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Model Y Accessories Story - "Shopping for Best Accessories"

by Tesery Tesla on Sep 06, 2021


"Should I buy XXX accessories?" "What accessories should I buy for Tesla Model Y?" "Should I install XXX Model Y accessories?" Do you have this confusion in these questions. There are all kinds of Tesla accessories on the market, so which ones are worth your money? If you want the answer, then read on.

This Tesla Model Y is my third car and I believe in buying a car for use as well as for enjoyment. A car is not only a means of transportation but also an electronic toy. It can also be a way to carry some of the great memories you have with your family and friends. Have you ever thought that you can bring more joy to your driving by adding some practical and beautiful Model Y accessories to your car?

The "accessories" in this article refer to small Tesla accessories that can be installed by the owner to improve the comfort or aesthetics of the car. I am an ordinary car owner and in no way have any say in such a high quality accessory. The guiding principle of this article is that all accessory purchases are based on practicality. Let's start with the exterior.


 The Exterior

1. Model Y Front Fog Light Cover

Model Y Accessories

It costs around 40 dollars, a affordable price to most of people. Made of high-quality ABS plastic material, this front fog light cover is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and durable. This is something I know very well. Because I have used it for almost one year, without any problems in performance of quality.

Made according to the original car design, it is perfect for Model Y 2020/2021, therefore you don’t need to worry about the problem of matching. I especially like the streamlined design, as it fits the original car curve well, and can be treated as a strong protector and decoration of my car.


2. Model Y Rear View Mirror Cover

Model Y Accessories

Anyone who uses a car will know that mirrors are easily scratched by other cars or hard objects. Put a protective cover on it, if you don't want to regret it when it gets damaged. Considering the safety of your car, the rear view mirror cover will be one of the necessary parts for Model Y accessories. I personally would like to recommend this Tesery rear view mirror cover to you. Because it only fits the edge of the car perfectly,  but also is scratch-resistant, to protect the rear view mirror of Model Y.

High-quality ABS plastic, smooth carbon fiber surface, and novel stripe texture design, are all highlights of this cover. Besides, it comes with double-sided tape on the back, which is really thoughtful for the buyer to install by themselves. Once fitted, the car becomes cooler overall

3. Car Door Side Skirt Stripe

Model Y Accessories

The mentality of the Chinese people is very interesting, somehow to love all kinds of "strip","film" and "set". Because they love arts, and tend to add them to sublimate their life. From this point of view, this car door side skirt stripe is a kind of art to the Tesla.

You can paste it by moving away from the bottom paper on the back, very convenient. We can intuitively see the effect of using this car door side skirt stripe: cool and stylish. My goodness, that's what I wanted! So I'm really happy.

4. Aluminum Roof Rack for Model Y

Nowadays, families of five are becoming more and more common in China. If you have a full load on a family driving trip, you will never be able to fit all the luggage in the boot alone. If you don't want to stack your luggage on everyone's lap, there is no better option than to fit a suitcase or luggage frame. This roof rack is slightly more understated in shape, but it decorates the bare roof well and gives the flat roof a curved flow. So, it is of the understated but not banal type in terms of visual styling.

As for whether it looks better or not, I think different people have different aesthetics and come up with different opinions. Personally, I think the roof will be fuller with the roof rack, adding a sense of flow to the original flat roof. Moreover, this roof rack crossbars can withstand greater stresses than the best all-steel roof rack at 1/3rd less the weight. All in all, choosing the right luggage rack for your Tesla Model Y is well worth trying, both from an aesthetic and load-bearing point of view.

5. Model Y Mud Flaps

As the name suggests, mudguards are used to keep mud out. In rainy weather, especially on muddy roads, there is a lot of mud on the car tyres and sometimes on the car body. The mud guard can effectively block out the mud and sand driven up by the car while driving. It can prevents mud from splashing onto the body and passengers from getting on and off the car and getting their clothes dirty. If no mud flaps are fitted, then the car will be flying in rainy weather, especially on the rear tyres, as if they were pumped up, splashing up water droplets and causing inconvenience to other pedestrians on the road.

Apart from the wings behind the wheels, the fenders are, to a certain extent, able to help keep the rear of the car clean. In addition, we know that if you don't pay attention when washing your car and use a high-pressure water spray gun or wipe it with a rag, the mud on the body of the car will easily damage the paintwork. Mudguards can reduce the amount of mud adhering to the bodywork and avoid scratching the paintwork.

Above are descriptions of several exterior finishes. Next, I would like to share some interior Model Y accessories with you.

