Tesla Accessories Must-have to Upgrade Your Driving Experience

Tesla Accessories Must-have to Upgrade Your Driving Experience

by Tesery Tesla on Sep 02, 2021

There is no denying that the Tesla Model Y is a very forward-thinking car, but design and practicality are often on opposite sides of the fence. Since the Model Y entered the homes of millions of people, there has been a plethora of modification Tesla accessories available on the market. Some of them do address the lack of experience, but others are arguably useless and even affect driving safety. 

We've taken a look at some of the most popular Tesla accessories available on e-commerce platforms to tell you which ones you can buy, through introducing their features or functions

Tesla accessories

Excellent crafts customize this projection light for Tesla Model Y. 2 pack of lights work together to light up your road. The T logo comes with letters, full of technology sense. Use a combination of aluminium, pin, and plastic material, to reinforce the structure to avoid loosening and increase their performance. The original door lights can be replaced directly, so you can install them by yourself easily. After getting off your Tesla, puddle light “T” logo can let the owner see the path and clearly to avoid tripping and falling.

Tesla Y accessories - sunroof shade

tesla sunshade accessories

Did you get a tan unconsciously this summer? Anyone who has seen the car in action knows that the glass roof of the Model Y is very cool. From the outside, the glass is full of fashion; from the inside, it gives the passengers an extremely clear view of the interior, making the otherwise confined and depressing interior space instantly open and relaxing. It is petty, but also really sunny! Manufacturer promotes that it has a variety of coatings can resist ultraviolet and infrared. However, the effect is very general according to the actual use of the owners. It's hard when you're out in the sun in summer.

What to do? There is a solution. Since chemical coatings don't work, it's time to use physical insulation, so various 'customised' sunshades have been created. Although buying this sunshade is a bit superfluous, the manufacturer has designed it in such a way that you can't have both aesthetics and practicality. After helping you get through the hot summer sun, you can remove it and enjoy the freedom of looking up at the stars from the glass roof.

My recommendation index of this sunroof is five stars! The sunshade part is made of multiple layers of high-quality polyest; the dense mesh has a better shielding effect on sunlight. They work together to strongly prevent sun exposure and resist ultraviolet rays. It will bring you a comfortable journey.

Tesla quick charging data accessories

Before the facelift, earlier versions of the Model Y did not come with charging data line for mobile phones. This smart car, which claims to represent the future, has no regard for the smartphones that came before it. However, where there is demand, there is a market. People are becoming more and more accustomed to a more convenient way of life, with quick charging, headphones and charging without wires becoming the norm. Since the original car does not provide us with convenience, then Tesery will help the people to arrange on. The Tesla charging, which is a quick charging data line, according to the new Model Y design. With the USB direct accessed to power, the phone can be plugged in to charge. It can transfer data and can be charged quickly for fast requirement. And it's not only useful for new Model Y come with their own wireless charging pad, but also the old and the revised Model 3. It works very well with dual charging.

Tesla Waterproof Dog Seat Cover

Are you finding the best seat cover for your lovely pet ? There is a perfect dog seat which is stylish and cool at the same time. This dog car seat chooses the upgraded grid pattern material with a water-resistant coating. It is created by hot pressing technology instead of quilting, without needle hole avoid leaking water. The dog car hammock has durable zipper side panels, which can protect the dog from injury during emergency braking and turning, and the driver will not be distracted. The side baffle protects the door so that the dog cannot touch the floor inside the car. All hair and dirt will stay on the surface of the car seat cover, and at the same time, prevent the dog from scratching the leather chair when jumping in. Convenient pockets can store personal items such as toys and dog chains. Durable and cozy quilting patterns ensure a pleasant journey for small, medium and large dogs and cats. After using, wash it in cold water by wash machine and dry flat.

Waterproof seat cover can make the dog more comfortable when sitting and lying down, but also to keep the back seat tidy. In addition, the design of any adjustable angle has also become a factor that buyers will consider when buying waterproof car seat covers.

