Tesla Model Y Exterior Newest Modification

Tesla Model Y Exterior Newest Modification, You Love It?

by Tesery Tesla on Sep 17, 2021

Before talking about the Tesla Model Y exterior modification, let’s take a look at this car. With the appearance of the cheaper Model Y on the market, Tesla's potential in this Asian economic superpower may also be improved. The Model Y’s position is Tesla's first mid-size pure electric SUV. Tesla official officially launched the new vehicle in March 2019. It continues the design language of the Model 3, with the two models being relatively similar. Besides, it shares up to 75% of its parts with the Model 3. So many people treat it as an SUV version of the Model 3. The Model 3 is a B-class coupe in terms of wheelbase, while the Model Y is a midsize coupe SUV. The former is 4.69 meters long with a wheelbase of 2.87 meters, and the latter is 4.75 meters long with a wheelbase of 2.89 meters.

We can see that the is a model that is taller and more spacious than the Model 3. The two cars are very similar, with the same characteristic Tesla design on the exterior. This makes some owners who wish to highlight their individuality unhappy, although they are satisfied with the range and performance. Therefore, some owners choose to add some accessories to their Tesla Model Y to make it more individual and unique. That's so-call Tesla Model Y exterior modification.


Why Making a Modle Y Exterior Modification?

Most of the owners are trying to solve their personalization needs, especially in first-tier cities. Because there are more and more Teslas and the models are relatively single. So it is often difficult to find their cars and very embarrassing. Through some personalized modifications, you can enhance the recognition and exclusivity of the vehicle. You can also recognize your car from afar, and drive up in a much happier mood.

Car Door Side Skirt Stripes Sill Sticker

I just heard that a Tesla owner recently challenged to modify a personalized Tesla Model Y through the exterior. Next, I will show you the magic process of transforming out this personalized Tesla Model Y. Watch carefully! The next will be more exciting step by step.

Tesla Model Y Light Covers Highlight Unique Style

This owner first put front fog light covers on his Model Y front fog lights. Its smooth and novel design also works well as a decorator of your beloved Tesla and the sense of dominance is instantly revealed. With the excellent texture, it is indeed easier to clean and also has a certain protective effect. You can choose according to your budget and needs. Manufacturers choose ABS plastic as material, but carbon fiber pattern as the look. The updated and modified appearance makes the sight of the whole car cooler and more modern.

Tesila Model Y front fog light covers 
Tesila Model Y front fog light covers 

Next, the owner then fitted the turn signal with a ABS plastic indicator cover. It is very distinctive and looks very uncomplicated, whether at rest or in motion! It echoes the window bezels and other details to make it more sporty in visual effect. This turn signal cover provides the perfect and necessary finishing touch to your Tesla and make it stand out. It will be a good partner to assist owners in modifying the appearance of their car's body. It is specially designed for your Model Y with no sharp edges and no damage to the car.

Model Y ABS plastic indicator cover.

Perfect Decoration and Protection of Model Y Exterior

The owner felt that the exterior style of the door was still too plain, so he installed Tesery's car door side skirt stripes sill sticker. Then a cool British style body was born. A perfect decoration and protection for your car! The side lines are richer and have a more subdued look. It creates a sporty, low-slung look and adds an aura of dynamism to the overall body. The main intention is to elongate the body line, echoing the height of the front and rear bumper.

Car Door Side Skirt Stripes Sill Sticker

In addition, he was very careful and wanted to give the car a new look. So he pasted a Tesery car door handle cover wrap kit to the door, which provides a carbon fiber look for door handles. This accessory is very performance-oriented with the simple doors, unique and very personal. In recent years, people commonly treat carbon fiber panels as the most sporty material. Its special texture, through the change of light, can change a different three-dimensional feeling. That's why it makes the car door handle cover wrap kit very handsome.

Tesla Model Y car door handle cover wrap kit

The next step, he ungraded the rear view mirror cover. We know that vehicles in the process of driving inevitably occur in some accidents. The rearview mirror as the widest width of the parts installed on the vehicle, in the event of causing a phase rub, the most vulnerable to impact. With this Front Fog Light Cover, you can protect the mirror surface,and effectively avoid scraping. The smooth and modern style perfectly fit the Model Y.

Tesla Model Y rear view mirror cover.
Tesla Model Y rear view mirror cover.

Tesla Window Exterior Enhances the Appearance

Then, the windows. The owner chosen rear side window louvers cover, which shows the sharpness in low profile and makes people can't help but look at it more. It makes the Model Y look like a fast and powerful driver! The high-quality strong ABS plastic comes with a reinforced structure. This rear side window louvers cover enhances the sporty style look of his Tesla Model Y; maintain authentic driving performance to a large extent! And it visually improves the performance look of your Tesla model Y while increasing privacy and minimizing interior temperature. At the same time, it makes the visual experience of Model Y more impactful and even more aerodynamic.

Model Y rear side window louvers cover

Strong Visual Effect

As if that wasn't enough, matte black license plate frames also became a popular choice for this owner to modify his Tesla model Y. Its special design will strongly enhance the appearance of your Tesla Model Y. The visual effect of the whole car is plain with a touch of personality, and the overall visual effect promotes some sense of quality. I believe that in the future, with the increase of electric car ownership and people's personalized needs, there will be more diverse and comprehensive modifications.

matte black license plate frames 

After finishing the above appearance modification, the overall tone comes out- personality and introverted, hidden combat atmosphere. Modification makes the sense of luxury instantly full. The owner replaced the front fog light cover; ABS plastic indicator cover; car door side skirt stripes sill sticker; car door handle cover wrap kit; rear side window louvers cover; matte black license plate frames, to further enhance the visual effect. Until you reach the ideal state in your mind, and this is where the fun of modification lies.

Here we can summarize some experience. When making appearance modification, try to match it around a theme, such as the principle of color similarity or the principle of style matching. The positioning of Model Y is relatively cross-border, and the overall space is enlarged, which can take into account both home and ordinary commercial use. Therefore, it is worthwhile to add some comfort modification.


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