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How to use Tesla super charging pile?

by LILucky on Apr 06, 2023

According to Tesla’s official data, Tesla officially stated that it has deployed more than 40,000 super charging stations around the world, and it can recharge 200 miles (about 321.87 kilometers) in 15 minutes. It can also be seen that Tesla is determined to deploy the global market. More and more super charging piles will undoubtedly increase the convenience of charging for Tesla owners.

At present, Tesla has installed V3 super charging piles, which can support a peak charging power of up to 250kW. Some Tesla Model 3 models can be charged for up to 250 kilometers for 15 minutes. It is the highest charging power benchmark in the industry.

Supercharging Station with "Magic Dock"

It is worth mentioning that currently such charging piles are mainly located in New York (8 are located in New York and 2 are located in California).

It is understood that in the Tesla application, electric car owners can see the charging station on the map and choose the gear they want to charge, and then just grab the handle (CCS adapter) protruding from the "Magic Dock" and connect it to the charging station. to the vehicle.

Tesla super charging pile (overcharge) charging steps:

1. Find the super charging station through the Tesla app.

2. Arrive at the charging station and find a free parking space. Scan the QR code on the wall or on the column, and scan the code to release the lock.

3. Then use the car-machine system to find the corresponding supercharger, and the password will be displayed. Enter the four-digit password into the page that popped up just after scanning the code, and the ground lock will automatically fall.

4. Press and hold the small round button (on the handle) on the head of the charging gun to pull out the charging gun, and at the same time the charging cover on the Tesla car will automatically open.

5. Go into the charging port, wait for the blue light to turn green, and start charging.

6. The percentage of the battery charge on the screen of the car is full or reaches the charging expectation, and the charging can be completed by unplugging the charging plug.


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