How about the Tesla Central Control Screen Storage Box with Model 3 and Model Y?

How about the Tesla Central Control Screen Storage Box with Model 3 and Model Y?

by LILucky on Jan 07, 2023

As we all know, Tesla doesn't have a place for tissue boxes, and they don't fit anywhere. Paper extraction is a necessity for car owners. Many car owners keep paper towels by the side, but it is inconvenient to reach for the paper towels, and it is difficult to extract the paper with one hand during driving. And it is particularly unsightly that the paper towels are placed casually. However, this tissue storage box can completely solve these problems, and it is very convenient to reach out and draw paper without taking up space. This new species that has never been seen on the market, will definitely open your eyes!


Why TESERY Tesla's central control tissue storage box can open the eyes of car owners?


1)Perfect for Model Y and Model 3

First of all, this center console screen tissue storage box is accurately built according to Tesla's original car data, and it is perfectly suitable for Model Y and Model 3. Put it behind the center console screen, it becomes a "hidden storage master" with a 360° zero sense space! Its size is appropriate. No matter how big a bag of paper towels can be put in, it can help you make full use of the mysterious space hidden behind the large center console screen. With a clever figure, everything is just right. And no matter what angle you look at it, it will not affect the style of the original car.

2)Made of environmentally friendly PP material

When it comes to practicality, this center console screen tissue storage box must have a place. It is made of environmentally friendly PP material, which is resistant to high and low temperatures, and is also environmentally friendly, odorless, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant. Compared with the traditional tissue box, its anti-drop performance and scratch resistance is doubled. Its surface is matte to the touch and feels very delicate, you will love it.

3)You can choose your favorite style

The surface of the top cover of this tissue storage box is a classic wood grain craft design, which looks very elegant and advanced. This design is just right here, and it is eye-catching. In addition, this cover is an N52 strong magnetic top cover, and a magnet is embedded at each end of it, which can make the cover tightly attract the storage box, and will not fall off or make abnormal noises due to shaking. By the way, there is another version of this storage box, which has a matt carbon fiber texture on the top surface. You can choose the style you like according to your own preferences. 

4)Protect the screen without affecting heat dissipation

Moreover, it is worth noting that this tissue storage box is not only a tissue box, but also a multifunctional storage box. We see that it has a deep storage space on each side, which can store things such as glasses, pens and thermometers, and can also insert flowers to decorate the center console. Next let's look at the back of the storage box. There are 5 fixing points here, which can fix the storage box in all directions, protect the screen from being bumped, and make the abnormal noise disappear. These fixed points also allow a gap between the storage box and the central control screen, which does not affect the heat dissipation of the screen.

5)Provide passengers with a more comfortable driving environment

In addition, it has a considerate effect that you can't think of. Because the direction of the air outlet behind the Tesla screen cannot be adjusted, it blows directly on the owner's knees for a long time. Car owners suffer from long-term air-conditioning to freeze their legs, which is not conducive to their health. This tissue storage box can just block the local air volume, effectively solve the problem of freezing the owner's legs by cool air, and provide passengers with a more comfortable driving environment.

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