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Tesla trunk hook - what exactly does it do for the Model 3?

by LILucky on Nov 14, 2022

Have you noticed the bolts protruding from the top right of the Model 3 trunk? The trunk hook covers the exposed bolt and can easily hurt the back of your head when you're picking up items.The shopping bag hook provides a simple and low-cost solution for your Tesla Model 3. Not only does the bolt add security, but it can be easily used as an attachment point for the trunk grocery bag hook.

It may seem like an unnecessary accessory, but think again. You may have to deal with spills and groceries flying around the trunk during any slightly more aggressive maneuvers on the drive home.

With the Model 3 Shopping Bag Hook, you can add a ton of useful features to your car's trunk while also helping to secure any items that might get damaged when not secured. You can use it to hook shopping bags to keep them from sliding or tipping around the trunk while you're driving. If you hang a bag on it, it can change the way you use your luggage.

TESERY shop has the best trunk hook for Model 3!

1.It can hold your bag more firmly!We received feedback from customers who said the old hitch was too short and too difficult to access because it was too close to the top of the trunk. This upgraded new hook is now taller, has longer arms, is easily accessible, and sits farther from the ceiling to hold your bag more securely.

2.Offer excellent build quality and load capacity

The luggage hook is made of premium ABS plastic, which is stronger and more durable than 3D printed hooks, offer excellent durability and longevity. The hook has a glossy black finish that looks like a factory part as it blends seamlessly into the luggage interior.

3.Overall structure increases strength
The accessory has a threaded metal insert in the center, custom made for the Model 3 trunk bolts. This metal thread not only ensures that the accessory is securely placed, but also adds strength to the overall structure of the accessory. This means that the hook will not come loose easily, even after prolonged use with heavy objects.

4.Easiest and cleanest installation
On Tesla Model 3 there is a bolt that sticks out from the top of the trunk area. Just simply screw the hook all the way onto the protruding bolt. Fits all Tesla Model 3 with the protruding bolt in the trunk. (Does NOT fit Model S, X, and Y)

5.Convenient and practical

Suspended storage, make the trunk more tidy, the size arc is consistent with the original car, made of ABS environmental protection material

Tip: We do not recommend hook overloading

The hooks are also simulated for deformation to ensure that nothing happens to the arm or center column, even if the arm is overloaded. Deformation is minimal; according to the manufacturer, the arm bends downward at only a 5 degree angle. Despite its robust construction, we do not recommend overloading the hook because the bolts, it is attached to could be damaged.

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