel has a heating function, the steering wheel will not feel very cold even in the cold winter, which improves the driving comfort.

4)Our steering wheel fully supports customization, if you need to change the steering wheel style, stitching color, carbon fiber, etc., please contact us when placing an order. We will produce exactly according to your preferences, you can design a unique steering wheel.

5)This steering wheel is easy to install, and it only takes about 30 minutes for a person with no installation experience to complete the installation. All you need are a few Allen keys and pliers to first disconnect the battery and remove the driver's airbag, then reconnect the two once the new wheels are locked. You can see the plug-and-play design of this new steering wheel, which is very convenient. If you are not sure, you can contact us, we will show you how to install online and provide installation video.

6) If you like to modify, this carbon fiber steering wheel is what you need, because when driving, we will use it all the time. By purchasing this Tesery steering wheel, you have two steering wheels at the same time, which you can change at any time. The following is the installation demonstration video:
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