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Can Model Y Be Equipped With A Roof Rack Or Tow Hook?

by Tesery Tesla on Dec 09, 2021

With the fiery delivery of Tesla Model Y, the owner's manual of Model Y was officially exposed, and we also found some useful information from the manual. Now we have mastered the technical parameters of Model Y, including relevant information about the Model Y roof rack and tow hitch.

First, let's start with 2 pictures. From the picture, the Model Y trunk uses a larger hatch design, which fundamentally solves the biggest shortcoming of too small openings on Model 3. In addition, the third-row seat configuration of this Model Y prototype can be laid flat and hidden well). Like other Tesla cars, Model Y hides a deep extra cargo space at the bottom of the trunk. Taking into account all the different compartment types, including the trunk (front luggage compartment), the maximum load space of the Tesla Model Y is estimated to be 66 cubic feet (1869 liters).

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Compared with Model 3, d Model S, and X, in addition to the extra load space and internal storage space, is there any better external load space for Model Y? Model 3 has a roof rack (tow hitch are also available in Europe), Model S also has a roof rack, and Model X has a tow hook. Is it possible for Model Y to get two optional external load accessories at the same time?

In addition to the trunk, we also obtained a picture showing that Model Y is equipped with roof rack, making it possible for Model Y to transport large items (through the roof rack and tow hitch) to provide additional storage space. We have seen Model Y with a towed device before, and now it seems that Model Y will be launched for the roof rack version of the bay area. 

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It is also explained in detail in the section "Roof Rack" on page 187 of the Tesla Model Y owner's manual. So it is certain that the roof rack, Tesla Model Y can be installed and used.

"Model Y supports the use of Tesla-approved roof racks through Tesla installation accessories. To install a roof rack, you must use this accessory, and you can only use a Tesla-approved roof rack system (see page 184 parts and accessories). Otherwise, it may cause serious damage." Model Y owner's manual wrote. It can be seen that Tesla owners need to choose a Tesla-specific roof rack, otherwise it may not be installed and the glass roof may even be damaged.

This is a highly anticipated optional configuration of Model Y. The Mode Y roof rack can also alleviate the cargo problem of the 7-seater model. Although the rear seat of Model Y is not large, it still reduces the cargo space, and the roof rack can alleviate this problem. It can also make Model Y look more like a crossover SUV, and compared to Model 3, it is more suitable for harsh road conditions and load requirements. At present, we can see that various online and offline Tesla accessory stores have already provided Tesla Y roof rack options. Moreover, we have seen a lot of real car pictures of Model Y with roof racks.

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Similarly, we also saw the tow hitch on the model Y real shoot. However, the first batch of Model Y owners cannot choose tow hitch, and there is nothing in Tesla's optional accessories store to suggest its existence. It is worth mentioning that the first batch of Model Y delivered does have a place where the tow hitch can be installed, but it is covered by a panel. Fortunately, the Model Y delivered later can already be equipped with a tow hitch. Model Y needs to purchase tow hooks and wiring harnesses according to their needs.

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The technical specifications section of the U.S. Model Y owner's manual reads: "Towing capacity (if equipped): not equipped with tow hitch". Correspondingly, the same part of the Model 3 owner's manual says "Trailer capability: trailers are not allowed." It can also be seen from this, although the owner's manual of the two models is used in many other parts (including the roof rack part) The same language description, but the wording is different.

Tesla Model 3 does not provide tow hitch in the United States, but they can be provided in Europe. In the European Model 3 owner's manual, the "Trailer Capability" section says "Please refer to the trailer and accessories on page 81", which describes the tow hitch attachment and how to use the car to tow a small trailer. In other words, Model 3 is allowed to tow in Europe, but not in the United States.

In addition, the Model Y owner's manual does not have a "towing trailer" section, while the American Model 3 owner's manual has this chapter, but it is written not to do so. In other words, Tesla did not inform us that Model Y could not be towed, nor was it exempted from the obligation of notification like Model 3. Does it imply that Model Y can provide tow hitch in the future? Sure enough, Model Y finally provided the option of tow hitch. The owner’s manual clearly states that Model Y can be equipped with tow hitch to tow the RV.

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Like the European Model 3, Model Y eventually got a tow hitch, just copied the relevant parts involved in the European Model 3 owner's manual. You know, Tesla is indeed the Model Y owner's manual published online through the Internet. When new accessories or software updates add functions, Tesla can add other information more quickly.

Whether it is a Model Y roof rack or a tow hitch, it is generally welcomed by Tesla owners, and it is only natural to see it on the Model Y. Model Y is expected to become a very flexible vehicle in the popular market segment and provide car owners with more cargo options. For more news about Tesla Model Y, stay tuned to the follow-up blogs.

 Finally, share with you a Model Y roof rack installation video:



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