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What do Tesla Mud Flaps Splash Guards do with Model 3 and Model Y?

by LILucky on Dec 29, 2022

As we all know, when driving on a muddy road in rainy days, it is usually unavoidable that the mud and muddy water on the ground will stick to the tires of the car or splash on the body, which will affect the appearance and increase the number and cost of washing the car. In addition, if you often drive on rough country roads, the gravel on the road will fly out due to the rolling of the wheels and cause damage to the body. Once the paint is damaged, the owner may have to pay an expensive repair bill. Install this Tesla-specific mud flaps, and you can easily avoid the above problems! So, what exactly do mud flaps do? Let's find out.


Why are TESERY Tesla Mud Flaps Splash Guards worth buying?


1)Specifically built for Tesla Model Y and Model 3

First of all, this set of mud flaps is specially made for Tesla Model Y and Model 3, a total of 4 pieces. Custom molded in 1:1 scale, this mud flaps will only fit your Model Y or Model 3. Its size provides maximum protection for your Tesla. As you can see, these Tesla mud flaps has a sleek profile and a factory installed look that's very classic and stylish! In addition, the color matching of these mud flaps is perfectly integrated with the car body, and the overall appearance is more beautiful.

2)Made of strong ABS material

1) Next, let's look at the material of these mud flaps. They are made of sturdy ABS material, which is highly elastic, stretchable and durable. Therefore, they can function safely and reliably in a variety of harsh environments. On the one hand, the TESERY mud flaps can effectively prevent water droplets and mud from splashing to the tie rod or ball head, so that the tie rod ball head encounters water and causes rust.

2) On the other hand, it can also effectively prevent the gravel from the dry road from flying out of the tire tread and hitting the car body, so as to avoid paint damage. In addition, the mud flaps also block mud and rain. When you are driving, mud flaps will bloc most of the sediment and muddy water below, which will keep our body clean and beautiful, and reduce the number of car washes and painting. In addition, passengers will not get dirty when getting on and off.

3)The installation process is very quick and easy

Finally, the installation process of the mud flaps does not require drilling, which is very fast and simple. Users can directly install them in the original hole on the car. After installation, there are no gaps and no damage to the original car.


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