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Tesla Model Y Interior Modification, Exuding Charm Fully

by Tesery Tesla on Sep 15, 2021

Today, we will talk about Tesla Model Y interior modification.

In fact, everyone is already very familiar with the styling of Tesla Model Y. After all, this is a model released in March 2019, and many car owners also shared a lot of information about Model Y after picking up the car. Since the launch of Tesla Model Y and the increase in production capacity, sales have continued to rise. According to some datas, its monthly sales can almost stably exceed 10,000. Whether a traditional manufacturer or a new SUV can not win the battle with Model Y in sales. With this power, Model Y has become the "public enemy" of the world's pure electric SUVs.

Tesla Model Y Interior


Charm of Tesla Model Y

We all know that the price of Model Y is actually not cheap. So what is its charm? We analyze it separately from its exterior and interior.

In the aspect of exterior, Model Y looks like a reduced Model X. Due to cost constraints, Model Y cancels the most eye-catching gull-wing door on Model X. However, the exterior design of the vehicle is still very avant-garde and stylish. There is also a slip-back style, which looks very dynamic. In the aspect of interior, most of the Tesla Model Y’s design is inherited from Model 3. It includes a simple instrument panel, panoramic glass sunroof, wireless smartphone charger and a 15-inch central infotainment screen. Therefore, The Model Y interior is a transplant of the Model 3 interior.

The latter can control all the on-board equipment from the navigation system to the trunk lid. And the trunk door supports electric opening and closing. But in terms of the seat layout, Model 3 has a five-seater layout, and Model Y has five and seven seats. The version is also equipped with electric folding for the rear seats. The rear half of the vehicle can become the trunk of the vehicle, which greatly expands the use of this vehicle.

Tesla Model Y Interior

The Model Y still has a minimalist layout. Because the manufacture integrate the dashboard functions into the center screen. There is only one large screen in the entire center console, so there are no elements worth talking about. If you only look at the interior layout, it's hard to tell the difference between the Model Y and the Model 3.

Therefore, many owners choose to personalize their interiors with a real carbon fiber interior kit.


Tesla Model Y Real Carbon Fiber Interior Kit to Show the Charm

First look at the entire interior package, this real carbon fiber interior kit includes: seat back covers, instrument panel integrated trim; central control sliding lid cup holder trim; armrest box full package decoration; armrest box rear anti-kick trim; rear air conditioner air outlet trim; inner door trim, display back cover; all-inclusive steering wheel stickers; steering wheel calibration kit; steering wheel lower part kit; gear lever kit, and window lift button door lock kit; ceiling reading light; and rear cup holder frame patch. Just use this set of modified interior accessories to give your car's interior a facelift.

Model Y real carbon fiber interior kit

The entire interior kit is carefully crafted from real carbon fiber material, which is extremely rigid and tough. Its elasticity is not easily decayed or deformed. They all have an elegant forged marble pattern on the surface. Marble tile texture is natural and realistic, simple and spontaneous; this texture looks like a flaw is incomparable natural beauty.


Both Beauty And Protection

There are no extra buttons on the steering wheel, only a scroll wheel on the left and right side. Owner can use it to adjust the steering wheel, both side mirrors and other multimedia operations. In order to operate different functions, you need to adjust to the corresponding interface on the large center screen, just like the Model 3. The owner fits model Y with a steering wheel modification-upper part, steering wheel modification-lower part, and all-inclusive steering wheel patch. It blends well with the original color of the steering wheel. The lighter weight does not interfere with the normal use of the steering wheel, but also gives it a more refined look.

real carbon fiber interior kit

Besides,the gear lever kit and the display back cover complement each other, showing more sense of technology of his Model Y. Each of their textures is unique. Forged carbon fiber on the surface can show different textures when viewed from different angles. These trims also provide protection to your gear and central display.

real carbon fiber interior kit

This combination plus the display panel integrated trim, highlighting the entire center console personality to a large extent. I have to say Tesery is so thoughtful to cleverly match and perfectly integrate different interior accessories. This concept helps Model Y owners easily say goodbye to the feeling of depression in space. And the owner act so cleverly as he really knows how to get a comfortable driving experience for himself.

