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Best Tesla Model Y Accessories-2021 Best Recommendations

by Tesery Tesla on Sep 07, 2021

Purchasing best Tesla Model Y accessories is something that almost every Tesla Model Y owner want to do. I have bought hundreds of Model Y accessories, some of which I have bought more than a dozen and still haven't gotten them to my satisfaction. The following are the accessories that I have bought myself and find worthy of recommendation. If you have any good accessories, please send me a private message to recommend them as well. According to my own using experience, I recommend them according to 2 categories: "highly recommended" and "buy as needed" , and I hope they will help you. 


Highly recommended

1. Tesla Model Y front/trunk mat

2. Tesla Y licence plate frame

3. Electric vehicle smart charger

4. Model Y central control panel storage box

5. Tesla Model Y roof rack

6. Best Tesla Model Y phone holder

7. Tesla Model Y sunroof sunshade

8. Car floor mat for Tesla Model Y


1. Tesla Model Y front/trunk mat

best tesla model y accessories

"The love of beauty is in everyone's heart". When we add accessories to our cars, we will consider not only its practicality but also its aesthetics, that is, to match up better. When choosing a front/trunk mat, we can consider the color of the car and weigh up which color or pattern is most suitable for our car. I have bought this mat for 8 months, but it still looks like a new one now.

Because its high-quality TPE material with high strength and resilience is easy to clean. When it gets dirty, I just take it out and pat it or wipe it with a cloth and it's clean. I highly recommend you to choose this kind of trunk mat made of environmentally friendly, which is non-toxic and odorless, healthy for users. It is definitely one of the best Tesla Model Y accessories.


2. Tesla Y licence plate frame

tesla License Plate Frames

With a unique Tesla Logo, this license plate is cool and stylish. It is legal to drive on the road, so you don’t need to worry that the traffic police will come after you. At that time a friend sent this licence plate frame to me, I can’t understand what this thing is for. Then I brought the car, I know what it is useful after installation. The old original license plate base and green plate size does not fit, and the green plate is too long. However, the licence plate frame can solve the fitment problem and save it from damage. By adding a small licence plate frame to "frame" the entire plate, the plate is intact. 

The material of this licence plate is high-grade resin material with strong toughness, therefore it is not easy to deform and break. In my point of view, I recommend you to buy both front and rear together for just over $50. Its special design will strongly enhance the appearance of your Tesla Model Y. It is listed among the best Tesla Model Y accessories.


3. Electric vehicle smart charger

Although Tesla supports wireless charging, I am an impatient person who never uses this. And I found another powerful Tesla smart charge.

What impressed me the most about this electric vehicle smart charger is that its adjustable capacities from 16A to 40A. It will give you the flexibility to connect to lower power circuits when you don't need the maximum power, and to boost when you are ready to use more. Besides, by connecting more than one Tesla to the same circuit, you can charge several electric vehicles safely at the same time. With 240 volt Level 2 charging technology in a very small footprint, the Pulsar Plus delivers up to 40 amps of power to charge your electric vehicle up to 7 times faster than standard Level 1 charging cables. In a word, I am deeply impressed by its powerful performance and convenient design. So I really strongly recommend you to get it.


4. Model Y center console organizer storage box


Whether it's the trunk or the centre console, I think it's quite necessary to have a storage box whenever you need it. Especially if you want to put your mobile phone and other items in the centre console, get one that looks good and is practical. Not only is it convenient to put your mobile phone in, but also safe and your phone won't run around when you're driving. Tesla official also has storage box, but the official price is very high. So I would like to recommend the Tesery central control panel storage box to you.

I like the drawer design and reserved USB port, it is very convenient to hide and do not affect the center console and charging port using. Its size and style perfectly fit your Tesla Model Y, so it will not take up other space, while maximizing your storage space in your car.

This is a great way to sort your stuff, highly recommended.


5. Tesla Model Y roof rack

best tesla model y accessories

With the rise of various outdoor sports and the diversification of people's travel needs, it is becoming more and more fashionable to take a group of friends on self-drive trips, hiking and wading back to nature. For long-distance trips, having a roof rack will undoubtedly allow you to bring along more of your preferred self-driving equipment and items. So if you want to install a durable roof rack on your car, how do you choose one? Some people also choose to pack suitcases, but they are too expensive, so I don't recommend them. Expect price, I think we need to consider two main aspects: the load-bearing capacity and whether it matches the bodywork. Look at this one:

I've had this roof rack for six months now. I have used it on all three trips and have had a great experience! Its high grade aluminum material makes it rated to carry 100kg /220lbs. Therefore, I never need to worry about the load-bearing problem. Smooth surface and even color well match the car.


6. Best Tesla Model Y phone holder

As we all know, Tesla's navigation is very poor. We can't help but still use our phones to navigate. I've bought a dozen phone holders totally, and so far this one can only work well. A car phone holder is the equivalent of a car accessory that allows us to secure our mobile phones in our favorite position in the car. However, you still have to pay attention to the size and material of your smartphone when choosing one to get a good car phone mount! To help you find the right product for your needs, I'll walk you through the essentials of buying a car phone mount.

What appeals to me most about this phone holder is that it comes with a 360° rotating spherical interface on the back. With this design, users can adjust different angles as needed. Its advanced gravity-sensing function is also high-grade, can automatically holds the phone in place by simply putting it down.