The Interiors

1. Tesla Model Y Front Trunk Mat

Model Y accessories

If you are afraid that the front trunk will be dirty and difficult to clean, you can buy a front trunk mat or a front trunk storage box. The advantage is that it is easy to clean and the mat can be carried away when taking things fragmented.

This front trunk mat I bought at Tesery features in leakproof , waterproof, impermeable and scratch-resistant. It has protected my front drunk for one year by blocking any mud, sand, dirt, and snow. I haven't washed it in a year, I just take it out and pat the dust off it and it's clean.

The separate space under the rear trunk is the same as the front trunk, so you can buy a whole collapsible trunk organizer to put it in, and overall achieve a good fit. It's also easy to access and clean. So next let’s talk about the trunk organizer.

2. Collapsible Trunk Organizer

Model Y accessories

The space inside the car is even more limited for a family of three or four, with dad's playing set, mum's high heels, and the kids' stroller and small toys....... It is already a mess if you don't tidy it up for a day, and this is where "foldable" becomes an immediate need for storage. Feature in collapsible design, users can easily store this Tesla trunk organizer when not in use, without taking up space. With 3 compartments, users can sort to store their items reasonably.

The size is designed according to Tesla Model Y and Model 3, so that users can take many items they want. The high-grade fabric is water and moisture resistant. It provides strong support while providing excellent protection for the contents of the case, even when placed in fragile items.

3. Fixed Clip Phone holder


As the navigation of Tesla is so hard to use, we recommend you to choose the latest fixed clip safety cell phone holder, which is designed for Tesla Model Y and Model 3. There are many options the position in which to place them varies from person to person. My choice was to fix the phone holder in a position next to the air conditioning vents. This position has a good view, is easy to see the navigation and does not interfere with driving or the operation of the air vents

This mobile phone holder is shock-resistant and anti-drop. The stable clip does not shift, which can prevent the mobile phone from falling off. It is small and light, and can be operated with one hand, which is convenient and fast. The soft rubber material surface is stable and non-slip, reducing body wear and friction noise. The car phone holder should be an essential tool for everyone who owns a car. In the process of driving we can put the phone on the holder, without worrying about dropping it in the pocket or being crushed. If you need to use the phone navigation, it can play the unique advantage, allowing us to easily see the route on the phone screen. You don't have to hold it in your hand while driving to confirm the route, which also plays a certain protective role for our driving safety!

4. Armrest Hidden Cubby Drawer

I recommend you install a drawer in the center console, because there is really a waste of space. After installing, you can put the driver’s license, driving licence and other small things. It can slide smoothly back and forth, hiding to prevent privacy leakage. If you want to hide in this private money or condoms, it also provides you with space. Unlike other storage box, this hidden drawer comes with a coin holder for users to storing their coins along.

Made of ranking ABS plastic and flocking materials, it is really durable, and the cubby surface is soft in hand. Its design and style perfectly match Tesla Model Y.

5. Non-Slip Accelerator Brake Pedal Cover

With very high quality, you can install a set of them, and there is no problem if you don't. However, the electric door of the Model Y is a bit small, so it will feel better when you install it. Choose this one with a frosted surface and more anti-slip patterns, which is not much expensive but better made and has ears on the back for good fitting. 

The merchant can be said to be very conscientious, because they choose high-quality aluminum alloy and eco-friendly rubber as material, to ensure the safety in use.

6. Model Y Waterproof 3D Floor Liners

With a wide range of car floor liners brands, it is believed to be a very confusing question for new car owners as to which liners are good and which ones are suitable for them. Some people may say that it is better to buy the expensive ones, but that is not necessarily the case. There is really something to study about the purchase of car mats, based on my own experience, I will give you a recommendation.

Floor mats are probably the most area-occupying and long-term health effects of automotive supplies. So you must think twice to choose a proper floor liner. I don't recommend the silk loop foot mats, because it's not easy to take care of, and it's easy to have odor after a long time. It's better to choose 3D ones like this waterproof 3D floor liner.

Reasons: 1. made of top-quality odorless rubber, they are very healthy, without odour and antibacterial zero formaldehyde; 2. they are soft on feet; 3. they are waterproof, and easily protect your Model Y from mud, snow, water, etc; 4. there are 3 pieces a complete set, one purchase for the whole car;4. their anti-slip design ensures safety during use. In a word, these floor liners are ideal for owners who pursuit simple, safe, odourless and easy to care for car.

These are all the contents of this sharing, if you have questions during your reading, please feel free to leave your comments in the comment section to exchange. The blogger respectively shares and recommends some useful exterior and interior Tesla Model Y accessories to you. Take action now and get the best things for your car to make your journey more comfortable!