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Tesla Model Y Storage Maximization Attempt, Success!

by Tesery Tesla on Sep 18, 2021

How to maximize the Tesla Model Y storage? Recently, Lucy, a Tesla owner, decided to take on the challenge of maximizing Tesla Model Y storage. We know that the car storage box is almost necessary for every car. A reasonable storage of the items in the car can not only keep the interior tidy, but also reduce the car noise caused by the collision of items during the driving process. When it comes to the purchase of storage boxes, most car owners first think of ordinary plastic storage boxes. However, many plastic storage boxes have no hierarchical partitions inside, and it is difficult to place items neatly. Let's take a look from more angles below, how to choose the most practical car storage box, and how Lucy maximizes her Tesla Model Y storage. The products she chooses are all Model Y car storage accessories under the TESERY brand.

Why Install Storage Boxes?

Daily work, self-driving tours, outdoor activities, outings for shopping and even visiting relatives and friends all need to put a lot of things in the car. Although the space in the car is very limited, this cannot be a reason for its crowded and messy. Moreover, driving in harsh environments for a long time can make people feel very depressing! So how do we solve the disorderly placement of debris and make rational use of the limited space in the car? What car storage accessories are there to help car owners use space efficiently? First of all, we need to figure out what can be stored in such a small space inside the car. Let's take a look at Lucy's approaches.

Lucy started from four aspects to increase storage space.

1 Tesla Model Y Central Storage

1.1 Tesla Model Y Central Storage Box

The front storage box of Model Y's central control is very deep, so it is easy to waste space when used directly. So Lucy bought this pull-out storage box. This Tesla center console organizer from TESERY can be simply push and pull to easily access the upper and lower storage compartments. With more reasonable space utilization, users can access to the upper layer. The ABS plastic with a matte finish, has no odors. And this storage box comes with textured rubber tray liners to prevents items from sliding and rattling in-tray. Users can slide smoothly back and forth, hiding to prevent privacy leakage. It is a good partner to keep your small items more neat and orderly.

1.2 Armrest Hidden Model Y Storage Box

She also bought a small storage box - armrest hidden storage box on the cover of the carrying box. It is equivalent to a small hidden storage space. You can put things like a driver's license. The installation is very firm, without any noise. And it does not take up space, both beautiful and practical. The surface is black ABS plastic, high-end atmosphere, high-grade; the workmanship is very exquisite, convenient and practical. It does not affect the opening and closing of the seat belt and armrest box. It can make up for the defect of insufficient storage boxes in the car.

2 Tesla Model Y Trunk Storage

2.1 Durable Collapsible Trunk Organizer

The trunk is the most traditional and most important car storage part. The space is large enough (for the storage space of the car), how to use the space more effectively, rather than waste it by stacking it indiscriminately? Choosing a good storage box can not only make the trunk neat and clean, but also enhance the appearance!

The trunks of most car owners are usually packed full of things, and can no longer fit other things, which is very messy. Lucy did the same until she bought a collapsible trunk organizer. This storage box helps her store scattered items, maximize the use of limited space, and make the trunk look neat and tidy in an instant. Foldable function design provides her with convenient storage and space saving. With 3 compartments, removable sub-dividers. Every panel is reinforced with heavy-duty stiff base plates. In addition to car use, it can also be stored at home, which is very practical.

Tesla Model Y storage

2.2 Tesla Trunk Cooler Organizer

 Need to keep food cool during transport? With TESERY's custom-designed Tesla trunk cooler bags, you don't need to worry about your food going bad at the tailgate, picnic, or camping. Tailored to the trunk of your Model X, Model 3 or Model Y, the TESERY Frunk Cooler is a great way to keep food and drinks cool on the go. Lucy uses the Tesla trunk cooler organizer to store groceries and drinks in the trunk without worrying about them getting hot or wet. This accessory will make your life easier. Use the shoulder straps or grab the side handles to carry. It is definitely a perfect for a picnic, tailgating or camping.

Model Y Storage


2.3 Retractable Rear Trunk Cargo Cover

Manufacturers design this Tesla cargo cover in accordance with the original car's curvature, which perfectly fits the body. The embedded installation is very stable, and every part is polished, which will not scratch your car or affect the use of the Tesla Y trunk button. It is fully retractable like a curtain, easy to use and disassemble, direct snap-on design, very easy to install.

