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Best Tesla Model Y Mattress, Makes You Feel Like Sleeping at Home!

by Tesery Tesla on Sep 25, 2021

Why should we need the best Tesla Model Y mattress? I believe everyone has experienced this situation. Whether driving or taking a car, we all feel very tired and want to lie down for a while. The inflatable bed is the best choice to alleviate this situation. Not only can we sit on it, but we can also lie on it, which is very convenient.

If you are looking for the best Tesla Model Y mattress for a comfortable sleeping in car, look over here! Let’s first talk about the camping mode of Tesla Model Y. Enter the air conditioning mode to see Tesla’s unique camping mode. Musk claimed that the camping mode can achieve constant temperature ventilation when parking the vehicle, giving you a super comfortable sleeping environment.

best Tesla Model Y mattress


What is the experience of camping mode?

After turning on the camping mode, there will be a constant temperature ventilation system in the car. Of course, this is due to the fact that the air conditioner is always working; ten minutes after turning on the camping mode, a campfire will be displayed on the big screen, adding a sense of camping atmosphere and romance. I have to talk about the Model Y space here. In camping mode, Model Y allows two adult men to sleep with the rear seats down, and the space is very spacious.

Model Y’s camping mode is a must-have function. Whether you’re going out to play or staying at home, you just need to put down the back seat and instantly become a mobile tent. But there is a question, the bed board is too hard for sleeping. At this time, you need a mattress. Fortunately, TESERY provides high-quality and comfortable inflatable beds for many Tesla owners. No need to find other places, the best Tesla Model Y mattresses are here!

best Tesla Model Y mattress


Best Tesla Model Y mattress

Camping mode is a must-see feature of Model Y, and it is time to add an excellent mattress to make your camping cozier. TESERY designed these air bed according to Tesla's size and its camping mode, aiming to giving users a soft and warm sleeping environment in car. With high-quality material without toxicity and smell, but topping soft touch, these air beds will provide excellent durability and comfort for users.


1. Air Mattress Bed for Tesla Model Y, 3, S, X 5 Seat

This inflatable camping mattress perfectly fits Tesla Model Y, Model 3,and Model X, Because makers create this mattress according to their size and style. It is a great accessory for camping, travel, beach, home, and garden!

The PVC material is very flexible and elastic. It is the best material for inflatable mattress. Generally, it can withstand the pressure of several tons of cars without damage. So you will never worry that it will collapse. Besides, the breathable flocking surface provides you an extremely soft touch.

Coming with a included electric air pump, users can achieve Inflation and deflation simply and quickly. When it is not in use, users can fold it in a storage bag easy to pack, and put it in the trunk. Compared with traditional roll mattresses, it saves more space. 

Furthermore, it is easy to install. Move the front seat forward, fold the seat down, put the air bed on, and then you can enjoy Tesla's rest at home. Cozy and warm touch provide you with a home-like experience and make all your adventures and travel more interesting.


2. Portable Camping Air Bed Cushion for Tesla Model 3/Y/S /X

 Portable Camping Air Bed

This multi-functional inflatable mattress is suitable for a variety of scenarios, great for camping, long trips, hiking, festivals. TESERY has designed this car camping mattress for four Tesla models, and the contours are completely in line with their trunk floors shape.

The material of the mattress is thickened high-quality PVC and flocking, Which are skin-friendly and environment-friendly material. The soft touch makes you sleep more comfortable.

If some car owners’ children are still growing their bodies, incorrect sleeping positions will lead to unhealthy development of bones. Prepare such a car mat and sleep on them when they are tired and sleepy. They don't need worry about affecting physical development. In a picnic camping, it can be used as a mattress in a tent.

Moreover, the portable design allow users to conveniently carry and store. This portable camping air bed will offer you a nice touch and sleeping experience. Whenever you stop by rest, let this mattress give you the relaxation you need to get ready for your journey.


3. Car Automatic Air Bed for Tesla Model 3/Y/S /X 

Car Automatic Air Bed

The bed adopts the principle of PVC inflation. Automatic inflation can be completed in just a few minutes when it is in use, and can be deflated when not in use. It is only the size of a normal pillow when folded; easy to store and carry. It is definitely a must-have item for traveling.

Made of outstanding PVC material, this TESERY air bed is non-toxic, smell-less, breathable, and washable.The suede design makes it very comfortable to lie on. TESERY designs this automatic car mattress according to the sleeping position of the human body, so there is no discomfort when sleeping, which is conducive to heat volatilization and good ventilation. This upgraded version of the air mattress is suitable for most models, soft and skin-friendly, without odor.

Another advantage of an inflatable bed is that bacteria will not grow inside the bed, which also protects the health of the family. At the same time, it provides excellent durability and comfort to your and your families.


Enjoy the joy of traveling and the beauty of nature

Best Tesla Model Y mattresses, make you feel like sleeping at home. When you are camping outdoors with friends or families, they can lie on the car inflatable air mattress; children can play safely and comfortably enjoy the joy of traveling. When you state at home, You can lie on the inflatable bed watching TV watching and movies. At night, you can move the front seat forward, fold the seat down, put the air bed on, and then lie on it to appreciate the moon and start.

Many car owners are using it, saying it is easy to use. So what are you waiting for? A lot of discounts are waiting for you! If you are interested in the best Tesla Model Y mattresses mentioned above, get them on TESERY or leave a comment.


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