7. Tesla Model Y sunroof sunshade

best tesla model y accessories

The reason why I recommend this sunshade is because it is gray, the same colour as the original roof. Most of the products on the market are black, which is very ugly and black absorbs more heat than white. So I was so happy to see this gray. For the girls who are afraid of tanning, they are the best Tesla Model Y accessories.

Of course, the most important thing is its performance. The sunshade part is made of multiple layers of high-quality polyester fiber, and the dense mesh has a perfect shielding effect on sunlight. When used in hot summer, it can effectively prevent sun exposure and resist ultraviolet rays.


8. Car floor mat for Tesla Model Y

tesla model y floor mats

We all want to get a good looking car mat that suits our cars, but there are all kinds of car mats on the market and we are often dazzled by the wide range of products available. I didn't find the right one for a few days when I was choosing, but later I asked my friend for advice before. She recommend one to me, which is thought to be one of the best Tesla Model Y accessories and I am here to share with you!

The main material of this floor mat is TPE, which is mostly used in the medical and mother and baby industry. Because of the special material, the price of TPE floor mats on the market is relatively expensive. However, the one I bought at Tesery is not expensive, under $400. Although it is also made by a 3D scanning and modelling process, it is soft and easy to store but also close to the body because of the special material. The surface is also very easy to clean. Any dirt or mud on it is gone in a few seconds with water, leaving no stains at all. It is also waterproof and impermeable, so it dries after washing and does not absorb water at all. Specifically designed to fit the bodywork, it has an understated luxury look that is particularly suitable for your Tesla Model Y with 5 seats and is simply versatile.


Buy as needed

1. Portable Tesla mattress

2. Key car holder for Model Y

3. Steering wheel desk

4. Tesla car trash bin

5. Tesla Model Y car neck


1. Portable Tesla mattress

best tesla model y accessories

Inflatable mattresses are easy to organize and carry, and are inexpensive, making them a great choice for outdoor camping, outings and lunch breaks in the office. There are many brands of inflatable mattresses and the quality varies, so how do you choose a good quality inflatable mattress? In order not to waste your precious time, I will not talk too much, then directly to recommend a cost-effective, excellent quality inflatable mattress for your reference.

This car inflatable mattress is suitable for many scenarios. 3D curved design makes the mattress more comfortable. It is moisture-absorbent and breathable and is relatively skin-friendly. It is ideal for use when going out for a drive and comfortable to lie on to relieve fatigue, especially for families with children. Also, this mattress comes with an air mattress with a car power rechargeable electric pump for quick inflation and deflation. Mattresses are very practical for people who travel long distances, they can be used as a guest bed at home and as a lunch bed in the office. It is also very easy to store when not in use.


2. Key car holder for Model Y

best tesla model y accessories

The Tesla card key is a bit like a bank card, but not as thick as a bank card. The texture is very average, even a bit cheap. Afraid of breaking the card key, I bought this silicone card protector, which feels nice in the hand. I see many people around me bought it and the price is very cheap.

This key card holder is made of industrial-grade silicone material, featuring in heat and cold resistant. With strong toughness and elasticity, it will not deformed due to force. The smooth and comfortable surface is easy to clean. Moreover, it comes with a key ring, it is easy to carry at all times and can be attached to your key chain or bag conveniently. Hold this holder to better carry and store your key.


3. Steering wheel desk

What is the purpose of buying this desk? Firstly, for food and secondly, for work. Since I bought the Model Y, when I need to write or use a laptop, I don't have to go to a cafe anymore, I can just pull over and solve the problem from the seat.

I used to put my laptop on the armrest, but it would give me back pain after a long time, so I was attracted to this desk. It is very light to carry, but sturdy enough to support a laptop, lunch, and notepad. Customized for Tesla, you can hook it on your steering wheel, without damage it.

4. Tesla car trash can

tesla trash can

When I first bought my car, I used to get into the car and I didn't know where to put all the rubbish I produced: just throw it out the window? It's not safe and a educated person would never do it; how about buying a rubbish bin and putting it in the car? It's too big and takes up too much space, so I didn't like it until I found out that there are special car bins: bins designed for the small environment in the car. I was lucky to get a good bin as soon as I bought it.

The design is warm and compact, suitable for family cars. The design is very bridging, with a carabiner at the back, which is also very convenient to snap on the car, and easy to take off directly. You can go to the details to see for yourself.


5. Tesla Model Y car neck

best tesla model y accessories

If you drive long distances as often as I do, I suggest you get a neck pillow! A good car neck can help fill the gap between our head, neck and shoulders and the original seat of the car. During the driving process, the head can be better fitted to the seat. As for me, this car neck is enough. We don’t need to buy too expensive ones.

It effectively relieves the pressure on the head and neck, so even if it is a long-distance driving will not be too tired. Choose environmentally friendly cotton as the filler, it is very comfortable. The inner material is memory foam, which is first class in terms of resilience and support and is suitable as an entry level car neck. It is believed that this serious of neck pillows are the best Tesla Model Y accessories for caring for drivers' heath.

In this writing, I recommend some of the best Tesla Model Y accessories from two aspects: "highly recommended" and "buy as needed", based on my own using experience. The accessories I recommend are the ones I think work well and are very affordable. Hope they are helpful to you! As far as I know, Tesery have released some sets. There might be more discounts if you buy them now. If you want to buy one, get it soon!