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How to maintain your Tesla battery?

by Ruijia You on Feb 20, 2023

Distinguish whether your Tesla is a lithium ternary battery or a lithium iron phosphate battery.


All the models before October 2020 are lithium ternary battery, After Oct.2020, the standard endurance is lithium iron phosphate battery, and the long endurance and high-performance are lithium ternary battery.


Tesla charging

  1. Frequent use of Quick charge is not recommended

The reason why quick charge is fast is that the higher the power, the higher the heat output of the battery, which will definitely have damage the battery. However, if you are used to using Quick charge, don't worry too much, on the other hand, when charging your Tesla, the air conditioner will automatically cool the battery.
  1. It is recommended to set a charging limit

The charging limit of the lithium ternary battery model must be limited to 90%!
Lithium iron phosphate vehicles can be filled at will without setting.


  1. If there is a household charging pile, it is recommended to always plug it in when the car is not in use.

It's better for the battery! When it is full, the gun will automatically jump. If the vehicle needs electricity, it will automatically take electricity from the charging pile, and the battery can rest completely.


  1. It is not recommended to charge when the battery capacity is less than 10%.

The best way is to use as you go! No matter what kind of battery, it is better to charge it before 15%.


  1. Third-party charging piles can be used to charge.

Some people have been worried about whether the third party charging pile will harm the battery or not. In fact, it is not. They are also produced according to the national standards, so you can choose your own charging pile according to the actual situation and different budgets.


In fact, no matter what kind of battery, we just recommend to develop good habits in daily use, in fact, the battery itself is long enough, don't worry too much.

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