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Revealed the Best Tesla Model Y Seat Covers And Surrounding Protective Tesla Accessories in 2022

by Tesery Tesla on Dec 22, 2021

"Tesla Model Y white interior" is a term that has become very popular in recent years, and when it comes to this word, the first thing we think of is Tesla Model Y white seat covers, which shows how special Tesla Model Y seat covers are in the heart of Tesla owners. In this article, the author will reveal the best Tesla Model Y seat covers in 2022 and some protective accessories around it. First, let's take a look at the the Tesla Model interior. The interior design of Model Y is completely copied from Model 3. Both two models are equipped with a large central control screen, and the knobs and physical buttons are eliminated. The driver can perform functional operations through the steering wheel. The central control area is equipped with wood-grained panels, which cooperate with the leather seats in the car to create a more concise and practical interior style without too much fancy design.

tesla model y interior
tesla model y seat cover

The advantage of this style is that it looks very simple and rustic, but the disadvantage is that it will appear old and dirty after a period of time. In addition, in the usual process of using the car, the interior is easily scratched by foreign objects. Everyone who drives a car knows how important a clean and comfortable driving environment is! Especially car owners who use the vehicle frequently or drivers who drive long-distance cars often will feel very empathetic. The dirty and messy interior environment will not only affects the driving mood, but also easily distracts the owner's driving spirit, and is prone to fatigue driving. However, there are still many car owners who do not pay much attention to the protection of car interiors, resulting in newly-purchased vehicle interiors quickly getting scarred! In addition, the interior of the vehicle is prone to stains, human body sweat, or even paint fading that are difficult to remove during use. Over time, the interior will accumulate thick layers of dirt, the interior of the car will become stickier, the color will become darker, and the interior even produces an unpleasant smell. Finally, the entire interior of the car cannot be used anymore. So, is there any way to effectively protect Model Y interiors? The author gives you a set of protective secrets!

1. Tesla Model Y Seat Covers

Tesla Model Y seat covers

Someone asked: "Is it necessary to install Tesla Model Y seat covers? Of course! Protection is the most reasonable reason to install Tesla seat covers. When the driver sits on the seat, the surface of the seat is deformed. Long-term deformation will make the leather seat lose its toughness. In addition, the high temperature accelerates the aging of the leather when the sunlight enters the car in the afternoon, causing the leather seat to crack, and the inferior seat may even be damaged and gray. With Tesery Tesla Model Y seat covers, you don't have to worry about these problems at all. These Tesla Model Y seat covers are customized according to the size of the original car seat and accurately matches the original car seat structure. With a smooth surface and good air permeability, Tesery Tesla Model Y seat covers are warm in winter and cool in summer, supporting the use of four seasons. The wear-resistant high-grade Nappa leather, which perfectly protects the original car seat. Protect the Tesla seat and prolong the service life. The seat covers for Tesla Model Y can protect your luxury Tesla seat 360° from dust, liquid, dirt, hard objects or pets, and keep it clean. The inside is soft and comfortable foam to ensure that the user sits comfortably and makes driving more pleasant and relaxing.

As we know, Model Y implements the family style in the interior. The front seats and the central control design are simple and atmospheric. Although simple, the overall style reflects a sense of high-level. As for the design of the rear row, it is regrettable that it is too rudimentary like the other members of the family. Unlike the front row, it does not reflect the sense of luxury. The design of the rear row makes people feel like a small car with more than 100,000 yuan. The upgraded second-row seat effect is very good, and it looks immediately upscale. Not only does it look high-end, it is also more comfortable to use. The design of Tesla Model Y seat covers is ergonomic. Although the rear seats of the original car are still useful, they are not comparable to the upgraded Nappa leather seats.

2.Tesla Model Y Dog Seat Cover

Model Y dog seat cover

After installing the leather Tesla Model Y seat covers, the original Model Y seat is fully protected. However, if you have children or pets at home, and often take them in the car, then you'd better install a pet seat cover to better keep the seat clean. This Model Y dog cover with net windows provides better air circulation for your dog in summer and winter. Make sure your dog feels cool and warm. Visible mesh windows allow your dog to see you clearly, helping your dog to reduce anxiety and stay calm while traveling.

