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Expose The Best Tesla Model Y Roof Rack And Its Extended Products 2022

by Tesery Tesla on Dec 24, 2021

The Tesla Model Y roof rack is considered to be one of the must-have Tesla accessories in 2022. Tesla Model Y has 66 cubic feet of storage capacity, which sounds quite large, but for owners who like long-distance travel, camping or other large outdoor activities, this capacity is completely insufficient. For example, the props required for outdoor sports such as bicycles, snowboards, and kayaks take up a lot of space and are not suitable for storage in the front and rear suitcases. At this time, many witty Tesla owners choose to install a Tesla Model Y roof rack, because the Model Y roof rack can expand the space and make good use of the roof space. With the Tesla roof rack, they can add bicycle racks, ski racks, and kayak racks on top of it to carry equipment that is inconvenient to put in the front and rear trunks. As our trunk space is very limited, we can only use the space above the roof of the car.

1. Tesla Model Y roof rack

The space in the Model Y car is limited, and the owner must make good use of every inch of space. There are many sundries boxes in the car, some of our small items can be placed next to the seating position in the car, such as the sundries box in the passenger seat, and various sundries openings for small items, but the largest storage location in the car is still the front and rear trunks. However, the space for storing items in the trunk is very limited. The place where the car can put the goods is usually the front and rear trunks. Generally, the front and rear trunks can only hold some relatively small ordinary suitcases. If you need to bring other large travel items, it's obviously not enough.

tesla model y roof rack
tesla model y roof rack

This is also an annoyance for many riders who travel far away. Above the roof is a very precious virgin land. The area of the roof is equal to the area of our passenger compartment, so the space that can be used is very large. The main function of the Tesla Model Y roof rack is to load large items. When riders go out to play, they can carry a lot of things, such as oversized suitcases, bicycles, tents, swimming rings, inflatable boats and so on. In addition, the Tesla Model Y roof rack can not only carry goods, but also decorate the bare roof. The Model Y rack can be used as a decorative strip to add a touch of sportiness to the bare roof.

tesla model y roof rack
tesla model y roof rack

Tesery's roof rack is a roof rack rail made of high-grade aluminum, reducing weight without sacrificing strength! The Tesla Model Y rack is rated to carry 100 kg/220 lbs. Its super load-bearing capacity allows it to load various large or heavier items. There is no need to drill for installation, and the owner only needs to use a screwdriver to install and fix the mounting rack. The entire operation takes less than 10 minutes, which is very convenient. All in all, things that can't fit in the car or those that are inappropriate to be placed in the car trunk can be arranged on Tesla roof rack. This Model Y roof rack is really a great Tesla accessory for Model 3 or Model Y! Regarding the installation of the Tesla Model Y roof rack, you can watch this video.

2.Tesla Model Y bike rack

tesla model y bike rack

For cycling enthusiasts, if the riding destination is far away, then the 4+2 (4 wheels plus two wheels) travel mode of car and bicycle is a very good choice, but because most bicycles are large in size, you have to remove a wheel to stuff it into the trunk, which is really troublesome. If you don't remove the wheels, you have to put the rear seat down to tuck the bike in. At this time, only two people can sit in the car. Therefore, the Model Y bike rack is a good solution to this problem. We can install the bike rack for fixing the bicycle on the Tesla Model Y roof rack, and then fix the bicycle on the roof. You can take it with you wherever you want! Just pay attention to the height limit in some places! If the bicycle is broken, the gain is not worth the loss. This Tesery Model Y bike rack is very sturdy and durable, made of high-grade aviation aluminum alloy, with high hardness and strong corrosion resistance.

The most reassuring thing is that this Tesla Y bike rack also has an anti-theft lock, which locks the bicycle and the bike rack at the same time, so there is no need to worry about the bicycle being stolen. In terms of stability, three-point fixation is adopted. locking the tripod, front tires, and rear tires. Because three-point fixation can better ensure the safety of the bicycle and the roof. The structure is firm and stable, not easy to deform, and provides users with a long service life. Despite its light weight, it was robust and stable in driving tests even at higher speeds and sudden braking.

tesla model y bike rack

3.Tesla Model Y Ski Rack

Many people love skiing, but their beloved skis are difficult to pack into the car. What should they do? When winter is here, many ski enthusiasts are planning to seize the opportunity to enjoy the fun of skiing. Let's see how to drive with a snowboard. There are two ways to put the snowboard in the car: in the car or outside. Putting it in the car is very simple, as long as the car space is big enough, you can put it in any way. But if you have to carry other luggage, the car will be very crowded. So how do you put the skis outside the car? Easy, you only need to install a Model Y ski rack on the Model Y roof rack, so that you can easily carry your skis. Take this Tesla Model Y ski rack as an example:

tesla model y ski rack
model y ski rack

The aerodynamic design combined with the aluminum structure makes this Tesla ski rack durable and resistant to deformation. The super soft rubber arms can hold the skis firmly during transportation, so there is no need to worry about them falling or scratching the skis and the roof. Like bike rack, this Tesla ski rack have a reliable metal hook locking system, which is stronger than other plastic hooks. This design largely guarantees the safety of use and theft prevention. But don't forget one thing, the ski rack must be used in conjunction with the crossbar. Mount it on the Tesla Model Y roof rack of the Tesla car to better carry the skis. This ski rack can carry 4 adult skis and 2 children's skis at a time, which is very practical. In addition, it is also very suitable for carrying props required for outdoor activities such as trekking poles, fishing rods, paddles, ski poles, and skateboards. It can be seen that this seemingly simple Tesla snowboard rack is not simple at all.

4.Tesla kayak rack

You can easily put your skis in the trunk, but what about kayaking? It’s not so easy to put a kayak in the trunk compared to a snowboard. Since kayaks are relatively long items, it is difficult to fit them in the trunk of a typical family car. Especially the two ends of the kayak are sharp, which is also a hidden danger to the safety of the occupants in the car! Therefore, it is best for us to fix them on the Tesla roof rack, so as not to encroach on the trunk space, but also to minimize safety hazards.

tesla kayak rack

This Tesla Model Y kayak rack has super load-bearing capacity! It can hold 300 pounds. The rubber lining on the kayak frame secures the kayak while protecting the roof and kayak from scratches during the journey. In addition, it is worth mentioning that this kayak rack has a portable and foldable design, so you can put it in the front and rear trunks or at home when not in use. It can also be folded flat to reduce the height of the roof. The Tesla kayak rack has a multi-functional adjustable angle of 0-180 degrees, which can be used with the Tesla Model Y roof rack to fix any kayak, snowboard, SUP and paddle board. What's more convenient is that this kayak rack can be installed not only on all Tesla models, but also on other vehicles, such as your car, off-road vehicle, and truck.

model y kayak rack

It can be seen that the Tesla Model Y roof rack is an essential accessory for outdoor sports enthusiasts! It can easily help you carry all outdoor equipment that is inconvenient to put in the trunk. How about it? Have you seen the functions of the roof rack again? Seemingly simple, it can not only share the pressure of storage in the car for you, but also bring you a different kind of excitement in your life! You can rest assured to buy a Tesery Model Y roof rack, which is more secure in terms of safety and quality!


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