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Musk: Model Y Will Become Tesla's Best-Selling Product

by Tesery Tesla on Dec 13, 2021

Before Model 3 turned out, Model S and X were Tesla's representative models, but their high prices meant that these models were toys for a few people.Today, Model 3 has brought great success to Tesla, bringing the price of electric vehicles to a level of around 200,000 for the first time. The emergence of Model Y has transferred consumers' perception of pure electric cars to pure electric SUV crossover models.

On the morning of October 8th, at the 2021 Tesla shareholders meeting held on Thursday, the company's CEO Elon Musk once again endorsed the idea of a federal carbon emission tax in the United States.Musk said that in his view, the "sustainable future" is divided into three parts, namely solar and wind energy, batteries used to store energy, and various electric vehicles including cars, boats and airplanes.

In addition, Musk said that Tesla will not produce 4680 battery cells at the Texas plant this year, but will produce these batteries at a pilot plant in Fremont and ship them to Texas, where the production of Model Y will gradually increase. Musk said that in the long run, he believes this crossover will become Tesla's best-selling product, and its popularity will surpass that of Model 3. 

Musk’s inference is reasonable. First of all, Model Y sales and production are on the rise; secondly, we can also see this in the hot sales of some Tesla accessories used to enhance the car experience, such as Model Y roof racks, Tesla floor mats, Tesla front and rear trunk mats and Model Y seat cover. The demand of these accessories continues to grow. It can be seen that the popularity of Model Y is quite high.


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