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What does Tesla's VIN mean? How do we recognize it?

by Ruijia You on Dec 17, 2022

Tesla has not introduced a decoder that directly explains the meaning of VIN code that can explain the meaning of the number and the letter in the 17 bit string. Even though there are some news about Tesla VIN, no one has made a statement yet.

The first three digits are world manufacturing identifiers, 5YJ represents the factory producing Model S/3, and 7SA represents the factory producing Model X/Y. However, only two factories in Tesla in the United States.

Fourth, SX3Y represents the vehicle model. 

In the fifth place, A represents the LHD (Left-hand drive) hatchback five doors, C represents the LHD E-class MPV, E represents the LHD four door sedan, and G represents the LHD D-class MPV.

The sixth digit is the seat belt type, the seventh digit is the drive type, the eighth digit represents how many engines were installed, the ninth digit is the verification code, and the tenth digit is the year, M is 2021, N is 2022, and P is 2023.

The eleventh place is the place of origin, where F stands for Fremont and A stands for Austin. It is followed by a unique identifier.

At present, there is no official content of the VIN code of the Shanghai factory and the Berlin factory. However, according to the official European data released on the forum, C represents the Shanghai factory and B represents the Berlin factory.

At the same time, the first three figures also represent the origin. For example, 7SA also represents Fremont, LRW represents Shanghai, and XP7 represents Berlin. Of course, it is also possible that each factory has produced fewer models.

From now on, you can start recognize Tesla by its VIN number.


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