 display panel integrated trim


Excellent Model Y Interior Trims Upgrade the Armrest Box

In fact, the Model Y also has some fresh elements compared to the Model Y, such as the wood grain trim strip running through the center console. It is a new configuration and exclusive to the Chinese market. It seems that Tesla is also able to grasp the preferences of the Chinese people. But in order to further make the Model Y interior more personalized and with its own characteristics, the owner chose to add the armrest box full package decoration and armrest box rear anti-kick trim to help. This piece of not so small area will not be abrupt after replacing the carbon fiber material. Instead, it gets a considerable beautifying effect, the overall look is very cool.

armrest box rear anti-kick trim


Tesla Model Y Seat Back Covers, Allows Both Luxury and Elegance

The rear seats of Model Y support 40:20:40 ratio. After all the seats are down, the whole trunk space is very well flattened. You can put the rear seats down to meet your needs when you need some large space occasionally. In terms of ride, the front seats of the Model Y are shaped and made of ranking materials. These materials are more in line with the layout of the interior, with simplicity being the main focus. So the Model Y's front and rear seats lack a sense of fit and luxury, and the human body is not so comfortable. The Model Y seat back covers created by Tesery fit the shape of the seats. The elegant marble texture makes the seats much more luxurious and instantly improves the class. With this kind of embellishment, will anyone else feel that the Model Y seat is plain?

Tesla Model Y Seat Back Covers


The Luxury Version of the Model Y Windows And Doors Both!

Tesery provided Model Y with modified inner door trim, creating a sense of professional door craftsmanship and aura that more in line with a high-performance SUV. This accessory fits perfectly with the door and does not affect the original function of the door. Texture staggered and dense, looks like the roots of plants spread out and a cracked rock mesh line pattern, both spontaneous and bold

Model Y interior  inner door trim

In addition, the owner also installed the window and door lock button trims modified by Tesery to customize the appearance of the windows and doors. The design and style are relatively concise, which better echoes the original window and door lock button design of the body. Advanced marble pattern can make up for the original car window and door lock button with a single surface.

Model Y interior  inner door and window trim


Delicate Real Carbon Fiber Pattern, Presenting Different Visual Experience

At the end of the center console armrest is the rear air conditioner air outlet, and below it is the rear of the armrest box with curves. The owner respectively chose the modified rear air conditioner air outlet trim and anti-kick patch at the rear of the armrest box to pack them tightly. Even with accessories, the integrity of rear air conditioner air outlet trim and rear of the armrest box has not been destroyed. On the contrary, this combination outlines the domineering and dynamic sense of this performance SUV.

Real carbon fiber interior kit
Real carbon fiber interior kit

The central control sliding cup holder may be a more practical part of the whole car. After the owner affixed the central control sliding lid cup holder frame on it, the real carbon fiber pattern on the top seems to be naturally integrated with the cup holder, without any sense of disobedience. Not only has the visual effect of winding and smooth, but also more recognizable. The overall shape adds a sense of design and fashion to the original simple outline of the cup holder.

Tesila Model Y cup holder

Compared with the traditional reading lampshade, the Tesery ceiling reading light is  ligher. But the real carbon fiber material makes its strength several times that of the ordinary reading lampshade. Its shape and style are more suitable for this new SUV.

Tesla Model Y ceiling reading light


Demonstrate the Coordination and Sporty Personality

This set of real carbon fiber interior kit was developed and designed by Tesery, in accordance with the original car size specifications. The original intention of its design is to pursue high-quality stability and performance comparable to imported brands, to enhance driving safety and impart control pleasure.  It uses brand-new colors and forged marble texture to cast a unique and individual appearance, smooth and shiny. The delicate and soft color tone is very similar to the interior color of Tesla Model Y without pressure. Tesery pursuits a comfortable driving experience and committed in dedicating it to those are pursing a quality of life.

real carbon fiber interior kit

Lightweight carbon fiber, but the texture is very clear. When matched with the car interior forging, it is rigorous and methodical, which cleverly enhances the Tesla Model Y interior grade, while demonstrating the coordination and sporty personality of Model Y.