How does Tesla Center Console Organizer work with Model 3 and Model Y?

How does Tesla Center Console Organizer work with Model 3 and Model Y?

by LILucky on Nov 15, 2022

I believe you know that Tesla's original center console storage space is a large and deep cavity, and there is no compartment. Usually, it is easy to mess up all kinds of small items. Especially in emergency situations, it is difficult for car owners to quickly find what they need from the cluttered central storage space. Install this Tesla center console organizer! With it, the items are immediately stored and clearly classified, and it is no longer troublesome to find things.

Why choose TESERY Center Console Organizer storage box?

1.This storage box is specially tailored for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. After installation, it will not affect the normal use of the original car's center control function at all. Instead, the original car's deleted configuration is retrieved! It is easy to install and remove, just put in or take out.

2. In addition, this central control storage box has a very practical partition design. It has clear partitions, which can help you make better use of your storage space. It can keep your small items such as glasses, coins, small receipts, etc. neater and more organized, and create a comfortable in-car environment. In addition, this central control storage box also adopts a push-pull design. After installation, the original deep storage space of the car is directly divided into two parts. You can easily access the upper and lower storage compartments by pushing and pulling. Push to access the lower space; pull to access the upper space, and hide the lower space at the same time, which helps to hide privacy items.

3.Then, we provide two styles of storage boxes: double-sided ABS plastic storage box and outer ABS+ inner flocking storage box. The first one is the double-sided ABS plastic storage box. It has a matte texture on the surface, which is durable and has no unpleasant odor. There is also a rubber tray liner inside the storage box. It can prevent items from sliding, scratching or making strange noises in the storage box, when the vehicle is bumped. This rubber liner is washable and soft to the touch on one side and sticks to the bottom on the other. Next is the second storage box. Its outer shell is ABS material, and the inner lining is flocked material. Flocked fabric on the inside of the storage box is soft in texture and gives you a comfortable touch, so it won't hurt your hands and your beloved Tesla. Moreover, the flocked lining also has the characteristics of shock absorption and non-slip, which can keep the item in place, avoid friction between the object and the plastic, and can better protect your items.

What are the advantages of the Tesery central control organizer?

  • The Tesla center console organizer has been custom-cut specifically suitable for the latest 2021/2022 Tesla Model 3 and the updated 2021/2022 Model Y. Please pay attention to distinguish the shape of the center console before purchasing.

  • Made of ABS plastic with a matte finish, durable and steady; no unpleasant odors, come with textured rubber tray liners to prevent items from sliding and rattling in-tray, the rubber is washable, one side is soft touch and the other is sticky on the bottom. Flocking fabric; brings you a comfortable touch; avoids friction between objects and plastic; better protects your things.

  • It can be slid smoothly back and forth, hiding to prevent privacy leakage. Simply push and pull to easily access the upper and lower storage compartments. It helps you make better use of your storage space; it makes your small items more neat and orderly; convenient for small items, such as glasses, coins, small receipts, bankcard badges, etc.

  • Easy to install and remove, just need to put in and take it out. Will not influence the use of the center console space. Can still access items stored under the tray.

  • It is a must accessory for your Tesla Model Y and Model 3.

If you like our Tesla Center Console Organizer-Model 3/Y, you can click the button below to place an order. Of course, you can also choose the storage box of the corresponding style according to your preferences!

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