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Tesla sunshade with Model Y - Useful at critical moments is beneficial!

by LILucky on Nov 16, 2022

As we all know, the Tesla Model Y has an all glass roof which is great for visibility. In the summer, lots of sunlight will increase interior temperatures, so it's a challenge to keep our Tesla's interior cool, so you need this sunshade! If you have kids, you must have one. Now Tesery has a great Model Y sunshade that is designed for the Tesla Model Y . It prevents direct sunlight from entering the car, so it has an insulating effect to keep you cool. The roof sunshade block two-thirds of the sun's heat load but still maintain visibility, and they create a comfortable environment for you and your family.

What aspects of the TESERY Model Y sun visor are worth buying?

This package contains a set of sun shade for the front windows and rear windows. The sunshade consists of a sun screen, foldable frame and reflective fabric.There are three colors for you to choose

1.Tesery uses an upgraded dense mesh fabric.
The fabric is high quality that blocks and reflects heat, harmful UV rays and sunlight while not wrinkling easily. Tesery used an upgraded dense mesh fabric, which as you can see, has a very dense mesh with a 1mm diameter and the mesh surface is very smooth. Unlike other products on the market, Tesery use a double layer of heat shielding fabric to block the sun. The first layer is a high quality reflective polyester and the second layer is a high quality fabric,it has double protection. It’s the best sunshade on the market. The upgraded shade screen reduces interior temperature by blocking two-thirds of the sun's heat load and reducing the amount of heat entering the cabin.

2.Provides better durability
It features a memory steel frame with heat-treated reinforced process ,that folds easily and can be instantly restored to its prototype, when removed from the storage bag during use. The reinforced steel frame provides better durability and ensures a longer and safer service life.

3. Pain points:
(1) Braid quality, density
(2) Visibility, rearview mirror visibility
(3) Fit, whether it is easy to collapse or sag.
(1) Segmented sunshade, (front and rear)
(2) Sunshade net + silver-coated cloth (two-piece set)
(3) Nylon mesh
(4) dense mesh to reduce sunlight exposure
(5) Buckle, quick installation

4.Easy to remove and install
This Y-shaped sun screen is equipped with a sunroof reflector. The sunroof reflector reflects sunlight away from the interior of your car, blocking up to 99% of harmful UV rays. Keeps you cool and happy when you get back inside the car.

5.Very space saving
The sunroof shade is molded from the original data. The precise fit design and reinforced steel rings make the sunshade precise enough to fit the window without the need for suction cups to hold it in place. It will not sag or collapse.This sunshade is easy to remove and install. Here are snaps designed for Tesla, easy to install and securely stable. Installation takes only 10 minutes. Once the product is removed, the shade can be easily popped up in seconds and folded into the storage bag we provide for daily use. You can also easily tuck the sunshade into your door pocket, a great space saver.

If you like our Tesla sunshade-Model Y, please add it to your cart, buy it now, and we ship it for free to any city in the world when you pay $149 or more for your order. If you have any questions about our Tesla sunshade-Model Y, you can contact our online customer service, or send us an email