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Tesla Model Y Trunk Storagebox—Must have for Tesla owners

by LILucky on Dec 28, 2022

In the daily use of the car, we sometimes need to place some items in the trunk, when we drive on bumpy roads, the trunk of these items often with the vehicle shaking and collision, it’s very easy to cause damage or make strange noise. The trunk can also become very messy because of the vehicle bumps, and the items are easy to fall into deep puddles, and dust can easily accumulate and difficult to clean. That's why you need this Tesla trunk Storage Box! It can keep your trunk items safe while driving, and even increase the storage space in the car, which can prevent items from falling and dust from accumulating, and is a must-have for any Tesla owner. If you are encounter these problems, you must need this Tesla trunk storage box!

You can buy the trunk storage box at Tesery.com and it sells for just $99.the order link is in the description below the video, you can click on the link to view the item description, pictures and more information .


What are the highlights of TESERY Tesla Model Y Trunk Storagebox worth buying?


1)The storage box is made of high quality TPE material

Which is soft and durable, you can twist it and it won't deform .It is waterproof, dustproof, odorless,and non-toxic. The cover of the trunk organizer is made of flocked material, which is resistant to dirt and does not shed lint , matching the surface material of the car trunk and blending perfectly. Both trunk storage box fit into the side to avoid movement or road noise. The high quality TPE material reduces collisions and protects the insides items of the boxes.

2)There are two options for the cover

The original version and the upgraded version, you can choose the style according to your needs. I suggest you choose the upgraded cover. The gap of the original cover is larger, and easy to get into the ash ,is not good to take care of.But the upgraded cover is more closely fit the original car, in addition it comes with a thoughtful handle design, it’s more practical and convenient, gently mentioned to open the cover.

3)Compartment storage, Easy installation

1) This trunk storage box on both sides can be divided into compartments storage, neat and beautiful. It is made from the original scanned data and is suitable for the Tesla Model Y. It has been tested and inspected for many times to fit the original car.The trunk storage box can store many items such as wires, tools, umbrellas, toys, etc., keeping the trunk neat and tidy. The matching carpeted lid expands the cargo area and prevents items from rolling down the deep slots, keeping your Tesla Y trunk neat and organized.

2)There has no tools required, just drop and install and very easy to remove for cleaning.

If you like our Tesla Model Y Trunk Storagebox-Model Y, please add it to your cart, buy it now and we will ship it to any city in the world for free. If you have any questions about our Tesla Model Y Trunk Storagebox-Model Y, you can contact our online customer service, or send us an email

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