Armrest hidden cubby drawer accessories

Do you have such trouble, the center console storage location is too low and wide to put your subjects? Although it can store your items, you will find it difficult to find out what you want in the pile of clutter. Attention! With this drawer, you will never worry about that. It is perfectly suitable for the latest 2021 Tesla Model 3 and the updated 2021 Model Y. This Tesla drawer can also slide smoothly back and forth, hiding to prevent privacy leakage. You can simply push and easily access the upper and lower storage compartments. You can make reasonable use of your storage space. Large size glasses, key cards pens and pencils can be accommodated thanks to its deeper design. In a word, a good helper is here.

Central control instrument panel forged pattern interior modification accessories

tesla camera cover

Just as you buy a new house and want to decorate it, I believe if you buy a new car, you will be eager to decorate it to make it more tasteful and stylish. So that the mood of driving are more comfortable. So look at this set of Tesla accessories: This shop provides Tesla accessories both in sets and individual pieces. But I recommend you to choose a whole set, because your car will be upgraded a lot with the decoration of this excellent combination! I have some renderings for you:

All these accessories are made of real carbon fiber material and specially customized for your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y. Featured in scratch and wear resistant, it is able to effectively avoid the scraping and wear in daily life. These simple accessories are easy and non-destructive to install. With high strength, it is thin and rigid, both good-looking and durable. After you install the whole set of accessories, the interior will be more fashionable and cool.

Tesla Model Y phone holder


For what is probably the 'smartest' electric car in the world, a phone holder is a small item that 99% of Tesla owners would go for. The reason is simple: Tesla's navigation is so hard to use! A variety of patterns of Tesla Model Y cell phone holder are too much in market, but this one in TESERY I think is relatively simple and useful. I was in the website to see a netizen recommended to buy. Different from the general phone holder, it is designed with a 360° rotating spherical interface for users to adjust to various angles needed. Many car enthusiasts will choose to paste in the back of the navigation screen, but I choose to put in the steering wheel right in front of the bottom, this place is the best view of the navigation, and will not block the sight line. The current store is out of stock, if you like it to buy it quickly.

Just let this Tesla phone holder hold your phone securely in the palm of its hand!

LED car cup holder lights for Tesla Model Y


Have you ever thought about making your car more ambient inside? That would be funny. I would like to introduce a much romantic object to you. It is a non-slip cup mat, suitable for Tesla cup holders. At the same time, it can keep the bottom of the car cup holder clean and produce a beautiful atmosphere light at night. This one is a rechargeable light-emitting model that does not require additional wiring. After putting on the water bottle, the whole cockpit inside the light is very crystal, clear and magical. It has an intelligent sensing function, as long as the switch is turned on, in the case of low light inside the car, the lights will automatically turn on when the car is moving. When the car stops, it will automatically turn off the lights within one minute.

You can turn it on or off by pressing the button for 3 seconds. And you can change the color by pressing the button on the back of the LED car decoration mat. The RGB multi-color coaster has 7 colors for you to choose from. When you use this coaster in the car, you can create a cool and unique atmosphere in a comfortable environment. Upgrade your driving experience with this romantic and charming LED car interior light, thus increasing the fun of driving.

Camera cover - Tesla accessories

tesla camera cover

According to related media reports, hackers extracted the footage from the car's interior camera in order to view the monitoring effect of the Tesla's interior camera and uploaded it to social media. From the published video, the interior camera can clearly see the movements, posture and facial expressions of the driver and passengers in the car, but because the rearview mirror housing blocks part of the camera's view, the details of the operation cannot be recorded, and the picture of the rear window cannot be recorded as well. Because of this matter, many Tesla owners have chosen to install a camera cover. I personally like this ultra-thin designed cover for Tesla Model Y, which made of high-quality plastic material and adhesive, therefore it is durable and not easy to fall off. Switch freely to protect your privacy by this Tesla accessory.



In this blog, the author introduced some of the most popular Tesla accessories available on e-commerce platforms to tell you which ones you can buy through introducing their features or functions. These Tesla accessories not only address the lack of using experience, but also bring about much convenience without affecting driving safety. If you agree with me, you can buy according to your needs. I will be happy if this article is informative for you.

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