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How about the Tesla forged wheels ?-With Model 3/Y/S/X

by Lucky LI on Dec 19, 2022

We know that the car, in addition to the tires are in direct contact with the ground, the wheels are indirectly affect the whole car acceleration, energy consumption, braking distance and safety in extreme cases. Tesla original body design to ensure the range, so pay special attention to wind resistance, that we are modifying our wheels, especially to a larger size, you are recommended to judge, choose according to their own needs. The first thing many Tesla owners do after picking up their cars is to modify their wheels. However, with many aftermarket Tesla wheels on the market now, it can be a headache to choose. Look here, Tesery has introduced a lightweight forged wheel that will easily meet your needs in all aspects of wheel modification!


What are the unique points of TESERY Tesla forged wheels?


1)About adaptability

The size of this forged wheel has been repeatedly tested by precise measuring tools to ensure that the size of the wheel perfectly matches the Tesla modelS/3/X/Y. In terms of technology, this wheel uses a lightweight forging process. Now 99% of the cars on the market use cast wheels, and most of them are simple to make. Compared with cast wheels, forged wheels are expensive but of very good quality. Although the appearance of forging and casting is the same, but the production materials and production processes are different, they are resulted in the advantages of forged wheels. The forge wheels are more lightweight, the strength as well as are several times of cast wheels. Another point to consider when modifying the wheels is the weight of the car, which requires the wheels to have a higher load-bearing capacity. Whether it's in terms of wind resistance reduction, wheel strength, and a sense of class, Tesery's lightweight forged wheels can meet your needs!

2)About appearance

Next is the appearance. This forged wheel blends premium, solid geometry with classic black elements for a very unique look. Specifically, we can see the "petal" design of the wheel, which is a real eye-catcher. This multi-spoke wheel shape is a complete departure from the conventional six-spoke shape, the shape is regular and therefore does not make people feel complicated, but very advanced. This unique shape with matte black paint treatment, dominating the outside, open but not lose temperament. Unlike high-gloss black, this matte black is not harsh at all, and there is no reflection in the sunlight; the surface of the wheel is frosted, without gloss, but giving a pure and deep feeling.

3)About quality

Combined with our origin and supply chain advantages, this forged wheel from Tesery is also believed to attract many owners in terms of price. The 21-inch wheel is priced at only $2,259, which we can confirm is only a third of the price of many brands on the market, but what you get is of the exact same quality.

4)About Visual Effects

The sporty visual effect and class of the vehicle is significantly improved with the installation of Tesery's wheels, while the lighter weight and higher lightness of the wheels also allow for better dynamic response and safety performance.


Tesery has many other styles of forged wheels, which are different in style, but they all work with the same materials. All of Tesery's forged wheels are available for the Tesla Model S/3/X/Y and are based on original data from the Tesla Model S/3/X/Y. Our service team will contact you after receiving your order to confirm the data and delivery time. After receiving your order, our service team will contact you to confirm the data and delivery time. We also accept OEM requests for wheel data from owners.

If you like our Tesla forged wheels -Model 3/Y/S/X, please add it to your cart, buy it now and we will ship it to any city in the world for free. If you have any questions about our Tesla forged wheels -Model 3/Y/S/X, you can contact our online customer service, or send us an email


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