Tesla Dog Seat Cover - A must-have for dog owners!

Tesla Dog Seat Cover - A must-have for dog owners!

by LILucky on Nov 23, 2022

If you have pets or children, put a pet seat cover on the seat now! The reason is very simple. If the seat is not protected, it is easy to be scratched by pet claws or children with hard objects, leaving ugly and scratches; and it may also be stained with animal hair or urine, giving off an unpleasant odor. And it is very inconvenient to clean. If you're trying to find a waterproof Tesla pet seat cover to keep your dog in the back seat, you're in lucky! TESERY has a very practical and durable pet seat cover.

What are the highlights of TESERY dog seat cover?

1.First, we clearly understand the importance of water resistance for pet seat covers.
And this pet seat cover is made of Oxford waterproof fabric plus waterproof coating, and uses heat pressing technology instead of quilting, no pinholes, so it can avoid water leakage 100%. It will provide comfort for your pet, protect the interior of your vehicle from juices, food, animal fur and urine, and prevent damage from baby car seats or other hard objects.

2.What I want to show you next is one of the biggest highlights of this seat cover
The product has a transparent mesh window. This mesh window provides your dog with better air circulation in summer and winter, ensuring your dog feels cool or warm. The viewing window allows your dog to see you clearly, helping your dog reduce anxiety and keep calm while traveling.

3.Also, features a zippered side flap
This pet seat cover features durable zippered side flaps to keep your dog safe during hard braking and turns. There are also two pockets on the inside of the seat cover for personal items such as toys and belts.

4.And this pet seat cover is very easy to install and clean.
It has 2 quick release durable buckles, 4 sets of adjustable shoulder straps and 2 seat anchors, you can easily install this car seat cover in minutes. For cleaning, you can hand wash in running water or wipe down the pet seat cover with a damp cloth, vacuum cleaner and washing machine.

Key Benefits of TESERY Dog Seat Covers

1)We clearly know the importance of waterproofing for Tesla dog seat cover. This tesla dog seat cover is made of the upgraded grid pattern with a water-resistant coating, it also used hot pressing technology instead of quilting, without needle holes to avoid leaking water. Never need to worry that a cheap Tesla dog cover ruins your seats.

2)Tesery Tesla dog seat cover with mesh window supplies your dog a better air circulation in summer and winter. Ensure your dog feels cool and warm. The visible window allows your dog to clearly see you, helps your dog reduce anxiety, and remains calm when traveling.

3)Perfect size of 54"W x 58"L fits different vehicles like Model 3/Model Y/Model S/Model X! Supplies your pets with comfort while keeping your vehicle interior safe from scratches, fur, and urine (100% waterproof). It is also perfect for protecting from damage caused by baby car seats. And for kids, it can protect the back seat from food and juice spills.

4)With durable zippered side flaps, the dog car hammock protects your dog from injury when the emergency brake and turn, you will be less distracted as a driver. The side flaps protect the doors and make dogs impossible to reach the floor of the car. All the hair and dirt will remain on the surface of the Tesla Model 3/Tesla Model Y seat cover for dogs and meanwhile, prevent scratching leather bench when dogs jump in. Convenient pocket for storage of personal items such as toys, leashes.

5)All in all, the Tesery pet seat cover is a must-have for any dog owner traveling with a pet!

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