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How to improve your Tesla endurance?

by Ruijia You on Feb 22, 2023

The endurance of Tesla should be the most concerned problem of many car owners in the process of using the car! (Especially for someone who does not have household charger)


Today, Tesery help Tesla owner summarized the most comprehensive top10 Power-saving Tips.
You can arrange your car according to your needs!


  1. Do not drive violently or with passion

Reduce the speed and avoid frequent and violent acceleration.


  1. Selectively turn off sentry mode and overheat protection

Turn off sentry mode and overheat protection in a safe and reliable parking environment.
  1. Use the electric switch to control the vehicle speed

Adjust the accelerator pedal instead of using the brake pedal when decelerating, under the safe circumstance.


  1. Set Stop mode to “Hold”.

Set the "stop mode" to hold, and obtain energy from the energy recovery braking when the driving speed is low.


  1. Keep the Tire pressure at 2.9 bar

Keeping tires at officially recommended inflation pressure values while checking regularly to ensure they are positioned within specifications and that tire shifts are performed as needed can reduce uneven tread wear situation while improving vehicle efficiency.


  1. Don't remove the hubcap

Many car owners have removed the wheel hub cover to be beautiful and cool. However, this will cause the air flow around the hub to be unstable, thus reducing the endurance.
  1. Use of A/C

The air conditioning in the car can be set at 18℃/ 64℉ all the time, and the internal circulation can be turned on at the same time, wind speed at first gear,. The use of seat heating in winter saves more power than heating!


  1. Use a mobile app to set your car's temperature and book a ride

Preset vehicle temperature using a mobile app to ensure that the cabin is at a comfortable temperature before driving and the Windows are defrosted (if necessary). Set the time when the vehicle is ready to drive as needed (start on time).


  1. Lighten Load

Remove unnecessary goods and sundries.


  1. Install sunshade

The transparent large glass on the roof of Tesla can insulate ultraviolet rays, but in hot summer, the sun's radiation will significantly affect the temperature in the car and increase the pressure of air conditioning cooling, so an excellent sunshade can greatly improve the cooling efficiency of the air conditioning!



For who does not have household charger, the lower the frequency of charging at the charging station, the better! So each of the above knowledge points about power saving is important!

Select as needed! After all, driving is still convenient. Don't save electricity and affect your driving comfort!


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