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Tesla Became the Biggest Winner in the German Market in November

by Tesery Tesla on Dec 10, 2021

In November 2021, the number of new car registrations in Germany plummeted by 32%, and Tesla rose against the trend. According to foreign media reports, in November, as electric vehicles continued to increase market share in Germany, Tesla became the biggest winner in the German market that month.

Data released by the Automobile Administration KBA shows that as of November, Germany’s cumulative registrations this year fell 8.1% year-on-year to 2.39 million vehicles. In November, the number of new car registrations in Germany fell 32% to 198,258, but Tesla bucked the trend and the number of new car registrations soared by 234% year-on-year to 5,633. In November, Tesla's market share reached 2.8%, surpassing Toyota's 2.6%.

Tesla’s new plant near Berlin is expected to start production of cars in December. After the start of production, Tesla will reduce its reliance on US and Chinese plants when selling cars in Germany and other European countries.

The global shortage of chip supply continues to have an impact on the German automotive industry. Reinhard Zirpel, president of the Association of Automobile Importers VDIK, said in a statement: "We have never experienced such a situation. Customers want to buy a car, but the manufacturer cannot deliver a new car."

In November, the number of registrations of pure electric vehicles in Germany increased by 39% to 40,270, with a market share of 20.4%; the number of registrations of plug-in hybrid vehicles dropped by 8.9%, with a market share of 14.1%; registration of diesel models The volume dropped by 56%, and the market share was 15.8%; the registration volume of gasoline models decreased by 44%, and the market share was 33.3%.

Among all brands, Mazda had the most serious sales decline, with a 59% decline. In addition, the sales of some brands have also decreased significantly. Ford’s decline was 55%, Nissan’s 49%, Citroen’s 47%, Jaguar’s 46%, Audi’s 45%, Volkswagen’s 42%, Toyota’s 40%, Mei Syders-Benz’s 37%, BMW’s 32%, Peugeot’s 31%, and Opel was down 29% year-on-year.

The performance of South Korean brand Hyundai and Kia was relatively stable. Kia sales were the same as the same period last year, while Hyundai fell by 1.1%. There are also some brands that have achieved sales increases, including Mitsubishi and Mini, which have increased by 18% and 9% respectively.

But when it comes to gains, Tesla stands out. The changes in the Tesla market have not only deeply affected the entire auto market, but also have a great impact on the car accessories market. With the rapid increase in Tesla registrations, the demand for some basic Tesla accessories has also increased rapidly. The most obvious growth in demand are:


                                                                             All Weather & All Season Waterproof 3D Tesla Floor Mats

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These are all Tesla accessories that can protect and upgrade the car. This phenomenon also shows that Tesla owners tend to enjoy life. After they buy a car, they hope to improve the car experience through some must-have Tesla accessories. Returning to Tesla's new car registrations, according to current trends, Tesla's registrations in Germany will continue to increase. Let us continue to pay attention to Tesla's future performance.


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