What Is the Effect of Tesla Sunshade? A Must for Summer!

What Is the Effect of Tesla Sunshade? A Must for Summer!

by Tesery Tesla on Jan 22, 2022

The reasonable use of the Tesla sunshade can greatly prevent us from being exposed to the sun when driving, and at the same time avoid the impact of sun exposure on our vision. In particular, they help us avoid glare caused by strong light that can make us misjudge while driving. Is the Tesla sunshade effective? Many riders do not know the effect of the use of car sunshade. In order to make it more convenient for us to buy Tesla sunshade, the blogger summarizes some relevant information, we can take a look and then decide whether to buy.

Definition of Car Sunshade

Although the car sunshade is unfamiliar to you, we must have seen it, especially when we are learning to drive, it will definitely appear on the coach car. The car sunshade is similar to the sunscreen we use in our daily life, with a black mesh. However, the car sunshade is denser than the sunshade net we usually use, so that our use effect will be improved. The car sunshade can prevent us from being exposed to the sun when driving, reduce the temperature in the car, and make us more comfortable during driving.

The Function of Tesla Sunshade

    1. Blocking light

Blocking light is our original intention to buy Tesla sunshade. When driving in summer, the sun is relatively strong, especially when we drive in the sun, we can feel the discomfort caused by strong sunlight. Car sunscreen nets can be effective to block the strong light, allowing us to have a better line of sight when driving. It will not affect our normal driving because of the strong sunlight, and on the other hand, it also improves our driving safety.

    2. Sun protection

When we park in the sun, we will definitely be unable to avoid the sun exposure. After the sun exposure, the temperature in the car will rise sharply. We are also uncomfortable when driving, especially the people who are in the car. It is really an uneasy moment in the car. Even if we turn on the air conditioner in the car to cool down the car, it still takes time, which is not only a waste of time but also a waste of our fuel consumption. If we put the Model 3 or Model Y sunshade on the car when we park, we will will solve this problem easily. We all know that black is more heat-absorbing, and the car sunshade net is black, which can effectively absorb the heat of the sun, allowing us to have a more comfortable environment when driving or riding.

    3. Rain protection

There is a lot of rain in summer. It is possible that we will encounter rainy days when we are driving. We must open the window to cool the temperature. It will increase our fuel consumption. If we open the window in rainy days, the rainwater will enter the car. However, if we put the car sunshade net on the car window, we can prevent the rainwater from entering the car; and it can also effectively reduce our energy consumption and lower the temperature inside the car.

The Best Tesla Sunshade for 2022

 Tesla sunshade

The panoramic sunroof design of the Tesla Model Y is great, allowing us to look up at the stars and enjoy the view every moment. But in the hot summer, it seems that the air conditioner is turned to the maximum, and the passengers still feel stuffy. Therefore, TESERY specially designed a Tesla Model Y sunroof sunshade for Model Y to keep the owners cool. If you want to install a Model Y sunshade for your Tesla Y, you will love this sunroof sunshade. This Tesla Model Y roof shade is made of high-quality materials and will last for years. What are you hesitating about? Order now.

 Tesla Model Y sunshade

When many people bought a car with a sunroof, they felt that the car was relatively cheap, and the sunroof has always been a proud configuration of the car. But in the hot summer, the car was being roasted by the scorching sun, and the temperature inside the car increased instantly! Plastic parts such as the center console and steering wheel are prone to accelerated aging in the sun. This glass-roofed Tesla Model 3 sunshade has a certain protective effect on the car. It reflects sunlight, prevents direct sunlight from entering the car, and prevents the interior from aging or cracking due to long-term exposure. This Tesla Model 3 sunshade has better thermal insulation, reducing the heat transfer into the car by blocking two-thirds of the sun's heat load, thereby lowering the temperature inside the car. It keeps you cool and comfortable when you get back in the car.

 Tesla sunshade

Tesery front windshield sunshade with top UV silver coating and fabric material, can effectively protect your interior from heat damaging UV rays and sun rays. Especially in the summer, it will definitely play an important role in blocking the sun for you and your Tesla interior. 2 layers of double protection to effectively protect your interior like steering wheel, display, dashboard, leather seats, GPS devices, etc. from heat damage UV rays and sun exposure with our windshield hoods. It also effectively reduces indoor temperature by up to 40°, blocks up to 99% of incoming sunlight and UV rays, and keeps your vehicle seat cooler.

 Tesla sunshade

On a hot summer day, touching the steering wheel or dashboard is like putting your hands directly into a hot oven. The interior of a parked car can reach very high temperatures and even cause serious damage to the interior of the car. At this time, this Model 3 sunshade can help you avoid these troubles. Given its quality and price, I highly recommend this Tesla Model 3 sunshade. It uses high-quality materials, reflective aluminum foil combined with thick 5-layer bubble material to provide maximum protection for your vehicle interior, keeping your seats and steering wheel cool and making your trip more comfortable.

The above are some introductions about what the sunroof sunshade is, the function and recommendation of the sunroof sunshade. When the temperature of your car is soaring in the summer, why not consider the Tesla sun visor, which can not only protect the car better, but also prevent the sudden temperature in the car from being too high instead of adapting. After reading the article, do you think the sunroof sunshade is very useful? Get a Tesla sunroof sunshade on your car now.


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