Using solid aluminum alloy as the support and high-grade PU leather fabric as the surface, it has strong load-bearing capacity and and can also improve the grade of car interiors. Lucy found that she can also use It as a trunk cargo cover to block ultraviolet rays for luggage items. It has good dirt resistance, abrasion resistance and water resistance, and it is easy to clean surface stains. Owners can stow it freely when it is not in use, without taking up space in the car. TESERY rear trunk cargo cover is a must for anyone looking to increase the capacity and beauty of their car.

Tesla Model Y cargo cover

3 Tesla Model Y Car Seat Storage

3.1 Driver Passenger Seat Organizer

The appearance design just in line with the contour design of the bottom of the seat, can make good use of the space of the trunk and avoid the waste of excess space. This storage box has Velcro straps that you can fix under the seat to prevent sliding damage to the contents of the storage box. High-quality leather material, without any peculiar smell, but also resistant to high temperature and low temperature. It is not deformable not easy to deform due to extrusion.

Tesla Model Y Storage

3.2 Car Seat Storage Box

The seat gap is a storage location developed over the years. Because items (such as cards, mobile phones, money, etc.) are often dropped, they are also items generated in response to user needs. Many Model Y owners treat the seat gap storage box as a kind of design that has opened up the car storage variety. The use of storage boxes in the gap between car seats to form a new storage space is full of creativity. This car seat storage box of TESERY uses extra space to turn shortcomings into advantages, and helps passengers or drivers provide a certain amount of storage space. The user installs it in the gap of the car seat, which does not affect the debugging of the original car seat. Also, it will effectively prevents small objects such as cards, mobile phones, keys, and bank cards from falling into the gap of the seat.

Tesla Model Y Storage

3.3. Car Trash Bin Storage Box

We all know that some people just have some bad habits. For example: they like to throw garbage in the car. If they accidentally throw a can or a mineral water bottle under the driving position, if the brake is stuck, there will be a safety hazard; some people like to throw the paper towels and plastic bags directly on the seat. If you encounter an emergency or open the window, the flying garbage in the car will also block your vision in an emergency. Pay attention to these situations. Therefore, it is really a good choice to configure a useful car trash bin.

Lucy chose TESERY's car trash bin storage box with a warm and compact design. It is hung behind the car seat to teach children to care for hygiene. The design is very considerate. With a buckle on the back, it is also very convenient to be stuck in the car. Maintain the sanitation of the car. The paper towels after wiping your hands at any time can only be temporarily placed in the car after use. If you forget to get off the car and take it away, it will stay in the car forever. Therefore, the car trash bin must be a must-have item for the car.

Tesla Model Y Storage

4 Tesla Model Y Air Vent

Tesla Model Y Air Vent Organizer

If you want to talk about storage capacity and creativity, then the outlet storage organizer is definitely a well-deserved MVP. Adding a storage box in the gaps to make the most of the space in the car. The location of the air outlet of the car air conditioner is close to the driver, and car owners can make full use of it. Use the Tesla air outlet organizer to store mobile phones or parking cards, and the sight line is flush with the driver. Therefore, the owner does not have to look down for objects and create a blind spot in the line of sight, and refuse to be a bower.

Tesla Model Y Storage


The above are all our recommendations for in-vehicle storage boxes. Lucy's series of operations are undoubtedly invincible! I announce that she succeeded in maximizing the challenge of Tesla Model Y storage this time. We can see that the storage boxes provided by TESERY are very practical. In addition, TESERY also provides a large number of other Tesla Model Y accessories. Crafts carefully craft all products according to the needs of consumers, with both appearance and practicality. While their products provide convenience to car owners, they are the perfect decoration for Model Y. I believe that using these products will not only bring a different visual effect to your car, but also give yourself the best gift - a comfortable driving experience. Don't hesitate, let's act!


Product List:

Central storage box for Tesla Model 3 & Model Y   $21.99

Center Console Organizer Armrest Hidden Storage Box Tesla Model 3 Model Y  $16.45

Durable Collapsible Trunk Organizer Cargo Storage for Tesla Model 3 Model Y   $45.99

Trunk Cooler Organizer Insulation Cooler Bag with Mesh Pockets for Tesla Model 3 Model Y Model X  $69.99

Retractable Rear Trunk Cargo Cover for Tesla Model Y 2020 2021  $128.00

Driver Passenger Seat Organizer for Tesla Model Y 2020 2021  $23.99

Car Seat Storage Box For Tesla Model 3 Model Y Model X Model S (Black) (1-Pack)  $18.88

Car Trash Bin Storage Box with 8 Rolls of Garbage Bags for Tesla Model 3 Model Y Model S Model X  $14.99

Air Vent Organizer Sunglasses Holder with Hook for Tesla Model 3 Model Y   $11.99