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Do Tesla mud flaps really work with Model Y?

by LILucky on Nov 29, 2022

When you own a Tesla, have you ever met these problems? When driving on rainy roads, mud and water inevitably splashes onto the bodywork, which not only affects the aesthetics and is difficult to clean, but also tends to damage the paint. Especially within a few weeks of owning your Tesla, you may start to notice wear and debris in the rocker area. After passing through some muddy areas, the wheels will raise a lot of debris that will bounce off the lower half of the Model Y. Your new Y-body will soon look rough. This bothers many Tesla owners. If you need both protection and want to keep your car looking good, fenders are the perfect accessory to protect your car body.

TESERY Tesla mud flaps are one of the most worth installing accessories


TESERY Tesla mud flaps Simple installation and high fit

1)esery has combined the different needs of the aftermarket and Tesla users to develop three different fenders, all of which currently cost less than $40 and are so easy to install that you can install them alone in just 20 minutes. This Tesla owner saves a lot of time and money

2)Tesla's official website also sells Tesla fenders, but there are only two fenders designed for the front wheels on the website, and no protection for the rear wheels. So the aftermarket accessory supplier Tesery upgraded the same model with four pieces for the front and rear wheels to provide peace of mind protection and make the whole car more coordinated.

3)All three are specially designed fenders for Tesla Model Y. They are molded using the original 3D scan data, and the fit is very high, with almost no gaps. Using the original color plate baking paint, OEM style makes the car look more coordinated and beautiful, and at the same time play a protective role. They are designed with one-piece injection molding, rounded corners and smooth, not easy to break, very fine workmanship, unlike the ordinary welding process on the market.

Tesla mud flaps differ in three ways: durability, protection, and stability.


1)The first consideration is the durability, this one is made of PP material and TPE elastic material, it is more durable, and because TPE has a certain elastic quality more soft, even when driving on steeper roads, it will not break because of the flying stones on the road bump. And this material is stable, when the force of twisting, it will not be deformed, so it is not easy to be affected by the temperature. If you often drive on rough roads or live in countries with large temperature differences, you can choose this one. Then look at the other two, this one is made of PP, this one is made of PP and ABS, the ABS is more harder, it can more easily to get damage. So the softness of this one is better, and the durability of this one is the best when facing the harsh environment.

2)Next to the protection, these two  front wheel have mud and water protection design, when the car is driving, water is splashing upwards, this small step design is able to block part of the mud and water, effectively reducing the erosion of mud and water. Compared to these two, although this one does not mud and water design, but this one at the rear wheels to do the shape of the design, the rear layer is double the width of the ordinary fender, it can be a larger area to play a protective role. If you live in a place with more rain and flat roads, you can choose these two  with mud and water fender design, if you often need to drive on sandy roads, you can choose this one, it can be a larger area to prevent sand and gravel splash scratching the surface of the car paint.

3)Finally, let me introduce the installation stability of these three models. The installation is very convenient, there are installation marks on the side, it is called "RR", which means it should be installed on the right rear wheel, and the installation tool is included in the package, you can use it for installation. All three are fixed by double clips, only the original clips need to be replaced, no additional drilling is required, and the original car will not be damaged. The difference from the other two is that this has a fixing hole at the bottom, which makes the installation more stable, and it will not fall off easily even if it encounters a large external force, and the fit is firmer.

Introduced the three products, you can choose to buy according to their needs. If you often drive on rough or complicated roads or live in countries with large temperature differences, you can choose this one  fender. If you live in a place with more rain and flat roads, you can choose this one . In general, fenders are an essential accessory for you.


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