With durable zipper side covers, the dog cart hammock protects your dog from injury during emergency braking and turning, and the driver can reduce distraction. The side baffle protects the door so that the dog cannot reach the car floor. All the hair and dirt will stay on the surface of the dog's car seat cover and prevent the dog from scratching the leather stool when jumping in. In addition, the convenient pocket that comes with the Model Y dog cover can store personal items such as toys and leather belts. It is also very suitable for preventing damage caused by baby car seats. For children, it can protect the back seat from food and juice spills.

 3.Tesla Model Y Trunk Mat

 Model Y trunk mat

The most important role of the Model Y front trunk mat is anti-fouling. Most of the original trunks are made of fabric or leather. Once they are soiled, it is difficult to clean. The Model Y trunk mat of Tesery is made of 100% TPE environmentally friendly raw materials, no formaldehyde and peculiar smell, and provides stylish safety and comfort for your daily riding. This Tesla Model Y trunk liner is a waterproof liner that can be washed directly with water, which is easier to take care of than other materials, allowing your trunk to stay clean for a longer time.

This waterproof and dustproof Model Y trunk mats provide all-weather protection for your Model Y. The TPE surface and the raised edges effectively block liquid, snow, sand, etc., and provide comprehensive protection for the car floor area. With it, you no longer have to worry about the accumulation of dust and dirt on the original floor mat of the front trunk, and you don't have to worry about scratching the front trunk with hard objects such as the trunk. The simple design of the Model Y trunk mat is also in line with Tesla's minimalist style.

 4. Tesla Rear Trunk Mats

Model Y trunk mat

Protect the front trunk, and don’t miss the rear trunk. Without putting down the rear seats of the Tesla Model Y vehicle, the trunk space of the vehicle can already accommodate 28, 24 and 20 inches of luggage, and the storage capacity is very strong. The Model 3 trunk performs well in depth, but the vertical space is too narrow, and Model Y solves this problem very well. Not only does the vertical space become larger, but also more hidden storage space is obtained under the platform. In addition, don’t forget that this car also has a front compartment, and the depth is greater than Model 3, so it can put more things. As a family car, the Model Y trunk often puts children's cars and the like, which are easier to make the trunk dirty. The original trunk is made of plush material, which is very easy to be stained with dust, and it is very troublesome to remove the dust. The velvet panel is directly fixed on the trunk, and it is unrealistic to remove it for cleaning; even if it can be removed, the velvet surface is inconvenient to wash and not easy to dry, which makes the entire cleaning process much more cumbersome. This Tesery Model Y trunk mat can help you solve this series of cleaning troubles. In addition to comprehensive protection, the surface of the Tesla Model Y trunk mat is relatively smooth, and it can be wiped off with paper directly when it encounters water or stains.

This Tesla Model Y cargo liner is composed of a four-layer structure of waterproof Oxford cloth + polypropylene cotton packaging + polyester + non-slip soft backboard, and its quality and practicality get multiple guarantees. Using these odorless and environmentally friendly materials, Tesla trunk mats are safe for you and your family. It is very easy to clean. After getting dirty, use a damp cloth, vacuum cleaner or water shower to clean it.

5.Tesla Model Y Floor Mats

3D Tesla model y floor mats

As an important part of the original car interior accessories, the floor mats play a very important role. For the occupants in the car, especially the driver, the car floor mats are indispensable. Good floor mats can protect the original car’s carpet from friction and damage, and keep the car’s interior environment clean. Those who have paid attention to Tesery 3D Tesla Model Y floor mats should know that the cars and only cars that are protected by Model Y floor mats all year round The car protected by the original car's foot pads brings two senses. Those who have paid attention to Tesery 3D floor mats for Tesla Model Y should all know that the car that is protected by Tesla floor mats all the year round and the car that is only protected by the original car floor mats bring two completely different senses.

Just as we place mats in front of the door and in the bathroom, this Tesla Model Y floor mat can play a role in waterproof and dirt-resistant. In rainy days, if the sewage and slime on the soles of the feet are not isolated by the floor mats, it will damage the original car floor to a large extent, and may cause mold and bacteria to endanger the health of the car owner. With the floor mats, it will be easier to clean these dirt. Secondly, this car mats also has the effect of sound insulation and shock resistance. Excellent Tesery Model Y floor mats can greatly alleviate the vibration and noise generated by the car chassis and tires, and improve a certain degree of driving comfort.


In this article, the author has, on the basis of introducing the Model Y interior, revealed the best 2022 Tesla Model Y seat covers and some protective accessories around it. Hope it will be helpful to you. If you have a better idea, please don't hesitate to comment positively and share it with us!




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