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What are the common problems and skills of Tesla?

by LILucky on Apr 04, 2023

1. What are the precautions and inspection steps for Tesla to pick up a car?

First of all, you must check whether the various materials of the vehicle are complete, such as the purchase invoice, certificate of conformity, motor vehicle registration certificate, and three guarantees certificate. Then check whether the appearance of the car is normal, and whether the functions required for normal driving of the car are normal. For example, gear shifting, brakes, air conditioning, wipers, etc., generally new cars will not have these problems. Later, if there is a problem, you can find Tesla after-sales service.

2. What should a newcomer pay attention to when driving a Tesla for the first time?

Because many operating habits of Tesla are completely different from those of fuel vehicles. Before driving a Tesla, be sure to read the manual and be familiar with the operations of the Tesla. Before driving on the road, it is very necessary to find an open field or a closed road section. Get familiar with Tesla's central controls, knobs, joysticks on both sides of the steering wheel, and its more representative software systems.

3. How many keys does Tesla have?

Card keys, remote control keys, and mobile phone keys, the most widely used and most convenient one is the mobile phone key.

4. How does Tesla open the door and get in the car?

Different Tesla models have slightly different doors.

When the Tesla Model S is close to the car with the car key, the door handle will automatically pop up, and then the door will be opened manually;

When Tesla Model X approaches the car with the car key, the door will automatically open, and when you walk behind the door, the door will automatically open wide;

Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y need to put the key on the B-pillar to unlock, press the thumb on one side of the door handle, and pull the other side to open the car. You need to press and hold the door handle, and after one end of the door handle is raised, pull the door.

5. How does Tesla open the door and get off?

Press the button on the top of the inner door handle when getting out of the car to open the door from inside the car


6. How does Tesla start?

1). After entering the vehicle, step on the brake and the car will start.

2). After the vehicle is powered on, find the gear behind the steering wheel, put it in gear and you can walk

3). Lock the car after getting off, and the car will automatically turn off the power and turn off the flame.

7. How does Tesla turn off the power?

Tesla does not need to ignite, so it does not need to be turned off.

1). Shift the gear to the P gear and get off at the parking position;

2). Lock the car after getting off the car, it will automatically turn off the power, which is very convenient.

Note: Tesla is a pure electric vehicle, so the so-called flameout is to cut off the power supply.

8. How does Tesla lock the car?

Tesla does not require the owner to actively lock the car. When you bind your phone, get out of the car and leave, Tesla will automatically lock the car and put away the rearview mirror after sensing your departure.



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