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Tesla Y Accessories 2022 Must-Seen Sharing and Recommending

by Tesery Tesla on Aug 31, 2021

It's been over a year since I bought the car, before I ran to write this recommendation of Tesla model Y accessories. Lest you ask, I first wrote in advance, the purchase of shop is Tesery. Tesery is a one-stop shop for Tesla owners to buy all the delicate Tesla accessories they want.

1.Tesla floor mats

Have you ever come across a situation where you happily buy a new car and before you drive it for a few days, the car is full of muddy footprints, which both affects your experience and is difficult to clean? Don't worry, here's a good thing that can easily help you out. I chose these Tesla floor liners model y mats with Tesla logo, because of its full envelope design and high-quality rubber material. With special texture, there is no odor, and it is very easy to clean. While providing you with convenience, they perfectly protect your healthy with modern environmentally friendly material.

I used more than a year, but the quality is very good until now, and the size is also very close.

2. Sunroof shades for Tesla Model Y

Tesla Y accessories

I strongly recommend this Tesla model Y sunshade roof. I have bought the car for eight months without installing this thing, so I was tanned seriously. Girls really need to do a good job in sun protection, so buy a sunroof shade. Under the hot weather, the sunroof can almost fry eggs. This sun shades can achieve 99% sun protection. This sunshade I bought is foldable and easy to  install by myself. You can store it in the bag when it is not used.

3. Car trash bin

Tesla Model Y accessories

The blogger is a fanatic for cleanliness, can not stand having rubbish in the car. So I buy this trash can ,which I really praise. With 8 rolls of garbage bags, easy to take off directly and easily, enough to use. Usually the car owners can install the small crumbs inside, or install in the back seat to save space.

4. Car automatic air bed for Tesla model Y

tesla Y accessories

If you want to stretch your body, then lie on the inflatable bed and instantly find the feeling of a big bed at home.This high-quality PVC automatic air bed non-toxic, smell-less, breathable, and washable, thus providing users with excellent durability and comfort. When I travel during the May Day holiday and the Golden Week, I often have problems with traffic jams, which can last 3 to 5 hours. so I take out the inflatable mattress from the trunk to give my family a good rest. When I go out with my children, I often fall asleep in the car, or I get irritated sitting in the car for a long time.

5. Anti-glare matte screen protector accessories

tesla y accessories

This anti-glare protector of 100% bubble-proof makes it easier for users to see what is on the screen in complex outdoor lighting conditions. Besides, is it very resistant to wear and tear and does not affect the inspiration of the touch screen by treating with a special process. Smooth to the touch, it worth owning.

6. Tesla memory car neck pillow

tesla Y accessories

When driving, people always look in one direction, which can easily lead to neck muscle spasm, cervical spine micro dislocation, causing headache and dizziness, stiff neck, back pain and other symptoms, serious cases can cause paraplegia and breathing difficulties, and even life-threatening.

Used high-quality and environmentally friendly cotton, this neck pillow is soft and comfortable. Effectively absorb impact and improve driving safety. Installed in the seat neck position, it is both a car decoration supplies and a neck supporter, effectively eliminating driving fatigue, conducive to safe driving.

7. Roof rack for Tesla model Y

There is no denying that we would like to take some luggage when planning a long distance trip. But the space for storage of the car trunk is limited, especially girls may worry about that. Therefore I would recommend something useful to help solving this problem. Look at this picture:

Yes, it is a roof rack, which is extremely practical to me. Made from high grade aluminum, it has better quality and service life. The luggage rack has an attractive appearance and blends in with the vehicle. It is easy to install at home. 

The aluminium-coated crossbars have T-slots, and can be adapted to a wide range of accessories such as ski racks, bike racks and cargo boxes. This cargo cross bar can effectively alleviate the lack of luggage space in the Tesla Model Y.

8. Tesla Model Y key card holder

tesla y key card holder accessories

As a delicate fairy, a girl should carefully collect her small but important items, like the keys and cards. I’m excited to found a treasure for protecting and placing cards and keys, that is Tesla key card holder.

This heat and cold resistant key card holder made of industrial-grade silicone material, features strong toughness and elasticity, thus on easy to deform. With a smooth and comfortable face, it is soft in hand and convenient to clean.

This article is giving you some Tesla model Y accessories recommended based on the nice using experience and texture.The price are proper, which are affordable for most of people compared with other shop. Just take action to make your driving experience more enjoyable and convenient!


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