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The Tesla Accessories You Didn't Realize You Needed, But Nobody Talks About

by Tesery Tesla on Feb 10, 2022

The topic of this blog is "Best Tesla Accessories That Nobody Talks About". If you are new here, please make sure you follow my blog and as always like or share my blog so others can find it. If you haven't seen my other blogs of Tesla accessories  or Tesla news, be sure to check them out. Well, today I'm going to show you all the Tesla accessories I think are worth buying. I'll make sure to link everything in the description below so it's easier for you to buy the Tesla accessories you're interested in. 

Now first, let's start with the driver's seat. I bought some cool Tesla decals from the official Tesery website to give my Tesla logo a different color. The high degree of fit with the steering wheel, the unique striped surface design, and the high-quality materials are the highlights of this steering wheel patch decoration. Help you easily get rid of the monotony of the steering wheel. Made of high-quality ABS plastic, the lines are clear and beautiful, and the texture is strong. I believe every Tesla owner wants to buy one when they see it.

Tesla decals accessories

Next, I love my Tesery Tesla floor mats. It's sturdy and has no odor and no sign, so it looks clean. And there was a lot of liquid in it because I spilled food and water. You can see that this floor mat is waterproof and there is absolutely no fear of penetration. The only thing I added to it was some more velcro strips to make sure it was more stable. I'll make sure I put a link to the Tesery Tesla floor mats in the description, so if you decide to buy them, you can just click into the page to buy them. Tesla floor mats are thought be one of the most popular Tesla accessories in 2022. Well, the one I bought is waterproof 3D floor mat, and Tesery also provides another choice, that is TPE Tesla floor mat. Tesla owners who are planning to buy their floor mats can gain more details on the website, and choose proper Tesla floor mats.  If you don't know how to choose your floor mats, you can read my blog Model Y Floor Mats-Most Notable Tesla Accessories in 2021!. 

Best Tesla accessories-floor mat

I also have car Tesla Air Filter and it is perfect for Tesla. It makes the car smell fresh. And because it won't clip onto any vents, it won't interfere with the vents. I'm also prone to migraines with harsh chemicals and it's good to know that this air filter doesn't use any harsh chemicals. It's all natural.

Next, check out my Tesery matte screen protector. I've been using it for a few months and it still has zero issues. So I like it very much. And it reduces glare and ensures driving safety to a certain extent. For me it was a breeze to install. I've also been using my top phone stand for a while now and I absolutely love it.

I believe many car owners know that the traditional Tesla mobile phone holder, which relies on gravity to stretch its arms, will make noise on bumpy roads, and even drop the mobile phone. This Tesla phone holder of silicone material is suitable for most size phones. The mobile phone holder can be installed left and right, with 360° rotation function. The glasses pocket on the back can store glasses, coins, bank cards, banknotes, pens, etc. The phone holder is made of elastic silicone, so the car does not make noise due to arm vibration like other mechanical phone mounts on the market while driving. It will not disturb passengers who are resting in the car, such as family members, babies, etc. Surprisingly, it also features 15-watt fast charging, which couldn't be more convenient.

Best Tesla accessories

Next, let's talk about the front storage compartment area. There's a big hole in the middle of this area, so you'll need a Tesla-specific central storage box to store some of your stuff. The Tesery has a great Tesla center console organizer that's super easy to glide around. This center console organizer is made of ABS plastic and has no bad smell. The included textured rubber tray liner prevents items from sliding and rattling in the tray. If you don't like ABS material, Tesery also has a Tesla center console organizer with flocked fabric, which brings you a comfortable touch while avoiding friction between objects and plastics. It will better protect your belongings. The push-pull design allows it to slide back and forth smoothly and is hidden to prevent privacy leaks. The upper and lower storage compartments can be easily accessed with just a push or pull for better use of storage space. So you can see, a lot of my Tesla accessories are Tesery. Why? Because their products’ quality is solid, the design is beautiful, and the craftsmanship is superb. I love the design, which looks super oem that I love.

Tesla accessories

As you all know, the center console has two USB c ports, which are difficult to access. Luckily I have a 4-in-1 port USB hub with 23W fast charging. It supports all kinds of phones, charges the phone very fast, saves me a lot of time, the phone is fully charged in a very short time. It can be compatible with devices or transfer data (such as game controllers, music, dash cams, Boombox data, etc.). Plug and play, the Tesla USB hub is compatible with card readers, various mobile phones, U disks, gamepads, etc. The caveat is that it doesn't work on laptops. I like this because it fits perfectly into the center console tray organizer.

