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How about the Tesla Front Windshield with Model 3 and Model Y?

by LILucky on Jan 10, 2023

As you know, all Tesla have a large central control LCD screen. High temperatures inside your car can damage not only your dashboard, but also your LCD screen and other electronics. In the heat of summer, protecting your interior electronics with a high quality windshield sunshade is a must have. this windshield sunshade from Tesery it can be used to maximize the effectiveness of the process,. It fits your windshield almost perfectly. It prevents direct sunlight from entering the car, so it has an insulating effect to keep you fresh and they create a comfortable environment for you and your family.


Unlike traditional mesh sunshade, TESERY’s are made with a premium UV silver coating and black breathable fabric material, 2 layers of double protection from heat damage UV rays and sun rays ,by using our windshield sunshade, to protect your interior, such as steering wheel, display, dashboard, leather seats, GPS devices, etc. This is a must when you park your car, especially in a hot sunny day.

These selected materials make this sunshade has a strong practicality and long service life. And the high-density mesh has excellent insulation to prevent direct sunlight from entering the car. Reinforced with high-strength ductile iron wire and heat reduction technology, it blocks 99% of harmful UV rays and heat. It can reduce your car's interior temperature by 20 to 50 degrees. In addition, this silver coated shade cloth, they can reflect 99% of the sunlight and block up the harmful UV rays. So when you put the silver coated shade cloth on, the sun protection and insulation will be significantly improved.

This shade is easy to install and remove. Placing the shade is very simple. Simply unfold and place it first at the bottom of the front window, then secure it around the mirror with Velcro, and finally secure it to the front window with the sunshade. You can store your car sunshade in your door pocket or on the dashboard of your car when not in use in a compact.It’s very useful!


If you like our Tesla Front Windshield-Model 3/Y , please add it to your cart, buy it now and we will ship it to any city in the world for free. If you have any questions about our Tesla Front Windshield-Model 3/Y, you can contact our online customer service, or send us an email

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