Tesla accessories
Moving on, we have the Tesery Tesla cup holder. It's super easy to install, and I love that it has a divider in the middle, which makes it easier to get things. This Tesla  cup holder is custom-made for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. A center console cup holder insert helps you hold beverages and other debris nicely so that liquids don't spill over and stain your car. The bottle can also be fixed to prevent slipping and falling. Simply put in your cup holder and place your cup or bottle in the cup holder. It keeps the usual large water bottle upright and also includes a coin collection at the bottom for easy placement and access. It is also a multi-functional Tesla cup holder, which can not only stabilize the water cup, anti-skid and anti-shake, but also hold accessories such as cards, mobile phones, money, and cigarettes.
Best Tesla accessories

Next let's dig into what's in my center console. I love this Tesla key card holder. If I need valet parking, I'll put them in my Tesla. Take it for 4 wheel alignment or any time I need to give someone my keys. It makes things a lot easier so they don't lose my keycard. If you want the perfect car key fob, this silicone key fob is the one for you. Made of high quality silicone, this Tesla key fob provides extra protection for your key card and is perfect for your Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. Small things, but can make your life more quality. I have to say, this key fob holder designed for Tesla is very techy. The hollowed-out design highlights the Tesla logo, which is very unique. It's so advanced, the key ring is an eco-friendly tungsten steel ring, so you don't have to worry about fading or scratching your key card.

Tesla accessories

Another great thing I got is this armrest hidden storage box from Tesery. There used to be this big hole there, and it always felt like something was missing. But now, with this hidden storage box, I can hide important things like credit cards or ID. You can simply attach it with double-sided tape - just remove the tape and stick inside the center console. It is installed by embedded installation, which does not affect the use of the original functions of the car. A divider design was created for better organization.

tesla accessories
Moving on to the back seat next, I have my tested Tesery 3D Tesla floor mat again, which is still super stable; and my Tesla dog seat cover. If you're trying to find a waterproof Tesla dog seat cover to put your dog in the back seat, you're in luck! This dog seat cover for Tesla is waterproof and has a mesh window so your dog can see you. It also fits most cars and has a durable zipper to keep your dog safe during emergency breaks or turns. The Tesery Tesla dog seat cover is a must-have for any dog owner traveling with a pet! Best of all, this dog seat cover has mesh windows to provide your dog with better air circulation in summer and winter, ensuring your dog feels cool and warm. Visible windows allow your dog to see you clearly, helping your dog reduce anxiety and stay calm while traveling. Also protects the interior of your vehicle from scratches, fur and urine, because it is 100% waterproof. Besides, it comes with handy pockets for storing personal items like toys, cards, belts, and more.
tesla  dog seat cover

Next move to the trunk. First of all, I love my Tesla trunk mat bought from Tesery . To my great satisfaction, its non-slip surface and backing prevent my items from slipping and keep the pad firmly in place. This all-weather Model Y trunk liner protects your trunk for all the good times. And, if I put the seat down, it also protects the seat, and it also protects the dog. One less area where dog hair can attach. 

Tesla accessories

I also bought this hidden retractable Tesla cargo cover to cover any valuables in the trunk especially if you live in a high crime area like San Francisco or Los Angeles keeping everything covered is very important. This is a very affordable, durable and attractive trunk shade that hides your valuables and keeps your luggage looking clean. I put a lot of trust in this Tesla Model Y trunk lid because it is made of sturdy aluminum alloy and high-grade PU leather fabric, it is a must-have for anyone who wants to increase the capacity and beauty of their car. It acts as a Tesla cargo cover and also blocks UV rays and protects luggage items from direct sunlight. As you can see, it's so versatile that it's worth buying. One of my favorite things is that it is fully retractable like a blind, which is super convenient to use.

Tesla accessories

I also have a fitted portable Tesla air mattress in case I get stuck and need a place to sleep. I strongly recommend at. So now the introduction of internal accessories is complete. Let's talk about some of my external Tesla accessories. First, I want to talk about the Tesery Tesla mud flaps for Tesla I got. They have a lifetime warranty, look good, and install without problems. I'm happy because they gave me a discount when I bought it. I ended up throwing away the old fenders and getting this new one. They have better quality, better fit, doesn't move around and is able to provide more protection and support for my car. We all love matte wrap, it's not just a wrap, it's a paint protector that protects the car from gravel and scratches. Next up is that I got the cool trunk carbon fiber Tesla spoiler from the official Tesery website. It makes the car a little bit different. Unlike other products, it hasn't come off after six months of use, and it's also taken a lot of road trips. Just make sure you apply it correctly.

That's it for the introduction to "The Best Tesla Accessories Nobody's Talking About." I always have more accessories to come. But I hope this blog helps you find all the necessary accessories you need for your Tesla. Again, I'll make sure to link everything in the description so you can buy it through those links.


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